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God's Grace

I wonder how many people will delete this without reading it because of the title. It is a shame but this message is very true. Hope you ar…

Started by Arizona Freedom AllianceLatest Reply

Former Jihadist becomes a Christian

Started by Arizona Freedom AllianceLatest Reply

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All I wanted, but didn't see

     There come times in the life given to us that we look back to not just forgive, but to embrace each other with a gentleness of Christ.…

Started by John5319

1 on Tuesday
Reply by Jim O'Connor

Those who Fail to Learn From History are Doomed to Repeat It Attributed to George Santayana

  There is no doubt that we are living in a changing time in America. The spiritual temperament is noticeable not only in millennials, but…

Started by Jim O'Connor

11 on Sunday
Reply by Eric Barnes

Vision is Vital

      I must confess at times I feel overwhelmed with all the news, fake or otherwise, that I find myself exposed to. And the truth…

Started by Jim O'Connor

2 Jun 9
Reply by Jim O'Connor

"Anticipating the Next Stop"

                                                                      As I get older (birthday # 64 was yesterday) I find that I'm thinking…

Started by Jim O'Connor

1 Jun 2
Reply by John5319

The War with No Conscientious Objectors

May 29, 2017 Memorial Day. Often confused with Veterans Day, Memorial Day honors the men and women who died while serving as members of…

Started by Jim O'Connor

4 May 30
Reply by Larry Grafanakis

Temporal Troubles - Eternal Truths

One of my favorite writers who passed away in 1993 was Christopher Lasch. Unfortunately, as far as I know he was not a Christian, but he w…

Started by Jim O'Connor

0 May 28

The Faith of a Companion

     So many times we Christians hear about the word faith and what we may think it is as instructed by Jesus to his apostles, but just how…

Started by John5319

0 May 22

A Post "Mother's Day" Reflection

                                 Mother's Day gave me the opportunity to appreciate my mother, applaud my wife for the most excellent job…

Started by Jim O'Connor

4 May 20
Reply by Jaspersgoat

The Force that Befriends and Sends

      I enjoy working with smart people.  My friend, Dr. Dave Anderson, President of Grace School of Theology, is one of thos…

Started by Jim O'Connor

3 May 15
Reply by John W Stanis

How Do You Spell Awesome?

  Did it ever occur to you that nothing ever occurs to God? Not hard to understand when you realize that God is Infinite, Perfect, Simple,…

Started by Jim O'Connor

0 May 5



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