As soon as we heard that Congressman Trent Franks would be resigning his seat in the House of Representatives representing Congressional District 8, we knew candidates would be crawling out of the woodwork.  We were right.  At one point, almost 30 hopefuls announced they would run for that seat.  In the end, we believe ten have actually filed.

Among those are:

Bob Stump: This is a bad choice.  He has legal baggage from his days at the Arizona Corporation Commission. Do we really need another politician with legal problems representing any district in Arizona?

Steve Montenegro: We remember when Montenegro was a conservative.  We don't know where he got off track or if someone got to him, but intense political ambition has shown itself in Montenegro.  He first filed to run for Secretary of State.  When Franks announced his resignation, Montenegro's eyes lit up in anticipation of moving up even higher on the political ladder.  It doesn't seem to us that is a good reason to run for public office or the right judgement to serve the people.

Kimberly Yee, late a LD20 Legislator, also toyed with the idea of running for the open seat but good sense  ruled and she has decided to stay with the office she originally filed for: State Treasurer.  That suits us because otherwise, we might be stuck with Tom Forese!

Time ticked on and candidates filed and we just shook our heads.  In that district, surely there was a true conservative who could win that seat!  That is when Sheriff Richard Mack, an extremely well-liked former Sheriff in Graham County in the vein of Sheriff Arpaio in terms of his interest in upholding the rule of law, filed to run.  Bingo, we had our candidate.  We have watched this man through his political career and setbacks and determination for several years.

Some will tell you he is pro-marijuana.  That is true and he told us that himself. The point is twofold.

1.  For 30+ years, the federal government has thrown $billions at the problem and what did we get for all that taxpayer money?  More drugs than ever before.  How has that worked out for us?  Besides that, we are surrounded by liberal states that have, or will approve, recreational marijuana.  Today, I can drive 3 hours and get all of it I want.  I can go to certain places right here in Phoenix even quicker.  Face it folks, recreational marijuana became "legal" the instant "medical" marijuana was approved.  Until and unless the border is sealed, marijuana is available on many street corners in Arizona.

2.  Sheriff Mack is running for a Congressional seat.  This issue will not be taken up in any serious way in the Congress.  The status of marijuana is irrelevant in this race.

Richard Mack calls himself a Constitutional fundamentalist.  He believes in the rule of law.  He's been a fearless law man. He is a founder and president of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA).  He has name ID.

Mack needs to collect about 1000 signatures in the next 9 days.  He needs your help. You don't have to live in that district to help with signatures.  He has identified high traffic locations that he needs to staff to get the signatures quickly. 

Please contact him at or 928-432-1879 and offer to help.  Let's put a real Constitutional Republican in that seat.  The election is the Special Election February 27 in that Congressional district.  If you are connected to any Republican organizations, please call him and get him connected to them, too.  Time is of the essence!

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There's only one Candidate who's actually filed to run by turning in the Signatures required to be on the Ballot, even though many say they're interested in taking Rep. Franks seat, so far none of those mentioned have done so and don't believe most posted on the Arizona.Vote site will be turning the required number plus of course the cushion needed to prevent a challenge to their signatures.

[Editor: As we have stated many times before, we DO NOT allow electioneering on this site by candidates or their surrogates.  If we did, during election season, every page would be advertising by some candidate or another campaigning.  The AFA Team will take positions as we see fit and will post what we see fit for any given election.  We do expect those who are candidates or friends of candidates to observe this rule.  It seems we have to repeat it every election.  All are welcome to send in their articles for review by Team AFA as long as they are fact based.  We will post as many that qualify by our own rules.

Therefore, we left the part of Clair's post that lays out simple facts and he is right, he filed his signatures yesterday.  That does not in any way indicate that no other candidate will file signatures.  If YOU have a favorite candidate, help them get their signatures.  A good contested race is good for the election process.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.  And please don't post that WE are electioneering!  We make educated and non-partisan statements based on the research we do and we post it.  That's what we do.]

God Bless You All; Clair & Jean Van Steenwyk 

Sorry Clair, Richard Mack is the man for the job. Run for school board or something.


Being a native Arizonan and having watched Shrf. Mack's career for almost 40 yrs., I can attest that he is a solid patriot and constitutionalist.   He has time and time again stood up to overreaching fed. govt. entities and is the organizer of the Constitutional Sheriffs, having worked with some of the greatest Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police of our time ie;  Sheriff's Dever, Judd, Arpaio, etc., etc.  He is a tireless worker and is the most knowledgeable of the constitution as well as fearless.   We couldn't hope for a better candidate to run for Trent's seat and will have the support of all of the conservative groups in Az. without a doubt.   

Sorry, Clair aka Van the Radio Man.  You are a nice guy but you have become a professional candidate.  I could not take you seriously.  You already ran in that district and lost handily. You are what we call "the spoiler" but you have been told that before.  Sheriff Mack is uniquely qualified to win this seat.  I agree 100% with this article. I hope people will get out and help him get signatures.  He filed last so he's gotten a late start. I chalk that up to him giving this considerable thought from all angles and not because he instantly saw an opportunity and jumped on it. That is the kind of representative Arizona desperately needs - thoughtful, considered, honest to a fault and dedicated to public service.  We continuously cry out for a man such as this to represent us. Well, here's our chance. Let's don't blow it.

