Everyone in Arizona who is in close touch with Republican politics knows that former AZGOP Chair Robert Graham engaged in deliberate and malicious attempts to rob LD23 of their duly elected State Committeemen. Working with a group of LD23 quislings (with apologies to normal quislings because these were particularly vicious quislings, all because one of them failed to get elected as a State Committeeman in LD23), he set about forcing LD23 to stand toe-to-toe to stare him down!

The new rumble has nothing to do with that incident nor anything to do with the LD23 Republican Committee (breathe a sigh of relief). No, this rumble is being created by a former state Representative, Adam Kwasman, a precinct committeeman in LD23, technically at least. He is thinking of running for state Senate against already announced and very popular Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita. We wondered why he would do that. So we took a look.  Why would someone relatively new to the district, and even the county, decide to run against a well-liked legislator in his own party?  Republicans do have a habit of eating their own sometimes!

Kwasman's twitter account shows he “detests” Donald Trump, fellow Republican and now President of the United States. He also thinks Trump is “dangerous.” Note the dates. One is well after Trump was the President-Elect.

Kwasman recent tweets:

And this one:

Thank you, Adam, for your instructions to the President-elect (of 21 days) of the United States of America.  So you don't have to ask, yes, he is a Cruz-er. In our view, these two tweets alone disqualify him to be representing LD23 as anything more than the janitor at the bus station, so little judgement does he show in these tweets. Why is it necessary to destroy our own party members?  Isn't it enough just to support your own choice in the primary?  But that is just our opinion based on a body of tweets that we have seen. You may have a different opinion.

We decided to find out what kind of precinct committeeman he's been. Maybe that would change our opinion. We talked to the precinct captain in his precinct. “How has Mr. Kwasman been as a PC?” we asked. “Has he been very engaged with voters, other PCs, attending all the meetings, you know, doing what PCs are supposed to do?”

Here's what we were told:

Adam Kwasman occasionally attends district meetings, but I have only seen him once since he was elected. When we were all working to get out the vote in the primary and general, he refused to put out flyers on his own street – one block long – or the next street. I guage it was about 20-25 flyers, couldn't have taken more than 15 minutes. Others in the precinct had distributed 100's. But Adam said he was “too busy.”” Well, we said, people do get busy. What else can you tell us about his participation? The Captain tried to get him to declare whether he was going to attend a voting meeting in the district or if he would be giving someone a proxy. Crickets, after several calls. No response at all. The Captain accepts email, phone message and text but got nothing.  Kwasman did not send a proxy and did not attend to vote!  That doesn't bode well for his interest in the activities of the district for which he would serve!

For someone who wants to get elected to a taxpayer paid job, these are not very good qualities. We asked another PC in the district if LD23 PCs are crying for new representation in the state Senate since Sen. Kavanagh has filed for the House of Representatives, leaving no incumbent in that Senate race. Nope, PCs in LD23 seem very happy with Michelle Ugenti-Rita. She has a habit of returning phone calls and answering questions from her constituents. Refreshing!

This may turn out to be a race to watch if Kwasman gets in. We will be watching it, too. LD23 is THE largest district in Arizona, has been reliably conservative.  

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I remember when Kwasman was running for some other office. I think it was for Congress from CD1. I was at a meeting. I remember thinking "is this guy serious?" because he seemed so immature.

I love AFA. Where else would we learn this information? I hope more AFA members will follow this lead and report their knowledge of potential candidates.

When I hear these things about someone, I question many of them. Police work taught me that there is always at least two sides to every story, many times more.  It's never good idea to be satisfied with 'he said she said...' no matter how good the source.

I don't make all the meetings, mostly because of health issues, but I don't tell everyone why.  I don't post it on Facebook or other media.  I did refuse to carry fliers for such persons as McCain.  I don't care what the Republican party wants, I'm not spending my time endorsing candidates that we censure and they tell us where to go.   Especially if I don't feel they are representing me.

We've had many candidates that have run, gone nowhere. The sounds like another one. Nothings happening yet and probably won't with his credentials.

Maybe if he gets in, it proves Trump right, ' the system is rigged.' :)

I do not live in LD 23 but I wish I did--

Michelle U-R has a wonderful history working on legislation that helps all Arizonans not just special interest groups!  She is at the top of the list of Politicians who are truly REPRESENTATIVES of the People---not an elected official like most!!

Love that headline! I was in that district a few years ago. Those quislings are awful and maybe Kwasman is one of those under the radar. My buds are very happy that Michelle Ugenti is going to run for Senate. They will work for her, me too, bc there is no one to support in LD15. Kwasman is P___ing up a rope. Coincidentally, I helped my buds put out those flyers. They were very simple - a request to vote only for conservatives in every competitive race. Natch, McCain was no where in sight. They were very well done, called yellow tickets or green tickets or something. I forget exactly. I was proud to be able to help put them out in favor of those proven conservatives, the ones who will listen to us. If Kwasman won't even respond to his precinct captain - yes/no/I've got it covered (how hard is it to text that? and then not show up?) how can he represent an entire district?

Look what I found re: Kwasman. This is damning against any kind of "good judgement" he shows: (he he he) http://www.azcentral.com/story/brahm-resnik/2014/07/15/arizona-poli...



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