CNN is asking for people to call them and leave a message if they have a story that they are stranded or inconvenienced by Trump's ban. Call and leave a message that you are pleased with Trump's ban [on refugees from specific countries] because he is keeping us safe! Here's the number: 1(646) 535-9720. Let's blow up their phone lines! Make America Great Again!

Look who agrees with Trump's firing of Yates

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Thinking Mr. Boente has learned quickly what happens to those who fail to uphold the law in Trump's world!

I agree.  As I've listened to the pros and cons of this issue I am convinced that President Trump has done the right thing and he's doing it according to the law as well.  I just wish the protesters would just stop for a minute and listen.  

It was reported today that a total of 109 people were detained and then only for a couple of hours.  All those thousands of spontaneous Soros-paid protesters for such a small problem.

You know, the solution to this is to destroy CNN. 

We should start our own News channel on TV.  I think Bill O'Reilly should start his own News channel.  We could all support it.  That way, TV viewers would have an alternate to the Fake Stream Media.

O'Reilly? Really? We don't need a "fair and balanced" outlet ... we need a CONSERVATIVE realist that can stand up to these vermin and kick butt. A nightly dose of Judge Jeanine is much better suited for that public role for us, besides Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdock the globalist who gives the impression that he really cares, but doesn't ... its all about the $$$$$$. Look at what he's done to National Geographic magazine, which is pushing godless human secularism and same sex identification.  

I hit the like button

... so far so good. Actually, it keeps getting better... I was a little remiss to be all happy and convinced, but Trump's words and actions are quite refreshing and a little scary as often the entitled, the easily lead, et al., tend to have trouble accepting the incredibly necessary reform. Let's hope the temper tantrums wane. 

Actually, I don't care if they do this for 4 years.  I'm glad we're getting lots of video footage so we can show it back to them and their grandchildren.  "Grandma, is that you acting like an idiot"?

After Bill Clinton gained the office of the Presidency he FIRED ALL U.S. attorneys, clearing the pathway for his own brand of sexual corruption and drug cartel ties that was known to all ... except the ignorant public. Obama was mentored by Communists, his education was funded by middle east oil kingdoms, and was the puppet for the George Soros Cabal of Thieves that quadrupled out National Debt to the Federal Reserve bankers and the Chinese Communist government. 

Obama was our worst nightmare as President, and now Trump works at, and in, the office of President, Obama only dreamed of vacation golf links, and who to invite at OUR expense.



My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
Thomas Jefferson



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