Professional Candidate, well lets see that means everyone who's run more than once is a professional and that would put Lincoln in the mix and many others as well, believe trying to get things fixed by running is an honorable endeavor and only wish more Citizens would put forth the effort as it's the only Avenue still open to us to fix this system the Professional Incumbent Class has brought about by the Professional Voters voting for them election after election. God Bless You; Van 

Except, Clair, Lincoln only ran for ONE office and won the second time so your analogy does not hold up.  I don't believe in the word "trying" to do something; either do it or get out of the way.  I know you are a nice guy but this is beyond the pale now.

Please recall that at that time trying to get on the Ballot was also and historically still is considered an Election. God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk

1832 / Lost - In March, Abraham Lincoln becomes a candidate for the Illinois General Assembly. The Black Hawk War breaks out. In April, Abe enlists and is elected captain of his rifle company. He re-enlists as a private after his company is disbanded. He serves a total of three months but does not fight in a battle. On August 6th, he loses the election for General Assembly. The village store he worked in goes out of business. Lincoln and partner, William Berry, purchase another village store in New Salem.   


1834 / Won - On August 4th, Abraham Lincoln, age 24, is elected to the Illinois General Assembly as a member of the Whig Party. He begins to study law. In December, he first meets Stephen A. Douglas, 21, a Democrat.  Won


1836 / Won - On August 1st, Lincoln is re-elected to the Illinois General Assembly and by now is a leader of the Whig Party. September 9th, Lincoln receives his license to practice Law. He begins a courtship of Mary Owens, 28. He suffers an episode of severe depression in December.


1838 / Won - Lincoln helps to successfully defend Henry Truett in a famous murder case. On August 6th, he is re-elected to the Illinois General Assembly, becoming Whig Floor Leader.


1840 / Won - In June, Lincoln argues his first case before the Illinois Supreme Court. On August 3rd, he is re-elected to the Illinois General Assembly. In autumn, he becomes engaged to Mary Todd.


1843 / Lost – Lincoln is unsuccessful in his try for the Whig nomination for U.S. Congress. On August 1st, his first child, Robert Todd Lincoln, is born.


1846 / Won - March 10th, a son, Edward Baker Lincoln is born. On May 1st, Abe is nominated to be the Whig candidate for U.S. Congress. On August 3rd, Abraham Lincoln is elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.


1854 / Won - Lincoln re-enters politics, opposing the Kansas-Nebraska Act. He is elected to the Illinois legislature but declines the seat, hoping instead to become a U.S. Senator (appointed by the legislature).


1855 / Lost - Lincoln does not get chosen by the Illinois legislature to be U.S. Senator.


1859 / Lost - The Illinois legislature chooses Douglas for the U.S. Senate over Lincoln by a vote of 54 to 46. In autumn, Lincoln makes his last trip through the 8th Judicial Circuit. On December 20th, writes a short autobiography.


November 6, 1860 / Won  - Abraham Lincoln is elected as 16th President of the United States, and is the first Republican. He receives 180 of 303 possible electoral votes and 40 percent of the popular vote.


November 8, 1864 / Won - Abraham Lincoln is re-elected as President, defeating Democrat George B. McClellan. Lincoln gets 212 of 233 electoral votes and 55 percent of the popular vote.

This is becoming a ridiculous argument but note; Lincoln lost his first race as just about everyone does but then WON 4 times in a row.  Of the 12 races he ran, he only lost 4 but won 8. Of the many races you have run, Clair, please tell us how many you have won.  It's probably a bad idea for anyone today to compare themselves to Lincoln.

In going through our email this morning, we see some who asked about Phil Lovas.  We cannot support Lovas as he is knee deep in with McCain.  Yes, he did get instantly on the Trump Train and he did a fine job in campaigning for him from the start.  But that Robert Graham/John McCain connection is a non-starter. He's been a state House member and you can research his record there. We followed him quietly during the Graham years. His wife and her partner were on Graham's payroll and we remember she was to do "PR" for AZGOP to the tune of $120,000 per year.  We could not find any actual PR performed from a tiny house on the west side - not her residence.  Graham paid back a lot of favors by "PR hires" but we wondered, how many PR companies does a volunteer organization with a built in membership need?  We wonder if the McCain machine is paying to get signatures for Lovas.

Go to the and look at McCain campaign and you'll just how much she actually made and by the way where is all the $$$$$$$$$ coming from to pay for all the large signs of Lovas & Montenegro, you know money given by most donors is comes with strings, to expect other wise is just a fairy tale.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Clair: if this message is for AFA, we tracked Graham's expenses the entire time he was in office and we have it all on a spreadsheet, categorized as it was reported to FEC.  Thanks.



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