Earlier today the Trump Administration announced Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee has been appointed as assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security handling partnership and engagement. Sheriff Clarke is a highly respected, and in many circles, highly reviled conservative law enforcement professional. Sheriff Clarke’s no-nonsense and straight talk angered liberals, and their minions, who do not care to be held accountable, much less confronted with reality. An example of Sheriff Clarke’s candid talk to Black Lives Matters; “stop trying to fix the police, fix the ghetto.”  


Arizona Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) was privileged to have Sheriff Clarke as the keynote speaker at the annual meeting in October of 2015. Nearly two years ago, but members and law enforcement officers who met Sheriff Clarke at Sky Harbor Airport, and elsewhere, still talk most fondly of those two days the sheriff spent in the Valley of the Sun, and frequently ask if he can make a return visit? Sheriff Clarke not only spoke to Arizona ATAP members, but to a junior high school, and at both venues he was straight forward, challenged the audience toward greatness and professionalism regardless of their mode of service. Sheriff Clarke spoke most plainly about the growing trend in America to promote the loss of values and the principles that made America exceptional; the loss of goodness, decency, honesty, and service to others above self. He challenged both the students as well as the threat assessment professionals to not cave to the ideology from Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” which is a step-by-step approach to destroy the America we all love, as does much of the world. The law enforcement professionals from across Arizona listened intently for over an hour as Sheriff Clarke spoke. Many of them today speak with requests for him to return. Maybe as an assistant secretary of Department of Homeland Security, he will. 


Sheriff Clarke is scheduled to begin his new assignment in June.

Source: Dr. Lyle Rapacki

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Amen Halleluiah !!! Wisconsin's lost is the nation's gain for righteousness.

Praise God for this wonderful honest man. President Trump could not have made a better choice. This man will be the best thing to happen.

Sheriff Clarke was keynote speaker at the 4th Annual Freedom Expo in Tucson in March 2017. What a pleasure to read about his appointment!

Zippy-ti-do-dah! What a wonderful day.  So happy he put this man in his administration. Worried he would tap Arpaio. While I know what a great job Arpaio did in his prime, he's well past that and I'm still mad he ran instead of letting his deputy run. We all knew Arpaio had too many negatives to win, whether they were justified or not. Voters don't research!  Now we have Penzone. Thank you Pres Trump for selecting Sheriff Clark!!!!

Pat. Sheriff Arpaio is not our sheriff in our county b/c we do not live in Maricopa County. I always thought he did a good job in his county. I currently have a letter from the Sheriff Joe Arpaio Legal Defense Fund asking for donations for Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his defense in order to keep him out of jail. It came from Jim Fotis, President of the NCPD (the National Center for Police Defense). Chances are I will send this group some money. Despite what Sheriff Joe Arpaio did or didn't do, I would hate to think of him going to jail. That does not mean that I am not delighted that Sheriff Clarke is not a good person for the job that he going to start in June. Sheriff Clarke has shown his ability in many ways. I spent a good portion of my life in WI & I also have relatives through my husband's side of the family-that even though he will be missed in Milwaukee, I know that they are proud that he was given this position by our current president.

I'm very pleased Sheriff Clark, accepted the position of Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security; President Trump made a very wise decision in doing so. Sheriff Clark is a national treasure; an outstanding American patriot.

God Bless Sheriff Clark in helping to Make our beloved country: "Great Again"!

David A. Freeman

38 & 1/2 years in uniform (military & local police)

A big thumbs up to you David, and thank you for protecting America for all those years.  You and those like you are the reason we have an America.

Great move.



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