[Editor: This sheds tremendous light on just what Robert Graham is up to and just how ridiculous this witch hunt is. He has nothing but a desperate desire for his hand picked candidate get elected AZGOP chair by nefarious means.  No question McCain is involved in this. Graham doesn't breathe without consulting McCain.]

On December 1, 2016 – LD23 held their Organization Meeting and elected their Officers and State Committeemen.

On December 6, 2016 – AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham sent a letter to LD and County Chairs, stating they had been receiving complaints.  (A little late for LDs as State Statue said the meetings had to be held between November 19 and December 3.)

On December 9, 2016 – Chairman O'Connor and Ordowski received letter from Robert stating that he had received dozens of complaints, and we were to hold another election.

On December 15, 2016 – I emailed and USPS mailed a 5 page answer stating why it was unlawful to hold another meeting.  (All of Robert's communications have come through e-mail, even though he states we are not to use e-mail.)  

On December 19, 2016 – Robert mailed (USPS) to all of LD23 PCs a letter asking them to submit complaints and request another election.

On December 22, 2016 – I mailed my letter to Robert by certified mail, only then did I get any response.

On December 29, 2016 – We met with Robert, Tim Sifert and his lawyer, our lawyers, Tim Horn and myself were present.  We were told they had received more than 40 complaints, but they had nothing in writing to inform us of the complaints.

Between December 22 and 27 we received 9 e-mails requesting we hold another meeting.

After our meeting at AZGOP on 12/29 we received 7 more requests for another meeting.  These were dated from 12/29 – 12/30.  Two were even sent while we were still in our meeting.

On January 3, 2017 the same people from LD23 and AZGOP met.  We asked for all of the complaints, still no information supplied by Robert.  On 1/3/17 we received 5 more requests to hold another meeting.  At that meeting Robert's team agreed to create a list of guidelines to help Districts and Counties for future organization meetings.  Goal to not create these challenges in the future.

By January 6, 2017 – A second deadline was set and we were to receive the proposed guidelines and the 40 or more complaints they said they had received.  Our attorney contacted them daily for information and as of today January 9, we have had no reply.

From the 24 requests we received by email, only 4 people did not take advantage to attend the meeting on December 1 and vote in person or by proxy.  Our 1st Vice Chair called all of the 24, 17 spoke with him and had no real complaint, the others didn't return his call.

It is our opinion that none of these requests for another meeting were made until after Mr. Graham sent out the request for a new meeting on December 19, 2016.

Why does he want to disenfranchise our duly elected State Committeemen?

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Very very sad indeed.  It is my opinion that McCain has put the bee on Graham in no uncertain terms to get it done. Whatever that bee is it's powerful and in a way I feel sorry for Graham, who unless I am wrong, had high conservative goals at the very beginning of his term  until McCain got a hold of him.   I know the GOP can't get money unless they cow-tow to McCain...and that's what it's all about and most likely a few other things.   I wish LD 23 the very best..hopefully their PC's will remain faithful to their leader.  God Bless Arizona. 

Oh Glory, you are mistaken about Graham from the beginning. AFA ran countless stories that were well documented in 2012 about who Graham really is and always has been. He ran for chair in 2011 but lost badly because of his McCain connections. Voters have short memories and by 2013, they had forgotten who he is and were swayed by his slick personality.  Do not be fooled.

You are wrong about the money issue.  Jim O'Connor spent his entire work life raising private money and he won't sell out to McCain to do it!

Thank you AFA for this information.  If Mr. O'Conner is able to raise the kind of money that is needed from private conservative sources it's no wonder they do not want him elected.  There is great power against getting the truth out about him and the other candidates.  I pray for his election.  

We have a swamp in Washington D.C.  Now we are learning the swamp has gone West and the Arizona state republican is a swamp infested with alligators from Washington D.C. as well as a few home grown crocodiles.  Vey sad.

There are 3 candidates running for AZGOP chair.  That is one too many as the 2 potential candidates to reform the state party will split enough of the vote and the McCain cartel led by Robert Graham will see victory for their designated one.

VERY very sad,

What I see in the workings of the MCRC, AZGOP and a few county GOP committees is in one word APATHY.  The cause maybe due to old age or a lack of communications of the problem(s).

Now that is real really very very very SAD indeed!

Make no mistake, Bruce.  Frank Thorwald was also recruited by Graham and has said if he were to drop out, he would endorse Graham or Graham's pick.  There is only ONE man of the people running and that is O'Connor.   Victory comes to the person who gets the most votes. Vote for O'Connor. Period.  

There is a very intelligent, creative thinker and dedicated candidate running for MCRC Chair: Tristan Manos.  Not sold out to anyone but the PCs.  He needs votes to win.  He will serve us well if he can get elected.

To see this all laid out as you did is PROOF that Graham is doing just what the Demon-crats would do ... that is, to institute the "seriousness of the charge" to make it appear to be a "truth". We all know this is bull-hockey and that puck of disrespect toward all PC's should be duly noted with a resounding DEFEAT of Robert Graham and the cronies of Flake and McCain. Do I hear of another state party censure? I hope so. 

Go get'um Jim O'Connor ... Information is dangerous to those who want to enslave you !!

Graham's first pick for Chairman was Frank Thorwald but he turned out not to be able to attract many PCs. So he went to Jonathan Lines.  We have interviewed people in Lines Yuma Chapter and will be doing a full article on him next week.  Lines is a long time supporter of McCain, Flake and Kyl.  

What will AG Jeff Sessions DOJ do with what is found on the PUBLIC RECORD, regarding Graham? Answer: ENFORCE THE LAW!

Brad; Now that would really be refreshing!  Law & order reestablished in our country.  Might be nice to start in Arizona!



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