[Editor: This is a very controversial topic.  Some very good people have fought hard to make this  happen. Some very good people think it is a disaster and opens the door for democrats to pass all kinds of new un-Constitutional Amendments.  There is an excellent book on this matter if you would like to know more: Rule of Law, Dustin Romney and we are sure there are others.  We are taking no official position on this.]

Yesterday afternoon, Arizona made history by becoming the ninth state to pass the Convention of States resolution to propose amendments that limit federal power.

House Representative Don Shooter proudly stated,"Arizona once again leads the way for the restoration of the American dream. If the people's rights are to be restored it will once again be through the states, not the federal government..."

This hard-fought victory was only possible because of the combined efforts of engaged citizens and steadfast legislators who believe that now is the time for the states to unite and tame the federal monster.

With Arizona leading the way in the 2017 legislative season, we expect many more states to follow suit in the coming weeks.

Right now, we urgently need your help so that we can fully take advantage of this momentum and usher more states across the finish line.

This is a time sensitive matter.

Twenty-eight states are currently considering the Convention of States resolution with votes pending.

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Are we conflating the Constitutional Convention with the Convention of States?  I've read up on that and they are different.  Not wildly so but different anyway

Disagree. The FIRST and only time in our nation's history this "convention" occurred was Feb 1787 to revise the Articles of Confederation .. which gave us the U.S. Constitution. The delegates to that convention disregarded the authority of Federal and State limitations and thusly wrote what became the Constitution. It is impossible to stop any delegate again in any "new" convention that would revise our current Constitution. Just who appoints such delegates anyway? Read the opposing viewpoint which makes total sense: http://freedomoutpost.com/delegates-article-v-convention-cant-contr...

The ONLY powers given to the Federal Government BY THE PEOPLE are those listed in Article I, Section 8, clauses 1-16. Only four categories are actually authorized by the Constitution for the federal government. Within those categories are the only things the federal government has been authorized to do:

Military defense, International Commerce and relations, Immigration and naturalization, create a uniform commercial system, Weights and measures, Patents and copyrights, Monetary system of silver and gold, bankruptcy law, Mail delivery, some road building, and with some amendments to secure certain civil rights. Anything more is overreach BY Congress! Watch out for those "false friends" of this COS. These states are not victims of a federal tyranny .... they are the willing participants in it ... by accepting federal grants of tax monies as an extortion and an inalienable rights stance by government overreaching. 

The mathematics will ensure nothing comes of any Constitutional-Convention initiative. Keep in mind the magic numbers 34 and 38, and it should be clear no meaningful amendment will be ratified. States on the right will block left-leaning amendments, and vice versa. Just to achieve a 2/3 threshold (34 states) to propose an amendment will be a heavy lift. Then, if an amendment does make it out of the convention, getting to the 3/4 threshold (38 states) to ratify will fail for anything that's even remotely controversial for either side. Consider this: those on the right like the idea of having a balanced-budget amendment, but that would severely restrict the tax-and-spenders on the left, so they'll oppose it--and to block, they only need 13 states. That's an easy task, and definitely easier than getting 38 states to ratify. And this: those on the left like the idea of repealing the Second Amendment, but those on the right will never agree to that. Starting with those two proposals, the clash of ideas and politics will drive both sides toward the center, so nothing of substance will even make it out of the convention, much less get ratified. In the end, the only winners will be those who collect donations at various websites that support this initiative, radio personalities who keep their audience members and jobs by promoting this, and book authors who sell their ideas to a gullible group of believers. In that regard, let's return to the mathematics of this initiative. One proposal suggests 11 amendments, and many people--on the right--support them. Let's keep in mind that in more than 225 years, since the states ratified the Bill of Rights, there have only been 17 amendments, and two of those, in effect, cancelled each other out. Therefore, we the people have seen fit to make 15 changes to our Constitution in 225 years, yet some think we'll make 11 in a single convention and ratification process. It's hard to know which of these to blame more: the naiveté of the believers or the charlatanism of the advocates. Regardless of fault, in the end, there will be lots of activity with no forward progress, and after all the mathematical calculations are performed, the answer will be zero. And zero should be the amount of taxpayer money Arizona expends in pursuing this fantasy.

