As soon as we heard that Congressman Trent Franks would be resigning his seat in the House of Representatives representing Congressional District 8, we knew candidates would be crawling out of the woodwork.  We were right.  At one point, almost 30 hopefuls announced they would run for that seat.  In the end, we believe ten have actually filed.

Among those are:

Bob Stump: This is a bad choice.  He has legal baggage from his days at the Arizona Corporation Commission. Do we really need another politician with legal problems representing any district in Arizona?

Steve Montenegro: We remember when Montenegro was a conservative.  We don't know where he got off track or if someone got to him, but intense political ambition has shown itself in Montenegro.  He first filed to run for Secretary of State.  When Franks announced his resignation, Montenegro's eyes lit up in anticipation of moving up even higher on the political ladder.  It doesn't seem to us that is a good reason to run for public office or the right judgement to serve the people.

Kimberly Yee, late a LD20 Legislator, also toyed with the idea of running for the open seat but good sense  ruled and she has decided to stay with the office she originally filed for: State Treasurer.  That suits us because otherwise, we might be stuck with Tom Forese!

Time ticked on and candidates filed and we just shook our heads.  In that district, surely there was a true conservative who could win that seat!  That is when Sheriff Richard Mack, an extremely well-liked former Sheriff in Graham County in the vein of Sheriff Arpaio in terms of his interest in upholding the rule of law, filed to run.  Bingo, we had our candidate.  We have watched this man through his political career and setbacks and determination for several years.

Some will tell you he is pro-marijuana.  That is true and he told us that himself. The point is twofold.

1.  For 30+ years, the federal government has thrown $billions at the problem and what did we get for all that taxpayer money?  More drugs than ever before.  How has that worked out for us?  Besides that, we are surrounded by liberal states that have, or will approve, recreational marijuana.  Today, I can drive 3 hours and get all of it I want.  I can go to certain places right here in Phoenix even quicker.  Face it folks, recreational marijuana became "legal" the instant "medical" marijuana was approved.  Until and unless the border is sealed, marijuana is available on many street corners in Arizona.

2.  Sheriff Mack is running for a Congressional seat.  This issue will not be taken up in any serious way in the Congress.  The status of marijuana is irrelevant in this race.

Richard Mack calls himself a Constitutional fundamentalist.  He believes in the rule of law.  He's been a fearless law man. He is a founder and president of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA).  He has name ID.

Mack needs to collect about 1000 signatures in the next 9 days.  He needs your help. You don't have to live in that district to help with signatures.  He has identified high traffic locations that he needs to staff to get the signatures quickly. 

Please contact him at or 928-432-1879 and offer to help.  Let's put a real Constitutional Republican in that seat.  The election is the Special Election February 27 in that Congressional district.  If you are connected to any Republican organizations, please call him and get him connected to them, too.  Time is of the essence!

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I'm not talking about Graham, I'm talking about the Fundraising done for McCain by Lovas Group LLC, Paid Nov 2o16  $27,000, Aug of 2016 15,000, April of 2016 $10,000, Oct of 2015 $12,000 labeled Finance Consulting, which is actually Bundling Fund Raising, there's plenty more of this just go to the site:

Your all wrong we need Clair Van he needs to go to DC and make them toe the line. I heard that Mack was at Bundy ranch stand off he had the children up front he did not think federal marshals would shoot at kids. 

Clair Van will set them all straight and he is the most knowable person we have on the constitution.

Hi Ernie; We hope all is well with you and thanks for the encouraging words, seems that winning is worth more than standing up for the Rights of all of us and this is exactly why most activists I know never run as they don't get the aide they should, however do get the criticism later if they lose. We know we lost as did Lincoln several times and even Franks lost a few times before winning. The very idea that telling me I shouldn't run because I lost well, let look at those who are running, oh no that's not a good idea as they're all incumbents and tell us their conservatives but the bills they sponsored and voted for say the opposite, time will tell how this all shakes out but we have our 170 signs up and filed 1st and even made the AP and Evening news yesterday, so even though GOP likes to lock me out being persistent and having #'s left over from my Radio days was some help.  God Bless You; Van 

Count me in on the Sheriff Mack side. No finer man/person could represent Arizona in that position.  I read Ernie's comments about what he "heard" about Mack shoving the kids in front at the Bundy ranch stand off.  I watched dozens of videos on that and never saw any such thing.  I request Ernie not make unproven accusations on such an important matter.  Please, Ernie, either prove your comment or retract it.  Clair is a proven product: he has proven he cannot win a big election and it seems to me his ego is bigger than he is. Egos have been the losing element in elected officials.  I will state unequivocally that for anyone who cares more about the state than their friends, Mack is the person to elect.  Elected officials can learn what they need to know but they can't change their character!  At some point republicans need to mature as voters and think about the real issue: who WILL best serve we the people selflessly. Sheriff Mack has shown himself to be selfless, not selfish.  Read more about Mack here and see he has dedicated his life to serving others not running an internet radio show and running for something in every election.

I've talked to patriots that were at the Bundy ranch event and they advise that this is an outright lie that Mack was putting kids on the line.  This is the kind of stuff that the liberal left would use to try and denigrate our heroes.  Espousing rumors to that effect is beyond the pale.

There are many in this race that I like.  However, liking does not equate to someone I believe is proven in my book to put the people and Country of the people first.  If I don't know, I just don't know. 

Mack and Van Steenwyk are the two in this race that I have know well enough to have no doubt about their ability to A) understand and B) follow our Constitution and not discard it as so many have done in the past and present.   

Mack has a solid history of holding up our Constitution to the highest standard.  I've been to a few events and have shared stage time, have followed his career and have asked questions for clarity on his positions. 

I am in a unique position having been in the same race in 2016 with Van Steenwyk and on about 30-50 occasions having to debate or discuss our rights in the same room as Van Steenwyk.  He did not waver, and was an obvious student of our Constitution.   

I sadly can not say that for so many that have run, that are in this race or that have held long time elected positions on the Federal level.  

Anyway, your call from here folks. I need to go study some bills.

Hi Alex; Jean & I thank you for your kind and supportive statements and hope all is well with you & yours, see you down the road one day I'm sure. God Bless You; Van 

I have known Sheriff Mack since about 1997, there is no doubt he's one of the good guys, damn few ever run for office and fewer yet are still really good by the second term. I worry that he will be isolated and marginalized by the swamp masters, Ryan and friends, much like Ron Paul was. I think he would be a much more powerful force here as Sheriff of Maricopa County and the importance of CSPOA would be high lighted. I think he could much surpass Sheriff Joe in the Press and importance, Nationally, in a very short time. If he is elected he will need guidance from people like Congressman Steve King and those in the Freedom Caucus who are really there for the right reasons.



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