Once again, the proxies seemed to carry the day.  Below you will see a chart of the attendance of those in person and by proxy.  You will see that in several districts that Graham and/or McCain meddled in during the Aug 30 elections of PCs and in their Organizational meeting carried a lot of proxies.  Those are indicated in the chart below.  Remember the Chairman's race had a margin of only 32 votes.  We believe the fix was in based on the facts we currently have.

The same thing happened in the Maricopa County Republican Committee elections on January 14 - the proxies determined the outcome of the elections.  Candidates were elected by people who did not show up to vote.  118 people showed up with 188 proxies.  How much clearer can it get?

PLEASE DOWNLOAD the proxy form at the link at the end of this paragraph and sign it to be added to those needed to address this issue with the state legislature.  There is a good probably that a bill will be run this coming session and it's important to show our legislators that the people want an honestly run AZGOP.  [LINK]

AZGOP Statutory Meeting January 28, 2017 Stats
County/ Legislative District Number of SCs Attending in person or by Proxy Number of SCs Attending In Person % of Total SCs Attending in Person Number of SCs Attending By Proxy % of Attendees by Proxy Avg no of proxies carried by person
Apache 0 1 0.00% 1 100.00% N/A
Cochise 14 9 64.29% 5 35.71% 0.56
Coconino 12 10 83.33% 2 16.67% 0.20
Gila 21 19 90.48% 2 9.52% 0.11
Graham 25 5 20.00% 20 80.00% 4.00
Greenlee 0 0 0.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
LaPaz 2 2 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Maricopa/LD1 30 19 63.33% 11 36.67% 0.58
Maricopa/LD4 5 5 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Maricopa/LD12 86 48 55.81% 38 44.19% 0.79
Maricopa/LD13** 35 9 25.71% 26 74.29% 2.89
Maricopa/LD15** 55 34 61.82% 21 38.18% 0.62
Maricopa/LD16 28 19 67.86% 9 32.14% 0.47
Maricopa/LD17** 78 39 50.00% 39 50.00% 1.00
Maricopa/LD18 61 46 75.41% 15 24.59% 0.33
Maricopa/LD19** 11 3 27.27% 8 72.73% 2.67
Maricopa/LD20 32 29 90.63% 3 9.38% 0.10
Maricopa/LD21 26 20 76.92% 6 23.08% 0.30
Maricopa/LD22 48 45 93.75% 3 6.25% 0.07
Maricopa/LD23** 117 81 69.23% 36 30.77% 0.44
Maricopa/LD24** 30 15 50.00% 15 50.00% 1.00
Maricopa/LD25 75 51 68.00% 24 32.00% 0.47
Maricopa/LD26 18 15 83.33% 3 16.67% 0.20
Maricopa/LD27 8 8 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Maricopa/LD28** 107 44 41.12% 63 58.88% 1.43
Maricopa/LD29 9 9 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Maricopa/LD30 24 23 95.83% 1 4.17% 0.04
Maricopa/At Lrg^ 3 2 66.67% 1 33.33% 0.50
Mojave 29 16 55.17% 13 44.83% 0.81
Navajo 7 6 85.71% 1 14.29% 0.17
Pima/LD2 13 11 84.62% 2 15.38% 0.18
Pima/LD3 4 4 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Pima/LD4 1 1 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Pima/LD9 17 17 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Pima/LD10 25 22 88.00% 3 12.00% 0.14
Pima/LD11 11 8 72.73% 3 27.27% 0.38
Pima/LD14 2 1 50.00% 1 50.00% 1.00
Pinal 43 35 81.40% 8 18.60% 0.23
Santa Cruz 4 3 75.00% 1 25.00% 0.33
Yavapai 60 42 70.00% 18 30.00% 0.43
Yuma** 17 9 52.94% 8 47.06% 0.89
Totals 1194 784 65.66% 410 34.34% 0.52

