In recent days, Project Veritas (Latin for "truth") has released videos which clearly show examples of 
blatant corruption in the Democratic Party.  
Have you seen the story in the local media?
We must demand that this news gets the 
attention it deserves.  
Please act NOW on the following request 
from one of our PCs.
Last week when the Project Veritas videos were released, 
only Fox-10 covered the video (pathetically) on their 6pm newscast, but never showed it again and buried it on their website.  I had an interesting email exchange with a Fox-10 newsroom rep where they stated "they covered the story."  They didn't and it is likely because none of the other stations covered it.  So, they felt free to bury it.  What has happened to our local newsrooms?

Please send the e-mail below to your friends and neighbors
  requesting that they forward this and similar stories of corruption to Phoenix's four local news stations demanding that these stories be covered.  We need to be heard -- and unless we show force, they will continue to ignore us and cover for the Democrats.
Truth and veracity of PROJECT VERITAS videos confirmed.  See YouTube video below from James O'Keefe's organization showing links between the Clinton campaign, the DNC, the Obama administration, and these disruptive groups.  See also the persons of interest and how they affected events in Phoenix as well as the Chicago Trump event where police officers were injured.
This should be the biggest story in America, if the media were actually ethical and attempting to report the real news.  
Americans are rightfully afraid of a provably corrupt Democrat party that is protected by our media --- both national and local. ,

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From Pat's wife, Florence:

Thank you for putting this together.  I think this is very important that we all contact the media to have them call attention to these criminal deeds that are being done by the Democrats.

Since some of them happened in Arizona, can the Attorney General Mark Brnovich prosecute some of these people?  It is totally unreal how much unethical behavior and criminal activity that Hillary Clinton and President Obama think they can get away with.  If something isn't done, we can only expect that if Hillary is President the various government institutions (Justice Department, FBI, IRS, etc.) will continue to treat conservative Republicans with disdain.   

I've been aware of this "stuff" for well over the last 50 years and it continues to worsen.  (I think you meant "disdain".

From Pat's wife, Florence:

Yes, I did mean disdain.  I will try not to misspell that word in the future.  

I think we should also contact the main stream news organizations:

ABC Evening News with David Muir:




I also think that we should on the comments section under every negative article about Donald Trump post links to the Project Veritas videos.   

There is not longer "investigative journalism" ... it is only gossip journalism slanted to indoctrinate "minds of mush" who are ignorant of facts.  They were more interested in Pokémon findings than real life situations that will effect our Constitutionally LIMITED Republic's future, our national debt, student loan increases to bloat higher education salaries, and foreign policy quagmires created by Obama and the Democratic party.  America is treading on rough waters watching the Titanic slip beneath the waves. Communism is alive and well in the Democratic party and Hollywood elites.

The KGB is here, and we are blinded by deceit, for Marxism is the Main-stream media.

I loved the Pokemon reference.  Funny and pretty true.

Okay, I revised the email and sent it to all of the news outlets listed. I added some comments about the increasing disgust of the public with media that will not cover the news fairly. I am hearing more and more people say that they are turning off the news. That is about all one can do, anymore, when the constant cognitive dissonance just gets to be toooo much!

The major media is OWNED BY SIX VERY LARGE CORPORATIONS.  They are not going to change. Their jobs depend upon toeing the owner's demands.  The very best way to get the word out is Facebook, email and all the other personal methods we already use.  Keep in mind, however, that even Facebook is a MAJOR CORPORATION and its owner apparently is a strong supporter of Hillary.  To check them out, see  There are many other sites listing them as well.



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