[Editor: Fake News?  Not a word about this since Christmas Eve.  Is the news media just getting our hopes up?  No, we don't feel one bit bad about saying that. He's an evil man and we have no sympathy for evil.  Let Satan take care of him!  We have to call evil by its name!

But don't be getting your hopes up.  Nope, his son who has learned from babyhood from Soros and if anything, we read that he's even more diabolical.]

George Soros suffered a “massive heart attack” while inspecting a new faculty building at his private university in Budapest, Hungary on Sunday morning, according to Hungarian reports.

Soros had been complaining of “severe indigestion” and “foggy thinking” in the early hours of the day, according to reports,  and began to feel unwell while meeting staff in the new faculty building, announcing that “the hand of God has seized me by the neck.”

Dismissing suggestions he was reacting badly to his traditional Christmas Eve lunchtime meal,Soros staggered outside in search of fresh air, before collapsing just outside the gymnasium of the Central European University.

The globalist billionaire, who recently donated $18 billion to international liberal causes, collapsed against a wall, before slumping to the ground where he was found “lying on his side, whimpering softly.”

Continue reading on Your News Wire but you will find other reports if you search.

Remember, there were reports in the past that he had died in Dubai, Croatia and other places only to be found to be hoaxes. Said one blogger, "HEART ATTACKED KILLED HIM? IMPOSSIBLE! THE EVIL ONE DOESN'T HAVE A HEART!" We are willing to consider this a hoax but he may MAY have had a heart attack. Oops, no, he has no heart.

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I thought I heard that this truly evil person has his sons in place ready to continue his substantial funding of Progressivism and OWO causes.  Hope I'm wrong, but I doubt we'll see much decline in the pursuit of international socialism when this personification of mankind's worst insidious traits finally assumes room temperature.

Yes, George the Nazi sympathizer has simply been a figurehead for quite some time ..... also to hide and protect his sons.  But if his sons ARE doing the same as he was doing, we need to send them to the guillotine before too long.

You hit it on the head and the Bigger Picture for the NWO Party OWO mess to interfere in all countries political corruptions. JWS

More winning ?

Fake news.  If you cannot find 2 other separate sources not referring to the original source, its garbage.  Do we really need to be spreading fake news? 

Maybe, Joanne, you should have read the commentary on the article before your post. It is a parody, it's clear in the editor's comments it's not taken seriously, they call it fake news and puts the issue in "quotes."  And btw, I found at least 6 other articles on this and all of them say it's probably another fake news to get us all excited. Also btw, the editor already warned us of the son poised to step in the Soros shoes so you are exactly right, Mike. No rest for the weary.

Thank you, Jasper, for being the one to get it. When the day comes that we see Soros cold dead body, we will be running this again.  We like to be ahead of the news and it's a sure thing Soros is going to die.  We are just trying to nudge it along.! 

I've been praying for God to take George Soros out of the way.  My prayer has been answered.

But it's Soros' sons who've been running his world-destroying organizations for the last few years.  George has only been a figurehead to keep the focus off of them.

I clicked LIKE because I like to think old soros is dead and in burning in hell with his progressive friends.

Oh, wow, I was doing my happy dance. Then I actually read from the beginning and knew right away that you were pulling our legs. You know how much we want Soros gone - very clever.  Thanks for the momentary wish come true. Thanks, too, for the levity - I fell over laughing at the joke. This WILL be a true article sooner or later. Then I can do my happy dance again.  Looking forward to it.

Besides the fact that Soros has dementia.  If you've heard him speak recently, he doesn't make much sense, he doesn't complete thoughts very well and he's forgetting his vocabulary. 



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