**Graham is reported by PCs in that district to have interfered with their election

^There is no such thing as At Large State Committeemen

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It would seem to me that our Proxy system needs to be amended. It should be pointed out that the granting of a proxy creates a legal relationship between the person granting the proxy and the person to whom the proxy is given. The person giving the proxy is the Principal and the one receiving the Proxy is the Agent. An Agent cannot pass that proxy on to a third party to vote unless specifically provided for in the written Proxy itself. At the County meeting, Proxies were being passed around like candy for anyone to vote them. That violates the Principal/Agent law and should render those votes void.  At the State meeting, I was able to witness a person walk up to the credentials table with a blank proxy, fill it out at the credentials table and have it notarized at the table. That raises some questions. You cannot give someone your proxy to vote if you are present at the meeting and capable of voting in person. You cannot fill out a proxy from someone  else to yourself because the signature of the person purportedly giving the Proxy cannot be verified or even acknowledged by witnesses. We are troubled by voter fraud in our primary and general elections, yet we or our leaders condone the same voter fraud in our internal elections. It is long past time when must address the voter fraud in our party elections.

EXCELLENT points ... "if you notice something, then SAY something". You just did in so many ways. Our Federalism is under attack by the evil spiritual forces that are out to destroy our nation. They are the "religion" of the left !!!

Mr. Dicksion, you are quite right in all that you say.  It does make one wonder what else happened that was out of order at that meeting.  Thank you, sir, for your diligence in observing that, as it supports the case for fraud even at this level.

Our opponents following the rules does not constitute fraud.  Our not filling the available slots - two thirds of which are empty - is the problem.

Yes Archie, no proxies at all is the only right answer. And for that matter we also need to forbid ballot transfers during the meetings. Empty suits credential in for meeting then immediately hand off their ballots (not proxies) to another prearranged person to leverage a vote. Same principle at work. Cheaters will cheat; that's who they are and that's what they do.

Archie, Do the work and fill the slots.  All of the perceived proxy issues go away.  Also, remember that a good number of proxies were grass roots conservative proxies.To give the impression that all proxies were in the hands of the establishment is disingenuous.

The question is, will we just talk about it or will we collectively take or at least try to take  some action to correct the problem?

We posted this on in over 20 places including AFA and already had over 2,000 views and all positive now time to find a True Constitutional AZ Citizens to run.

AZ Now U Must Decide on US Senate!

Sen. Jeff Flake just announced on the Floor of the US Senate he'd not seek re-election in 2018, so now the question for all of us is who will we Support & Vote 4? I for the most part have stayed silent on this subject and only hope that those who have the Spirit of Freedom burning within them will now step up and run for this Office or I'm certain the GOP Elite already have a replacement in Line to take Sen. Flakes place. 
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk


The country's entire political system is based on one person - one vote.  Now I know the argument is that a proxy is a vote and that many in the rural areas of our state can't for whatever reason get to the meetings, so they therefore express their vote by proxy.  The problem with that is that the person who they hand their proxy to gets to have more than the one vote ( in a lot of cases MANY more) he or she is allowed.  That is a fact and facts are such stubborn things.  Am I wrong???

First, I believe this proxy bill still allows 1 or 2 proxies per person which is still a lot when you consider it. But what sticks in my mind is that the democrats, who have almost as many voters as the republicans and so would have a considerable number of state committeemen had only 13 proxies at their state meeting this year.  Are we to believe none of them live in outlying counties?  Becoming a state committeeman is a choice PCs make to run so don't run if getting to one meeting a year is too much for you.  Even if it is one proxy per person, that still means half the vote could be by people voting by proxy, enough to change the outcome and those pieces of paper never hear a campaign speech and I can tell you, there have been times when people do wait to hear those speeches.  I sat next to a new SC the last time I went to a meeting. He listened to every speech and then he would vote for that race. And on through the entire ballot. Proxies rob candidates of votes. Period.

The D's tamp down PC positions to those the leadership fills.  They don't have proxies because they do not have an active grass roots contingent.  Note how many total State Committeemen they have in comparison to GOP State Committeemen.  PS: they have almost the same number of PC slots available.



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