[Editor: We warned you about Mathew Kenney before the AZGOP Statutory Meeting. He's a McCain toady and worked for McCain AND Robert Graham to recruit Vietnamese residents, some who did not speak English, to purge conservatives out of LD30 in 2012.  We have known about Kenney since 2012 and have incriminating evidence against him. We will put that out later!  McCain's happiest moments are when he learns a conservative has been swept away!]

By Timothy Schwartz

Today is 4/12/2017. Today, those of us who love freedom and want to protect the voice of 'WE THE PEOPLE', lost. And we lost BIG LEAGUE.
AZ Republican Chairman Lines announced his leadership pick to run the Party business: Matthew Kenney. Lines heaped lots of praise on Kenney. A fair assessment? Not everyone agrees, and for good reason!
Some of us have a far different story to tell. If you believe in a free society, stand against broken Washington Rinos and 'establishment control', then Matthew Kenney is not your guy.
Just a few of the highlights: 
Until today, Kenney worked for Kory Langhofer. Kory is the thug lawyer that threatens conservatives with bogus lawsuits in the attempt to silence us. He's the very same laughable lawyer that met with us at AZGOP when we attempted to get party records for our newly elected Secretary and Treasurer. He improperly denied us the records! 
I've had over 3 years personal experience with him in LD30, it's been extensive. He's a very dishonest person. And, that's where Matthew Kenney has been working, for Kory Langhofer.
Three years ago Kenney was working for Robert Graham at headquarters, while being on the sham payroll for McCain's heinous Super PAC. I say heinous, because against federal regulations, Arizona Grassroots PAC had a hidden website not accessible to the public. Even with Arizona in its name, this sham organization is actually located in Alexandria Virginia (Washington DC area) far removed from Arizona.
I and several others uncovered it, forced it to go public, exposed their corrupt donors list and recipients list. Matthew Kenney was on the recipient list. The stated/unstated mission of Arizona Grassroots PAC was to destroy the tea party element of the Republican leadership here in Arizona that fought for Republican principles and the Party platform. One of Kenney's duties was to sign up Vietnamese PCs. His signature was attached to every one of their appointments. A very large number of them did not even speak English, yet they were leaders in the Republican party! There were special meetings and dinners which I uncovered that were set up to enroll large numbers of people to replace long standing Constitutional Conservatives. Along with many others, I was targeted to be on their hit list. McCain was angry that the Party had voted for him to uphold the Party platform, which he was unwilling to do, hence he was gonna force us out of our positions with donor money from out-of-State donors, many of them Demoncrats!! Arrogantly, McCain operatives were even quoted in a Politico article boasting of their success. With Matthew Kenney as one of the hired operatives, McCain's team made deep cuts within our established leadership of patriots. Not the guy I want running the business of the Party I love.
There's so much more, but you get the idea. I fully expect that I'll get another Langhofer bluff lawsuit threat, but I've saved all the proof! Even after multiple hacking attempts, I've created many off-site backups. So, I welcome the misguided attempts to discredit me with more spin stories. Remember, proof is proof.
Finally, please dismiss Jonathan Lines narrative that he's chosen a stellar representative to run the operations at party headquarters.
If his past 3 year track record tells us anything, we should all be frightened that Kenney is running our party operations! I am. And I'm speaking out. Will you join me in speaking out?
There's a whole lot of power in a large collective voice. 

[Editor: Truth to tell, AZGOP Chair Lines has packed his office with rabid, near Democrat pseudo Republicans tied to or slobbering over McCain, hoping for the big payoff. Mathew Kenney is just the latest! MCRC, or as Chairman Herring prefers likes to call it, MRC in yet another name change, and his entire board and all appointees fall into this category, too. You will hear more about this shortly.

This article was written unsolicited by Timothy Schwartz and is his 1st Amendment opinion and not necessarily the opinion of AFA.  We report, you decide. ]

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Excellent reminder of the evils of John McCain. If I remember correctly, rumors of Kenney running the AZGOP have been rampant for months, and uniformly denied. Jonathan Lines was simply the vehicle to get Kenney in place.

Some one has to do this & I'm sure it has not been easy but I for one am grateful for the information.  Since I don't live in Maricopa County, all I can do is pray for those of you who do!I left that county  30 years ago but still have contacts there, ergo my interest.

Dear God:  please take John McCain out of the way.  We don't ask for death, just to be taken out of the way so America can return to its roots and foundation.

  Mr. Schwartz:

In writing you said:  "Not the guy I want running the business of the Party I love." With all due respect I ask: why is it you love the Republican Party? Hasn't it as well as the Democratic Party supported America's march into Communism? If you will take the time to do a comparative analysis of the Communist Manifesto and the way in which we are now governed I think you will find that Communism is alive and well in America. And should there be any doubt in your mind over whether or not your city council representative or county supervisor is a communist sympathizer just ask her/him to sign off on the appropriate resolution at http://thecnc.org/Documents/CityResolution.htm or http://thecnc.org/Documents/CountyResolution.htm.

Since 1913, both major parties have consistently supported our current monetary policy that is called for by the 5th plank of the Manifesto. This holds true for all of our state as well as federal officials.



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