Yesterday, the Statutory Meeting of AZGOP took place in Phoenix.  The primary purpose was to elect a new Chairman.  Along with that, the two other officers who are also statutory officers - required by state statute - were elected.

We can say, WHEW!  Glad that is over!  Or is it?

First we offer our congratulations to Treasurer candidate Robert Lettieri who survived a run off against Eric Morgan. Eric started his commentary saying he was not going anywhere, indicating that there was some reason for people to think he was.  We had two AFA team members present with him when he said the reason he was not going to run for MCRC chair was because he was moving out of state "in a couple of months."  Others told us the same thing so is there any wonder people might think he was moving?  Some told us he said he could handle the treasurer's job from his future re-location!  Does anyone tell the truth anymore?

But back to Lettieri.  His remarks during his time to speak were eye opening to most.  He just laid it out: the AZGOP is in trouble and he did an analysis based on campaign finance reports. Lettieri is a numbers guy, spent his work life working with finance and making the numbers work.  He will be a terrific asset to AZGOP.  Some of you remember when we did our own analysis and here is a link to the summary page: 

We are hoping that Lettieri will be able to sort through the web of receipts and expenses of ALL accounts to find out where this really stands.

We also offer our congratulations to Gabby Mercer for her win of the Secretary's position.  As Secretary, Mercer should be given all of the records from the time of Robert Graham. That could make for some interesting reading.  What is not there might be of interest, also.  Gabby's remarks were pointed and on target as she called out the misdeeds that have been going on in the AZGOP for the past four years.  Gabby has been the 2nd Vice Chair for the past two years and says she has not once been called to a Board meeting.

Now to the big one, the Chairman's race.  Jonathan Lines walked away with the prize.  O'Connor came up 34 votes short.  It happens.  The odd thing - with Robert Graham, there is always an "odd thing"- is that the total votes in that race was 36 fewer than there was in the down ballot race of treasurer and secretary.  Folks, the point of the meeting and the focus for the past six months has been the Chairman's race.  Those in attendance came there early in the morning until four in the afternoon to elect a Chairman.  Is it reasonable to think 45 people didn't care enough to vote?

We smell a rat and it smells just like John McCain!

We may have more on this as team AFA analyzes the information we have collected or more info comes in.


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I agree that having an honest treasurer could be the undoing of Graham but he probably burned the evidence by now.  Your point about the voting is valid. Only 596+562 = 1158 voted for chairman a difference of 34 votes. There were 1194 reported there in person or proxy. It's just too strange that 36 people went there to vote for chairman and then didn't bother to vote for chairman. I smell the same rat. It's rare that down ballot races are not under voted. Many people just don't know one from the other.

Surely all the ballots were saved to provide an audit trail to include some cross-check that all the submitted ballots are still accounted for.  Are there control numbers on the ballots to at least show whose votes were counted?  Then the other 35-40 people could testify they did in fact vote, even though their ballots were not retained in the final group.  This would definitively expose any alleged chicanery.

Electronic balloting.  That is what must be reviewed and cross checked.

The McCain-Flake-Graham camp seems to be unstoppable.  Very disheartening.  This will make it that much harder to defeat Flake in his upcoming GOP primary contest.

The endorsements of Elected officials many of which also supported the Popular Vote & Prop 123 may tell the story as well, far to many PCs who never go to anything but hand over their votes to others are a problem and have been for yrs. now along with those who just want power over others, guess for me the biggest disappointment in this whole thing was to see the my Rep. in LD 22 who supported Trump endorse Lines but then guess no real surprise when you closely examine the connection to McCain as well. God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 
PS: As they say when good people don't do the research we end up with bad results. 

How about those wearing the Lines/Ward stickers? Dewit & Gosar big disappointment and Ward didn't do herself any favors by not standing up against Lines. Looks like they are all in the cabal together. Quite disheartening to say the least. 

DeWit enthusiastically endorsed Graham 2 yrs ago and Lines this time. He's a Trump fan but maybe he is really just an opportunist.  Ward? Well, I knew what she was before she filed to run against McCain. It doesn't take much effort to look at her Senate record!  Of course they are all in it together.

Dewitt, Lovas etc. if they support those who we don't then recommend you don't support any of them in the future, some lessons at times are hard learned but once learned never forgotten.

I say we ask for an investigation by the justice department into the vote fraud even within the Party. Just because it is done within the party doesn't mean it should not be above boards with a system for easily verifiable results. I can not see how we can accept the results without simply taking Graham's, and those involved, word for it. It isn't like he has no dog in the race as we have seen he has no qualms about integrity as long as he and his guy get what they want. How can they prove, to us, the results were not "cooked"?

Unfortunately don't believe this can be done by the new administration and for most the real problem is the Proxies of PCs who don't attend regular meetings, I recommend it be done at each LD as they I believe are basically self governing and set rules for themselves as LD 23 changed their by laws to enable them to Endorse a Candidate in the Primary and support them.  I'm not positive that LDs can change who's allowed to run for State Committeeman without by law changes at State Level but would be an interesting issue to research by any interested and make it so only Active PCs who attend at least 75% of all meetings be allowed to run for State Committeeman and if nothing else is accomplished might actually be able to Educate some who just hand over their Proxies not realizing every vote does count, just think if Jim would have pulled 18 votes from Lines he'd be the New Chairman.
God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

State statute says proxies are allowed.  This statute needs to be changed.

John, you are right on target.  Before the meeting was adjourned, a team of people demanded to see the printouts of the results and they found several anomalies and suspicious entries.  They mounted a formal challenge that will take place as soon as possible, hopefully starting today.  AFA believes people who were invited to the meeting by Graham who were not state committeemen voted and that there was an issue with credentials for people who showed up after credentials was closed.  There are other things that we are not privy to but we do believe this will not go unchallenged.



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