Sheriff Richard Mack Seeking Help Getting Signatures To Make Ballot In AZ CD8 Special Election

As reported recently, Sheriff Richard Mack needs to collect about 1,000 signatures in approx. 1 week's time. 

If you'd like to see him on the ballot, he needs your help.

You don't have to live in CD8 to help with signatures.  He just needs some helpers to get the signatures as soon as possible. 

Time is of the essence.

If interested, here's his contact info to offer your help:


Read Sheriff Richard Mack's statement announcing his candidacy HERE.

See a 2-minute video of Sheriff Mack from 2013 HERE.

See the AZ CD8 map HERE.

Sign the online petition form to add your signature HERE
(Must be registered to vote in AZ, reside in AZ CD8, and be REP, IND, or PND.)

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I sure wish I knew someone who lives in that LD to help.  This man is a CONSERVATIVE and we need him.

Just for the record, it's a CD (Congressional District) race, made up of multiple LDs (Legislative Districts), and just about anyone anywhere may help.

Where does he live, and where is he registered to vote? A post-office box may be valuable to collect campaign mail, but it's insufficient to identify district of residence. Who checked his voter ID to verify he's actually a resident of CD-8? Also, as an indicator he might not be a resident, he's not a precinct committeeman in any Maricopa-County jurisdiction. Finally, please don't tell me there's no legal requirement for him to be a resident of the district to run/serve. That, to me, is immaterial. Is he, or isn't he qualified to sign his own nomination petition and vote for himself in the upcoming special election?

George, I saw Sheriff Richard Mack speak today in Green Valley, AZ. He lives in Maricopa County and his wife is looking for a home in CD8. WAY ABOVE ALL THAT... Do you know this individual and his history? Have you done research on 1997 Printz vs. The United States? Did you know that Judge John M. Roll who was brutally gunned down here in Tucson January 8, 2011 was THE advocate for Sheriff Mack to the SCOTUS in a landmark case claiming an "unfunded mandate" when sheriffs were told they had to do background checks on gun owners after the Brady Bill was passed. Sheriff Mack's case upheld the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution. That was a miracle and another miracle is about to take place. Sheriff Mack fought the Clinton Administration and won for We the People! So, if you represent another candidate in the race, Good LUCK! You are backing a loser!

Thanks for your response--except for the totally unnecessary final two sentences. At this point, I'm not backing any of the aspiring or already qualified candidates. I'll wait until the field is set; there's no use in attempting to vet 20+ potentials. That said, on my list of those I won't support are any and all carpetbaggers, regardless of what their cheerleaders post. Doing so sells out to aspirations of career politicians looking for the next step up the ladder. Finally, since you chose to go in that direction, I'll suggest that when his carpetbagging status gets revealed to the qualified voters in CD-8, you'll find you're the one backing a loser!

Make your bed, my friend.

In CD 4 so cannot help with signatures but hope Sheriff Mack makes it. 



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