[We received this email exchange between a Precinct Committeeman, perhaps a State Committeeman, too, and believe it explains a lot about the abuse of power by McCain and Robert Graham.  All pretense has been dropped now that everyone paying any attention at all knows Graham has only one objective: get rid of Jim O'Connor as an AZGOP Candidate for Chairman.  It's clear to us that O'Connor must be polling very well. Why else would a two-bit chairman who is known to be charged with money laundering that he and his McCain buddies paid a $1,000,000 to keep out of the courts?  We just can help getting that deju vu feeling all over again. Yes, just exactly what the dems, the media and the GOPe like Paul Ryan did to keep Trump from winning.  McCain and Graham just can't accept an election outcome in O'Connor's district with 119 SC votes at stake.  This is beyond pathetic but they are accustomed to behaving in this way. Nothing to see here on that score.  Take a look at this email exchange and then take a look at another email after that.  PCs across Arizona, indeed, across America should stand against this kind of bully tactics. If it happens here, it will happen anywhere.]

First email sent:
From: Jonathan W. Lines 
Sent: Friday, January 6, 2017 6:46 AM
To: Wes [Harris]
Just a quick note to set the record straight on an email you received December 31st from Wes Harris.

In his email, Wes laid out the case for why he was supporting Jim O’Connor for AZGOP Chairman, which is fine.  But then he went beyond that and said a number of things about me that were not true in an effort to further persuade you not to support me.  I’m running a positive campaign and I intend to keep doing so, but it is fair to set the record straight when someone isn’t telling the truth, so that’s why I’m sending this email. [Editor: just to be clear, he has surrogates doing his dirty work. We just saw a lot of that in the past election.]

In his email Wes claimed that I was some sort of Shadow Chairman in Yuma County for federal election spending that was done on behalf of John McCain’s campaign back when McCain and the State Party were not working well together.  The McCain campaign ran a lot of funding through the county party instead of the state party.  Wes’ accusation is part of a concerted effort to paint me as “a McCain guy” or as “McCain’s guy” so that you won’t even listen to my qualifications or vision for our party. [Editor: In Yuma and establishment circles, this is well known that Lines is a total McCain Guy.  Note this photo: Ducey is THE McCain guy in Arizona! His Facebook is loaded with Ducey photos.]

Of course Wes’ accusations are 100% nonsense.  All of what went on with McCain and the Yuma County GOP happened before I took over the county and I had nothing to do with it.  I’m not McCain’s candidate and I’ve never done any more or less for his than I have for any of our other nominees.

Growing our party as county chairman was my focus, and we did that while winning races by staying out of primaries and letting the candidates and voters decide those.  Our focus was on voter registration, ID, turnout, etc. and we were successful because of it.

I hope you’ll visit my website to learn more and please let me know if you hear any other rumors or have any questions.  I had emailed Wes and asked him to send out a correction but I have not heard back from him.  It is possible it was an error, it is sadly also a possibility it was just a strategy.  In any case, now you know the truth.

Thank you for taking the time, and I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming meetings!

Jonathan Lines

P.S.  While I’m not the “McCain guy” in the race, I have been endorsed by Congressmen Biggs, Gosar, and Franks, and by a number of great conservative lawmakers at the state level and grass roots supporters .  So if my opponents want you to judge me by the company I keep, I’m all for it! [Strangely, all the same people who were coerced into endorsing Graham!
This was a comment posted here on AFA:
Connie Uribe replied to Arizona Freedom Alliance's discussion Why Are the GOPe RINOs Afraid of Jim O'Connor in the group Watching the GOP
"Jonathan Lines was guest at our Tea Party this evening and announced if elected State Chair, he would keep his post as Yuma County Chair as well. He was recently re-elected unopposed (most PCs are either family or friends) and he hand-picked his 1st Vice Chair, a guy I'd never heard of before. I tried to run against him, but accidentally got nominated for 2nd Chair (against someone I consider a friend.) After elections were over, I asked the new 1st Chair to tell us something about himself and his platform, and Jonathan tried to shut me down. He explained the guy was qualified to be 1st Vice Chair because, for one thing, he made a lot of phone calls during the last election. Just sayin"
Apparently, Wes did respond!]
Sent: Friday, January 6, 2017 8:12 AM
To: Jonathan W. Lines


