[Editor: This is a very controversial topic.  Some very good people have fought hard to make this  happen. Some very good people think it is a disaster and opens the door for democrats to pass all kinds of new un-Constitutional Amendments.  There is an excellent book on this matter if you would like to know more: Rule of Law, Dustin Romney and we are sure there are others.  We are taking no official position on this.]

Yesterday afternoon, Arizona made history by becoming the ninth state to pass the Convention of States resolution to propose amendments that limit federal power.

House Representative Don Shooter proudly stated,"Arizona once again leads the way for the restoration of the American dream. If the people's rights are to be restored it will once again be through the states, not the federal government..."

This hard-fought victory was only possible because of the combined efforts of engaged citizens and steadfast legislators who believe that now is the time for the states to unite and tame the federal monster.

With Arizona leading the way in the 2017 legislative season, we expect many more states to follow suit in the coming weeks.

Right now, we urgently need your help so that we can fully take advantage of this momentum and usher more states across the finish line.

This is a time sensitive matter.

Twenty-eight states are currently considering the Convention of States resolution with votes pending.

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I watched it. He said Oz was a fraud, a phony.  Which? Thanks. My view of fraud stands.

WOW the Reply by marc  is really off the wall or over the top. A FRAUD?!
We Already have the Power Be aware that the current COS (Convention of the States) movement is a fraud. The following videos point this out in great detail. We don't need to change the U.S .Constitution, We need to follow it. See more at https://t.co/9Gq0QyDO3j “ The link you provided is filled with inaccurate, false and misleading information. One problem is the federal government does not follow the constitution but interprets it to find any excuse to do what they want. Yes we the people do have the power. Yes we do have all the power to elect U.S. Congress, who can propose constitutional amendments. No reasonable person can expect any senator to approve repealing amendment 17 or placing term limits on representatives or a balanced budget amendment. The COS project or movement is not a fraud. There are over 2 million petition signers over 19,000 in Arizona alone and tens of thousands of volunteers nation wide. There is no need to call us fraud perpetrators.  Read the uploaded file.


Good URL, Marc!. I have heard a lot about the John Birch Society & it would seem to me that people would be better off if they listened to this group. I realize they probably will never become a really popular group & yet we need to pay attention to websites such as this one.

We would be better informed looking into the JBS sayings which I have done.  But I also add to that by the need to do on our own research.  One of the best resources is the book "The 5000 Year Leap" that explains the great GOD provided experiment The Republic of the United States of America.

The JBS has far too many false statements and incomplete research.

thank you

I really get tired of explaining things that are on my website.

the info in 5000 year leap is the romantic stuff we were supposed to have been taught.

my website is present day

We do not need convention of the states we can amend our constitution any time we want. Our forefathers were an enlightened group and they left us everything we needed to amend our constitution. So lets be smart about this and leave things alone. 

Ernest the Convention of States IS the process to amend the constitution.

Bruce: that is the way I see it, too. Fraud is discussed but is not proven to be true or false.   Like "conservative" "racist" it has become meaningless.

NONE of this would be needed at all if the Federal government kept our "unalienable rights" where the framers wanted it left ... with "We the People". Government has bastardized those rights into "inalienable rights" while the people slept. The remedy is to adhere to the Constitution as written, not force a change of it that would open the Pandora's box in the name of controlling government. Government power will never allow it ... that "utopian dreamland". That is why the income tax was created, why the Federal Reserve was created, why term limits are hearsay, and why our blood is shed for global socialists redistribution of our wealth. The people are ignorant, and they majority will remain so with a willful blindness of apathy and citizen irresponsibility. Only the political class benefits by flowery words of any correction to the Constitution thanks to the ignorance of the public to what it says and means for our way of life.

JBS or the John Birch Society is a conservative organization dealing in fear.  There was tremendous fear and trepidation when the revolutionary war occurred to get the first dose of freedom and liberty.  The original 13 states under the Articles of Confederation quickly fell into disarray, confusion, arguments and debates.  Unfortunately the Articles of Confederation did not provide for changes such as now the Article V amendment process.  The U.S. Constitution was formed in secret meetings to prevent confusion, debates out side the meeting hall, and creating more fear.  Almost immediately after the new constitution was ratified the bill of right amendments (a very necessary effort) were proposed and made.

The JBS is not a good source of information.

Bruce M Piepho,, based upon your responses it appears that you haven't read HCR 2010, the Convention of States resolution.  It clearly states: "... to call a convention of the states limited  to proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States that  (1) impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, (2) limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government and (3) limit the terms of office for federal officials and for members of Congress."  I don't see how it can get any broader.  Lots of amendments could be crafted using those reasons.

I stand by my original statement:  "One of the viewpoints that opponents of the COS put forward is that it basically calls for an open convention.  In other words, If proponents of the COS are able to get enough other states to pass their legislation the Convention will be a runaway convention and no one knows what mischief will be achieved."

The Constitution isn't broken.  It's just not being followed enough.  

By the way, if a Balanced Budget Amendment as proposed under HCR 2013 were to be enacted it would be voided by the clause that states "...in the absence of a national emergency,...In other words the requirement to "balance the budget" would be effective only without a declared national emergency.  We have been operating under a national emergency more or less continuously since 1979.  

au contraire Mr. Paine, I have read the resolution.  My intent is not to try to or attempt to change your mind. An open convention or a hijacked to a runaway convention would imply the ability, as an example, to repeal the second amendment or change the articles of the constitution in other means.  The words limit and restraint keep the federal government in check.  I find it impossible for a repeal of the Second amendment in those words of the 3 statements you quote from the resolution.e

"(1) impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, (2) limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government and (3) limit the terms of office for federal officials and for members of Congress."

The purpose is to propose amendments for state ratification.  All states have a say in the eventual outcome.



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