Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is famous for his stance on illegal immigration. He's also known for his repeated statements that he was going to run for one office or another, convincing nearly no one. On January 9, 2018, he finally made good on that statement when he announced he would join a list, not yet set, of challengers for the seat being mercifully vacated by Sen. Jeff Flake.

But don't throw those hats into the air in celebration just yet. While Arpaio truthfully brags that he has never lost a Primary, no Primary election ever ended the race. That was, and continues to be, the General Election. Stalwart Republican Arpaio supporters have shown a tendency of forgetting the prize is collected in November.

Arpaio, who will be 86 on Primary day, is still two things: beloved by Republicans across the country and sour about his conviction in federal court of discrimination against illegal immigrants. Right-thinking people know Arapio was railroaded, but so what? We have to live in the real world. As we all also know, being convicted and then pardoned does not wipe out the conviction. It simply sets it aside. Much will be made by the democrats in the General election about this.  Remember that voters act on media coverage.

An early and fierce supporter of candidate Trump, Arpaio will likely make that his primary campaign strategy along with his provably correct stance on illegal immigration. Republicans love President Trump, who won the Arizona Presidential Primary by a wide margin.... against other Republicans. The problem with this strategy is that Republicans will vote for Arpaio in the Primary but the General is won by the Independent vote. Need proof? President Trump won the General Election in Arizona by only four points! It should have been by 12 points based on the Presidential Primary.

Arpaio won the Primary in the Sheriff's race by a similar wide margin. Need we remind you of how that General election turned out? Welcome aboard, Sheriff Penzone, best friend of illegal immigrant “guests.” You can look back on our site to that time in 2016 and find that we predicted a win for Arpaio in the Primary and a drubbing in the General. It was, sadly, a very easy prediction given the political climate at the time.

This will be an important election for Arizonans and especially for Republicans.

At this point, just over seven months from the Primary and with candidates like Martha McSally poised to enter the race, Arpaio looks very good to many conservative voters. Political analysts are negative on the Arpaio entry. Political analysts are often wrong. We think they are right about this.

Republican and Independent voters must think about the long game... keeping Arizona red which now is no certainty. We can't do that by voting emotionally as happened in 2016 in the Sheriff's race... and for the record, the Maricopa County Recorder's race. Oh, sure, we hear it all the time, “don't vote for the lesser of two evils.” Let that sink in and then think about what IS the real evil?

While we make an exception for McCain and Flake because they are democrats at heart, is voting for a candidate like, say, McSally, worse than voting for a candidate that realistically has very little chance of winning the Gold Ring in November, thus saddling us with a democrat who loves open borders, welfare programs, big bigger gargantuan government, regulations on everything and possibly turning the Senate over to the democrats who will immediately start impeachment proceedings against President Trump?

Should Arpaio win the General, a long shot to be sure, he would be halfway to 93 when he finishes his first term in 2025. How likely is it that voters will choose a candidate in that age range for a six year job?

Do we really need a repeat of 2016? Or can we just consider that our country is more important than even a beloved former Sheriff.

Like you, we wish things were different.  If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

NOTE: We are by no means supporting McSally but only using her as an example.

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Do we never learn? To MAGA America must be in control of its own destiny. This required getting the US out of the UN, replacing our "funny money" with that called for by the Constitution, and shedding America of the $100 + trillion of debt; not a penny of which can be repaid under present monetary policy. Kelli spent time as a State Senator and Sally is in the Congress. Neither have so much as recognized the need for these issues to be addressed; much less taken any action.

Insanity has been described as doing the same thing over and expecting a different result. 

