The following was published in Sonoran Alliance, a website devoted to Sen. John McCain, Sen. Jeff Flake, AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham and other establishment GOP RINOs who forget there is a Republican Party platform that is supposed to be the guide for Republicans in elected office. It's clear none of these three have any respect for it.  SA is known to pander to the worst of the Republican party and you can be sure if you get a favorable article on that site, duck for cover because you have been outed, as so many have been in this presidential election season, as the pseudo Democrats they are.

We read it and yawn. "Oh, another hit piece slandering decent people! Boring."  Kidding of course, we never read it unless someone insists it has great comic value.  

So let's turn our attention to their current project: destroy Jim O'Connor, candidate for AZGOP Chairman. Take down anyone else they can in the process.  This is what they always do.  That won't work because everyone in the political arena knows they are a dishonest group of malcontents.  A current edition is fraught with all the wrong people if you take honesty and decency into account.  So let's begin... (our comments in red, for truthfulness.)

We return to the saga of duplicitous actions on the part of the wanna-be party chairman, Jim O’Connor, and his mouthpiece, Lynne Breyer, who abused their positions by rigging the election of state committeeman, manipulating proxies and illegally insuring the majority of the electorate were their supporters. Enter the other beneficiary of the hijinks, Nancy Ordowski, the illegally elected chairman of LD23. Perhaps it is she, and not Lynne, who best plays the role of Pelosi with O’Connor pulling the strings.  So, we ask ourselves, just exactly how did any of these people "rig the election."  Did they register a lot of illegals from other countries?  Put the ballots for O'Connor, Ordowski and Breyer through the counting machine multiple times like was done in MI for Hillary?  Lock the doors against all but their supporters?  Anyone get a photo of that? Call in the Democrats for special pointers on "rigging?"  

What is this all about? Remember when the Dems held the closed-door session and wouldn’t let the GOP see what was in the Obamacare bill, keeping it only among the votes they knew were theirs? In an effort to channel the Obama-Pelosi duo, Jim O’Connor and Nancy Ordowski maneuvered their own “shut-out” of elected PC’s that began when a huge number of newly elected PC’s were not notified of the nomination process, Yeah, YUGE!  We know for sure there were.... hmm, zero!  You know, there is a great way to track who got these Call letters. Shhh, don't tell the geniuses at SA!  By "not notified," they mean, these people probably didn't bother to open the Call!  Babysitting is not part of the requirement but for RINOS, they think it is for LD23 when they have a candidate running for AZGOP Chair.  Reading this article is like reading the ramblings of lunatics! then denied the ability to run. Then, according to many long-time PC’s, [names, please!] O’Connor and his minions failed to send a call letter, as defined in Arizona Revised Statute Title 16 and AZGOP Bylaws, to all eligible voters! This is beyond unethical. It is a direct violation of Arizona law. Well, that is a breathtaking allegation.  A. AZGOP Bylaws (we read them) don't even refer to district elections in any way. That's because district elections/activities are none of the AZGOP's business  B. WE wonder why they aren't going after Robert Graham since he actually did do unethical things in LD15. Hmm, accusing others of things they are doing themselves?  Wondering again if they know there is an electronic/paper trail of who got the Call letters - we know that because AFA members say they got the email letter.  By the way, anyone older than ten can read and understand state statute. Maybe that's the problem.  Maybe no one on SA has met that standard yet!

The O’Connor-Ordowski plan [that would be the famous O-O plan] reveals an effort that wouldn’t notify everyone of the right to run, limit the time frame and manner of nomination so they are shut out, fail to notice the full body of the meeting and deny proxies carried by those outside their tightly held control – between the anemic turnout and proxy count, it insures victory. That about sums it up. Obama and Pelosi would be proud.  Curious, did they limit/shut out only the ones who were not going to get the Call or did they limit everyone and what limit are they talking about? According to many attendees, the room was packed to the maximum.  And it holds about 225, more or less.  Yes, Obama and Pelosi would be proud of this piece of pure fiction that only a democrat could write. They don't think much of their reading audience if they think they are so stupid they would believe such a piece of tripe. Kinda makes O'Connor and Ordowski sound like, well, Satan, doesn't it? Oh, that diabolical pair!

