[Editor:  Republicans come in many stripes.  Some were rabid Carson supporters. Some were rabid Cruz supporters. Some were anyone but Trump supporters. Many were Trump supporters.  This last category of folks will not be happy with this video.  Chris was, maybe still is (hope not), a Cruz supporter.  OK with us. BUT, the rabid Carson supporters got immediately on board with Trump. Many Cruz supporters are still rabid #NeverTrump/anyone but Trump.  Too bad for the country and shows questionable judgement!]

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Clearly this guy doesn't have the vision to read the tea leaves right at the bottom of the political cup that all the rest of us read quickly. That could be bc he's a Cruz person. Most Cruz people are good with Trump now but there are a few who just can't get rid of the hate.  NOT AMERICA FIRST!

I agree with you :D

Sounds like the entire Maricopa country board went to the McCain cabal today. This is one reason I am no longer a PC. I thought PC were smart enough to vote conservative but guess not.

This video was obviously made during the primary election cycle. So just how is it applicable  now?

In my opinion, Jim O'Connor is a proven leader and the best conservative choice to lead our party in the direction our State and Nation needs to go.

Thank you Ed.

I have no problems with Jim O'Connor as state Chairman. But not sure how that applies to Mr. Herring running for County Chairman?

That's an easy question to answer.  Graham/McCain handpicked this guy. Why? because they must control the largest county in the state and the state office so they can get Flake elected in two years.  I've been reading the drama of Graham trying to steal the LD23 election as he stole from 4-7 district elections to own the state com. What you are seeing in front of your eyes is a Soros/obama attempt to control the az  party through Graham/McCain.  No PC should stand for this and if they don't get up and defend O'Connor to the whole body, Graham will steal the chairman again like he did in the last election. Makes me wish I was still a PC or it makes me sick to see what Graham is doing.  And for the cowardly PCs to sit and watch if that is what they do.


Unless I am totally mistaken, and that is certainly a possibility, Mr. O'Connor is running for State Chairman while Tristan Manos and Chris Herring are competing for County Chairman. Now, it is certainly possible the Soros, Obama, Graham and McCain selected and are supporting Mr. Herring for County Chairman. I would be helpful for everyone voting on the matter next Saturday if you would provide some link to the source of your allegations. If you do not have hard sources perhaps you should just state that those allegations are just your opinion and not try to raise them to the level of actual proven facts.

You, Archie, are right about who the candidates are. Surely you don't need an education on Soros and the depth of his involvement in AZ politics now.  If you do, there is not enough space here to adequately cover that. I doubt you are new to the political structure so you know the bad guys rarely leave their fingerprints in full view. So I rely on extensive personal research and the ability to interweave that information into a rational narrative. I'm a rational thinker. When the bad guys start to post what their intent, plan and actions are, I'll let you know.  Until then, I will continue my research and use my common sense.



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