I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with the conclusion of this opinion article. I honestly cannot find a flaw in the thinking.  Arpaio's day in politics is done and now he seems bent in destroying his own legacy.  I don't support the idea that anyone announcing now is in the 7th inning.  Kelli Ward started running in 2016 while we were trying to focus on electing a president. That to me shows bad judgement and she could have gained more capital if she had worked her heart out for Trump instead of trying to re-focus Republicans to her effort.  It's only in the last decade or so that we had 24month election cycles and personally would like to see a break between one cycle and another. If anyone worth a bucket of spit gets in, I would take a good look at them because I'd like to see someone who is more statesman-like than any now on the scene. I may be forced to vote for Ward but she carries a trailer load of baggage the dems will use against her.  Right now, we are sunk

Jasper, can you point me to the Ward baggage please. Thank you.


Sorry, Sam.  I just now saw this while cleaning out my inbox.  No, I will not point you or anyone to the garbage. To do so would make it public and well known or should I say, more well known than it is. That will not keep the dems for getting it if they haven't already.  Ward, like anyone, has enemies in her home town and will be happy to talk to the dems.   I bet they are already working on that.

Well I guess we better hope someone else enters this race--Joe and Helen Purcell should have quit last time!!

I too was born in 1932. Being a part of the "ready to go gang" has its advantages. No longer must one bite their tongue and go along to get along in the interest of survival. One can speak the truth and ignore the possible consequences since we are already at death's doorstep.

Would Arpaio speak the truth? For that matter, would any of the potential candidates do this? History tells us McSally and Ward won't. They've been in office and shown themselves to be RINOs. Does Arpaio understand that to MAGA America must control its own destiny which requires getting out of the U.N., out from under the ungodly, unconstitutional, and enslaving monetary policy foisted upon Americans by the tyrannical two party system, and out from under the mountain of debt that is a  result of this policy? If he understands this does he have the courage and integrity to do what he could to bring the need to make these changes to the attention of Americans and stand out as a true REPUBLICAN among his fellow RINOs; including our President?  

If  voters were organized as a team they could easily identify the RINOs and those who understand America's founding principles and their willingness to honor their oath. By demanding answers the questions posted at and demanding a candidate to sign a contract agreeing to honor their oath or resign if a group of voters should find them guilty of ignoring it we could perhaps end up with a few honest representatives. ALL  of today's elected officials, regardless of their declared political affiliation, are members of the tyrannical two party system. I know of NONE having the knowledge, courage and.or integrity needed to honor their oath! Facts easily show that if 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115, paragraph 2381 were to be enforced, ALL would be found guilty of Treason. America is a lawless nation so far as politicians are concerned! And they are paying the price for it.

Being born in 1932 doesn't necessarily put you at death's doorstep but 6 years or sooner from then might.  It's not the age to be running for a 6 yr term of office. Someone close to him should tell him in no uncertain terms.

You are right on Ward too. Her record in the short time she was in the senate was dismal. And there is personal baggage that I won't be the one to expose but someone will, if not a fellow republican then certainly the democrats and it will be embarrassing as heck. (I wanted to say "as hell" but I'm not sure that's allowed on this site.)

I knew what you "wanted" to say, Jasper.  Hell is a place, not a curse...unless one is compelled to be there. <g>  And, you clever devil, got it said anyway. LOL

Learned it from my grandkids. ;-)

Joe has been spoken to, however wants to go out on his own terms regardless of the outcome which is understandable though unfortunate. McMcSally is the Clone they came up with to replace Flake as they put her in the 2012 race and lost but kept up the aid to rerun and win, so now she'll be the next one to actually take McCain's place and this has met the approval of Pres. Trump with the staged cabinet room for her, then the podium in the garden and finally all the Sunday talk shows, so the SWAMP Managers got what they wanted on this one. Hope all is well and we get someone with a real Constitutionally based platform.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Ego overrides all.  Rather cementing his legacy, he's bludgeoning it.

Agree on that ego trait. The scary thing is he may win the primary like he did as sheriff and hello, Sinema. I do not like McSally but she is who i will vote for to keep the Supreme Court if actual polls tell me at primary time she can beat Sinema. Today I hate to say she is probably the one who can. She's on Fox nearly every day and like Sinema did, she's remade herself.  A state as big as  AZ and this is the best we can do?



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