DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) - A presidential elector from Arizona is talking to ChurchMilitant.com about how he is being harassed into being an "unfaithful" elector.

James O'Connor — the Republican chairman of Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and Rio Verde — is one of 538 presidential electors who will elect the president of the United States on December 19. He told ChurchMilitant.com about how people have been bombarding his email account in an attempt to dissuade him from casting his electoral vote for Donald Trump.

After the presidential elections on November 8, the electors' names were publicly released, and people found their personal information on the internet. O'Connor says by noon on Thursday his email box was becoming inundated with email — the vast majority asking him to cast his vote for Hillary Clinton, and some asking him to vote for "anybody but Trump."

The following week his email was deluged with more messages, beginning with about 100 per hour, progressing to between 300–400 per hour by November 18. On Monday he received 97, Tuesday 1,500, Wednesday 2,300, Thursday 3,800 and Friday 4,900 — more than 12,000 emails in all. 

During that time he also received more than 100 phone calls. One he answered was from a young woman in New York, complaining that Trump will eliminate Obamacare and she won't have her birth control paid for.

O'Connor commented, "These people are so lost. They don't know the Constitution, they don't know how anything works." 

He described the elector voting process. "We don't go into a voting booth and receive a ballot that has got Hillary's name on it or a line for write-in candidates." 

"We will show up at the state capitol building and we will execute, that is sign, what looks very much like a proclamation," he explained. 

It's a single sheet of paper bearing the state seal and containing one paragraph with the text: "We the duly elected below signed electors hereby elect Donald J. Trump," followed by 11 blank lines beneath bearing the printed name of each elector for them to sign their names."

[...] He said if George Soros wanted to give him $1 billion to vote for somebody other than Trump, "I would not take it." He continued, "If Clinton's goons wanted to put a bullet through my head, I would execute [cast his vote] for Trump and then take the bullet; I stand on principal." 

"I know Donald Trump is not a sinless man — we don't have any of those on the planet, we had one and we crucified Him," he said. "We can only elect a fallen human being."

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NOTE: Mr. O'Connor is the editor of this page. He is also a candidate for the Arizona Republican Party Chairman. That election takes place on January 28 (we think) and is conducted so that State Committeemen can vote to elect the next AZGOP Chairman.

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Ethics?  Integrity?  Surely you jest! :)

Super well done.  I only wish there were a few million more of you in public service!

Well said Jim. It is good to let people know how some people are trying to undermine our constitutional system. I doubt the Republic will report on this abuse and attempted use of intimidation of our Arizona electors, but I will never know since I stopped subscribing to the Republic because of its many failures in ethical reporting. 

Bill Sandry

Bill, in fact, we sent out yesterday an article that the AZ Republic did on this story.  It was a very fair assessment of the events.  We don't like their either, but fair is fair.

Jim and other electors,  Be advised that the Oath Keepers.org, most of whom are retd. LEO's and/or vets, will gladly watch your back as well as your home and family.  No Charge!  Many of us LEO types have had some personal protection trng. as well as having dealt with the public in a law enf. capacity.  To preserve our constitution and our way of life,  we will sacrifice some of our free time to protect those in need.  For more information go to our website at www.oathkeepers.org. or you can PM me at Oracle Neighborhood Watch Alliance on Facebook.

Thank you Mr. O'Conner for standing by your principles.   You are a good man.  I am so sorry you are getting so  harassed..

What a sad commentary on our country. These are the people un-educated on common core. As you say, Jim, they know nothing about history or how this country is set up to run.  I suggest those pushing the NPV are in that same category, no matter their age.  May God bless and protect you and your family.  Please consider taking Ron up on his offer.  It can't hurt and all of us will be less worried or you all.

There are many good constitution teachers, Kris Anne Hall, Michael Badnarik and Hillsdale College are a few, and it would be a good idea to encourage young people to listen to and read these great teachers. 



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