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Arizona Freedom Alliance has specific goals and strategies for moving our country back to glory.


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  • AFA’s motto: It is amazing how much can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit. Members are expected to leave their ego’s at the door.

  • Arizona Freedom Alliance (AFA) is a gathering place for Patriot Groups of citizen activists. Individual members are also welcome and encouraged to engage interactively on the site.

  • Membership for both groups and individuals is accepted based on our policy they undergo a vetting process.

  • Groups pay a nominal annual fee which is used strictly to maintain the AFA website. Individual members are admitted at no cost having all the benefits the site has to offer.

  • All members and groups agree that they may withdraw at any time without notice and AFA may ask a member or group to leave at any time. It is assumed that this would occur only in the case of inappropriate activity or behavior.

  • A core value of all members is that our enemy is the political left, not each other; therefore a proper respect and decorum will be expected in dealing with each other via phone, email and in person. 

  • A plan has been developed to assist individual group member leadership teams by suggesting that as an alternative to maintaining individual websites, they may point their web address to their group on the AFA website. That has relieved individual group member leaders from a time consuming burden of keeping their sites current and delivering enough relevant content on a regular basis. AFA is leveraging the skills of members to aid all other members who chose to avail themselves of those advantages on the website.

  • AFA’s strategy is to have all group member organizations actively participate in sharing their group projects with other members. A most recent example of this is the North Phoenix 9-12 Group (and member of AFA) has an upcoming series of events which it will be streaming indoors at venues throughout the state in mid August. Waking Up America (another group member of AFA) had considered a march on August 24thin support of Israel by having their members walk down Central Avenue. Through AFA, the Waking Up America leadership team learned of the 9-12 Group's events and offered to be a co-sponsor and/or help make those events successful any way they could.

  • AFA itself has no agenda other than to serve all its group member organizations and their individually generated projects while our individual members get the most benefit from the AFA website and all group activities.

  • A word about education: It has been the experience of many laboring in the field of citizen activism, that the burden all too often falls on the shoulders of the group leaders. They are routinely struggling with burn-out and stress. One of our goals with the creation and maintenance of a shared website is to help with the education, engagement, and active effective involvement in the political process of as many of their groups’ members as are self motivated to volunteer for projects. To that end, we believe it is a great thing if a member of AZ 2012 Project for example decides he or she has talents which compliment a project that Daisy Mt. Tea Party initiates and chooses to focus their time and attention to help that cause.

  • Providing a venue for individuals and groups to come together to work on local issues where their talents and interests lie is one of AFA's greatest assets.


    Mission Statement

    Arizona Freedom Alliance is an alliance of groups and individuals throughout Arizona that have come together to leverage our influence with our legislators and have a meaningful voice in local issues.  We will help our groups market themselves to increase the size of the conservative movement, form new groups in under-served areas, work with other conservative groups to bring Arizona back to Constitutional conservatism and focus on taking back the government for the people through grassroots unity. Open to groups that share our goals and want to coalesce with us to work together to give America back to the people.  Our shared goals are Constitutional and limited government, fiscal restraint and national security.


Membership is entirely at the discretion of the Charter Members of AFA.  All members must be approved to maintain a presence on this site.  No personal attacks or other divisive activity is allowed.

Download document in pdf format here: AFA_Goals_Mission.pdf

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Does the entire AFA neither support nor endorse Robert Graham for State GOP Chair?

Started by Franklin Thomas Fiedler. Last reply by Jim O'Connor Apr 29, 2013. 6 Replies

I was surprised to read on the Arizona Freedom Alliance's home page that the "Arizona Freedom Alliance Does Not Support or Endorse Robert Graham for AZGOP State Chair Due to His Legal Issues and His…Continue

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Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on September 4, 2014 at 3:47pm


Thanks for that request.  We have added a .pdf to the bottom of the statement for you and  others to download.

Comment by Gary W. King on September 4, 2014 at 7:57am

I am a NEW member here.  Just wondering if the "AFA Goals & Strategies" page can be formatted and used as a separate EMAIL to inform & invite other conservative patriots to join AFA.

G. King 


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