The apathetic participation in LD23 left “a mere” 29% of elected PC’s to make the decision for the entire district, a suspect turnout in what has been historically a robust district giving credence to claims that the LD election was rigged to give O’Connor an advantage in the state party elections. Darn that new math!  Must be graduates of a common core education.  Let's see: There were 57% of the PCs in attendance. But that doesn't make as good a story and, really, who will do the math on that, anyway?  Besides us, of course. So here it is: 356 LD23 PCs (many of whom are McCain-recruited paper PCs, we suppose, who people we asked who are active in the district have never seen, you know, just like those in Graham's own district).... let's start over: 356 x 57%=202, the very number reported to be in attendance.  356 x 29%=103, well short of the actual reported sign-ins. 57%, see, is more than 29%, about double, actually.  The Credentials Chairman told us that is slightly higher than usual for most districts, unless you use the Graham method: haul in all those paper proxies who never show up otherwise.  Oops!  SA just revealed the true reason they are trying to destroy O'Connor!  It's about "STATE PARTY ELECTIONS."  The one that Graham is desperate to control!  AHA! That O'Connor and Ordowski are busted! They sent the same Call letter and gave the same ballot to all.  Those rascals!  See Reply-to-Robert-Graham-12152016.pdf  

The evidence of the illegally held meeting is enough that AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham has ordered a “do-over” of the meeting or he will utilize the ILlegal option of seating a new group of state committeemen from LD23.  Chuckle, the silly season is in full swing at SA. Someone please read the state statute to these poor souls.  Statute gives AZGOP NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to order any district to do anything. NONE!  Statute is written in very simple language almost anyone can read and understand.  We posted that already but you can find it here: Arizona Revised Statutes Scroll to Article 16, Sections 16-821 through 16-828. This is just Graham being Graham, erroneously thinking he has some big-time rights that he does not possess.  We hear he's so upset that he was never even on the LONG list for RNC Chair, (which he spent two years and thousands of AZGOP dollars lobbying around the country to get for himself) that he has gone, you know, 'round the bend!  Boo hoo.

Well, you get the idea of how this silly little article plays out without a shred documenting evidence or  link or attachment.... ALL links are ours!  Who, reading this [or really,who reads SA?], doesn't know that it's a franchise owned in full by the McCain cabal?  So anytime you want a good belly laugh, go right on over there to read their latest bit of transference propaganda.  By the way, reports from inside at that site are that they continue to be #NeverTrump.  McCain, you know, along with the other democrats, hates Trump. When will ambitious republicans grow up and act sort of like adults?

Here's the link: (you can scroll through and see some of the other RINOs mentioned on the site to store in your memory bank.)  Be prepared to take a long hot shower when you're done!

Here is a revealing version of this saga: Arizona Daily Independent  and here, again in ADI.  Obviously, ADI did real research on this manufactured "story" just as we did!  But then, neither ADI nor AFA are trying to destroy anyone for the sin of running for AZGOP Chairman as a genuine conservative.  You will love the cartoon at the top of the first article.


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Makes one pause to think of all the other states which have similar situations.  Are they going through this malarkey, too?

Sonoran Alliance is a McCain Rag and has been for some time now, so don't expect to get any favorable messages from them, however hoping more and more figure this out like CNN. Jim O'Connor I do believe will be a Fair and Just GOP State Chair and will listen to the people even if he may not agree with them at all levels, nothing more should be expected than being Fair.  God Bless You All; Van 

IMHO, it's because of control and power and money. I think there is something hidden that the establishment RINOs don't want revealed. Suspect it is in the money.  People who actually care about our Republic could never vote for anyone but O'Connor if only because the McCain folks are trying so hard to tear him down.  I looked at the scroll so here is what I think:

For county officers:  DO NOT VOTE for Chris Herring or Yvonne Cahill. Both are highlighted on that site.  All the stupid so called 'endorsements' are just a sham from sham legislators. Embarrassing.