What I have looked at as presented by pro & no sides on the COS issue makes me think a COS is too big a risk to take. The Freedom's outpost article makes sense to me. At present I have not seen any evidence that there are guaranteed protections any where. I am not willing to gamble that maybe a COS could be controlled & maybe it can't. At this point I place my $ on let's not take the chance.

Another Q I have: How will the deep state affect a COS? Far too many leftist burrocrats are still deeply imbedded all through every agency & our court system. Most them IMO would do whatever they can to abolish our current Constitution & replace it with a centralized government that cares only for money, power & control. Sort of like what we have been getting for several decades.


Sam Fox - I agree 100% with your IMO on the leftist desire for a centralized federal government which is almost completed today.  Trump can cut the administration by 2% and then in 4 or 8 years along comes the democrat leftist increasing the size and scope and spending.  The pattern over the last 104 years is an eroding religion focus, Islam prayer in schools but not any other, a 19.7 trillion dollar debt (leading to the brink of the dollar collapse and economic failure) Obamacare with millions getting coverage for the first time and millions losing coverage leading to a health care industry total collapse (OBYW federal health care is not in the constitution), moral and virtue decline to point of trashing the cities, flagrant city and state ignoring immigration laws, etc. etc.

I am not willing to run the risk of the ongoing political decay, down to socialism and economic collapse.  We have a very big problem in America and the COS is the best solution.  To hide our heads in the sand like an ostrich is like taking your pick on which poison listed above do you want.

Ignorance of the Constitution ... breeds contempt for it. How much are we willing to give up to the political class by "securing" those unalienable rights already granted to us? The best solution is to teach those unalienable rights to future voters who have been indoctrinated by socialism, Marxism, and the collectivism of the leftists. If our elected politicians do not abide by the Constitution today ... just what makes more amendments ... make them tow the line of conservatism? Nothing except the VOTE. 

OK, I'm wading in. In studying the Constitution on and off through my life, I never got the idea that the Founding Fathers just threw in the ArtV for the helluvit.  I actually heard some lady giving a speech on this say that is what happened. If I remember and not saying I do, it took the Founding Fathers 13 years to write, re-write, think and re-think what every word would be worth well into the future. This document was written with the idea it would endure as long as America does which was intended to be hundreds of years. I will spend more time looking at why this Art. V is in the Constitution. As someone else said, if you accept the U.S. Constitution is the law of the land, you have to accept ALL of it, not just the part you like.

Pat J,

Your reasoning makes perfect sense. I have been reading & thinking about this ever since people in this state had come up with the idea that there should be a Convention of the States; after trying to list all the pros against the cons, the pros outnumbered the cons. BTW, the most important thing you said was, "If you accept the US Constitution is the law of the land, you have to accept ALL of it ,not just the part that you like." Your comment was excellent. I think that we are all learning more about our Constitution since we got involved in it. Prior to now, I had to take tests in high school & college & that was about all that I got involved in our Constitution. I also took a course through Hillsdale College (my college that I attended) & I did learn more about about Constitution. Hillsdale's courses are very good & if you have time to take any of  them, I would highly recommend any of them to everyone.

We Already have the Power Be aware that the current COS (Convention of the States) movement is a fraud. The following videos point this out in great detail. We don't need to change the US Constitution, We need to follow it. See more at https://t.co/9Gq0QyDO3j

I personally get weary of hearing that everything someone doesn't like is a "fraud."  Here is the dictionary definition of fraud:  "deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage."  I know several folks around the country who are working on this and/or committed to it.  None of them fall into that definition.  Can we just stop with that invective unless we prove actual fraud?  A difference of perspective or opinion is NOT proof of fraud.  Just sayin'

Pat watch the entire video at the link JBS details the fraud.



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