July 29, 2016



             A Culture with a Seared Conscience Can Be Catastrophic


Most of us have a moral guidance system. It is called the conscience. It is that God given fundamental   operating system that determines and decides what is right. It guides us in making choices between right and wrong, between good and bad. It is led by our view of truth and our understanding of ultimate reality. The results can be devastatingly evil or definitively good.


As Will and Ariel Durant have said, "The greatest question of our time is not Communism versus individualism, not even East versus West; it is whether man can live without God."  The answer is, not very well.

The Lord has given us this guidance system, but mankind has chosen to suppress the truth and worship the   creature rather than the creator, (Rom. 1) always a bad idea!  As a result man is fallen and finite and seems to have an infinite capacity for wickedness and evil. Jeremiah, the ancient prophet to Israel, announced the eternal and universal principle with prescience and precision when he declared;  "The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?" (Jer. 17:9)


The Bible talks about a conscience that can be seared  (I Tim.4:2) and insensitive to moral guidance. At times it seems that whole cultures and societies have a seared conscience. The ancient Babylonians and Assyrians exhibited gross evil and grotesque behavior, killing hundreds of thousands and terrorizing and subjugating millions.  In more modern times we have seen the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Mao engrossed in attitudes and engaged in actions of wanton wickedness.    

Having concluded two weeks of the "Greatest Show on Earth" a.k.a. the great American political   conventions, what are we to make of ourselves?  What is our trajectory and our terminus?    

In the midst of any society the church is to be the pillar of truth and salt and light in a culture. How we   are to accomplish this is the question that has occupied many people for many years.    

There seems to be four options:

  • Say nothing and try to sneak into heaven, incognito.
  • Say the wrong thing by conforming to the culture.
  • Say the right thing in the wrong way.
  • Finally, we can say the right thing in the right way.                                                                    

This final option is what speaking the truth in love is aiming to accomplish. To incarnate this principle, look at the life of Jesus. He is described as one who was filled with grace and truth. This does not guarantee "success or victory" here and now.  But it is a way of manifesting a faithful presence in the present and ensuring an abundant entrance into the future.


Serving Him with you

Until He comes for us,




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I have to know that I am not the only one who likes this!!  Fred has written what I know to be the Truth, not mine but Gods!

Thanks you Fred.

Thank you, Fred. I trust God and know He expects me to participate in His government as long as I am on earth. 25 million Christians who did not vote in 2012, It make me wonder about our collective commitment to our children's future.

Rev Cary K Gordon on voting for the lesser of 2 evils!

More than worth viewing!

Gayla L. Coletto:

I got not nothing from this video except the sales pitch for his book!  

Just another propaganda film.  Fortunately, this year, we have a real choice.  Not between two corrupt politicians as usual.  Killary the Korrupt or Trump the businessman.  Killary knows more about government than Trump like how to hose the taxpayers, skim money from the muslim leaders, raise the deficit and kill our military.  Trump only knows how to run companies (yes, out of 56 companies, he had 4 bankruptcies at a time many companies declared bankruptcy because of the recession), pay employees more than the going rate, never had an employee complain about being killed for spilling the beans or even knowing where the beans were hidden, can't get a critical word out of two ex-wives, has done business with the world's leaders without cheating taxpayers, knows how to read a balance sheet and also knows how to hire the best minds who also want the best for the country because they are not sold out to special interests.  Yep, no need to have to choose between 2 evils this time.



My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
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