First of all, I received your rebuttal to my assertions regarding the Yuma County Republican Committee and your involvement in it as it pertains to the McCain/Kyle connection in the election years 2010 & 2012.  I believe I am accurate in my claim that this was a "Shadow State GOP" office to the exclusion of the official GOP office located in Phoenix and chaired by the then duly elected State GOP chairs, Randy Pullen and Tom Morrissey.  Your claim to have raised substantial funds for the Yuma County Republican Committee included the funds misdirected to the Yuma office noted above and since the election of Robert Graham (whom I have supported) the fund raising track record in Yuma dropped precipitously now that these funds were correctly flowing into the Phoenix office.  Therefor my claim as to your involvement could be a case of "guilt by association" and if you in fact were not involved directly I withdraw that charge. If you do the math, however, you were County Chair in 2010, the year Yuma 'raised' $192,000, that from a county that I believe had at that time only 150 P.C.s which has shrunk under your tenure to around 50 today.  I rest my case! 

That being said, you have stated that since you reside in Yuma and would not be on hand every day in the Phoenix State GOP Headquarters you would be represented by what I deem to be a 'hired gun' Matthew Kenny who happens to be (on paper) in my own L.D. 20, who hails from Senator John McCain's office [and was on the AZGOP payroll in Graham's first term] and who headed the PAC that targeted conservative P.C.s throughout the state (myself being one of them) and replacing them with Proxy P.C.s.  So, again, we have a case of "guilt by association".  Your claim to not be aliened (sic) with our two Federal Senators falls on deaf ears given your choice of a highly paid Executive Director from John McCain's sphere of influence.  I will never understand why our State Party acquiesces to paying up to six figures for someone to serve the otherwise totally volunteer organization of Precinct Committeeman.  If you are not willing to devote 100% of your time to the office you are running for and be available at it's headquarters, then I suggest you get out of the race.  That is just one P.C.s opinion!

Finally, regarding your "P.S." concerning your 'endorsements' these also fall on deaf ears since it is my opinion that someone running to head our State Republican Party should never accept any endorsement from any elected 'Representative" since he or she works for and is elected by only Precinct Committeeman!  Such endorsements defeat objectivity when choosing and vetting potential candidates for public office.  Again, just one P.C.s opinion.

All the Best


P.S. My email that you take exception to was sent only to State Committeeman from L.D. 20 and not to any L.D. or county chair which your rebuttal was emailed to.

P.S.S.  Colleen, would you please see that this email is sent to the L.D. 20 State Committeeman?

Wesley W. Harris
Republican  P.C., State Committeeman, Precinct Capt'n, & MCRC Member at Large
[Editor: With guys like Lines and Chris Herring in the Republican Party, do we even need a democrat party?

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Replies to This Discussion

I wish I had this info at the Tea Party meeting last evening.

You are welcome to copy the link to this article and send it to those state committeemen or even PCs who you know.  http://arizonafreedomalliance.ning.com/group/all-things-conservativ...

Endorsements are funny things as along with them comes the records of the endorsers such as Biggs with his Amendment to SB 1469 taking Our Authority over employees at the Ed level and others as well which helps to expand Common Core and lets not forget all the state legislators who gave us PROP 123 and supported the Popular vote and voted for SB 1469 all AZ GOP Senators and as they say a picture is worth a 1,000 words so look at the federal level and read what they did and there's so much more. God Bless You; Van 

The Commies /globalist  have there spurs in deep.and there not going to go quietly.  I wish I was well enough to do something about it.


This concerns me & yet I am not able to do much about it b/c I am not in these precincts & cannot vote in them. I am also not able to get out & about b/c of personal health issues. I am not too happy with McCain or  Graham & all I can do is pass this information on to those who could 'possibly' do something about it.

The state meeting is not about precincts.  If you were elected a state committeeman, any other state committeeman in your county (I'm told even in the state but have not confirmed that) can carry your proxy if you are not physically able to attend.  But do spread the word.  Graham and McCain or not just #neverTrumpers, they are also #NeverO'Connor too.



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