Jaspergoat, I'm in total agreement with you. Like they say, "Money is the root of all evil." IMHO these ploys & all these tricks have gone on too long. Jim O'Connor is the one person that we can rely on & should get the vote.. I'm not in the position to vote & yet if I were, he would get my vote & certainly would get my endorsement for what it's worth. I also enjoyed the cartoon-certainly showed the state things are in in this state.  Oh, btw,did you see where Jeff Flake is supporting  Diane Feinstein regarding Obama's thoughts on amnesty? Isn't Flake up again in 2018-something to think about, that's for sure.

Well, my reply I guess isn't worth anything. Not sure, but I am now told that I need to add a reply-even though I have already done this. Jaspergoat, I agree with you 100%! Like they say, 'money is the root of all evil' & it certainly seems to be playing a part in our state & government. I am not in the position to give Jim O'Connor my vote. If I were able to do so, he would get my vote. For what it's worth, IMHO, he is the best person for this position.Don't know if you saw it or not, but just the other day I read where Jeff Flake was joining up with Diane Feinstein to back BHO's views on amnesty. Guess his "other half" aka McShame was too busy getting involved in what was going on in this state. Not that what Flake & Feinstein will be able to do much once after 1/20/17'; however, it's good to keep in mind what this person was up to when people were  not paying attention. I believe he's up for re-election in 2018 if it matters; which I feel it does. Do keep this mind that many would like to have at least one senator that they could have faith in. When I'm asked to contact my senator about something, I usually figure, 'why bother?' And if I do, either I cannot leave a message for them when I call b/c their voice mailbox is full or if I write I receive a letter back that does not pertain to what I had written to them about. To me it has gotten very frustrating to get hold of either of these two men. Yes, Jaspergoat, the cartoon was funny. My computer came back with a message that I should be careful of the content of the cartoon b/c it could be a risky website. I had no intentions on forwarding it to anyone, so I just forgot about it until you mentioned it.

The Love of Money is the Root of Evil, as is the Love of Power, etc. it's the desire to have it at any cost that determines behavior, as so many will do whatever it takes to get and therefore they can't be trusted which is what is basically wrong with the SWAMP Managers. God Bless You All; Van 

Fell over laughing at the cartoon with OConnor, Graham and McCain.  Hilarious.

Graham really has no legal authority to overturn the State Committeemen election in LD23, but that doesn't matter to him.  He thinks he can "JUST DO IT."  What is even more hysterical is how he figured he would pick the replacements. Per the "grapevine," (more reliable than SA) he suggested just placing the names in a hat, shaking it up real good and picking out names.  How novel. This is AzGOP Chairman genius at its best, don'tcha think?

Yeah, like a raffle for a cheap hat. That's the ticket. He's a crook in the vein of Obama.  No concern for the elected state committeemen who just showed up, voted and either got elected or didn't.  I noticed that Gayla Coletta on SA is that same person on this site who was such a bomb thrower, said despicable things about Trump and had a love affair in her head with that lyin' Ted.  Not surprised about her.  Mouthing Graham's letter despite what the LD23 letter said and documented in the law.

Jonathan Lines was guest at our Tea Party this evening and announced if elected State Chair, he would keep his post as Yuma County Chair as well. He was recently re-elected unopposed (most PCs are either family or friends) and he hand-picked his 1st Vice Chair, a guy I'd never heard of before. I tried to run against him, but accidentally got nominated for 2nd Chair (against someone I consider a friend.) After elections were over, I asked the new 1st Chair to tell us something about himself and his platform, and Jonathan tried to shut me down. He explained the guy was qualified to be 1st Vice Chair because, for one thing, he made a lot of phone calls during the last election. Just sayin'.

Thank you for that post, Connie.  Your district joins 8 others that have been co-opted by Lines/Graham/McCain.  Congratulations!  Interesting info that Lines plans to retain his county chairmanship. That's a lot of activity for a man with a business to run.  I understand Matt Kenney will really be running the AZGOP if Lines is elected.



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