Once again, the proxies seemed to carry the day.  Below you will see a chart of the attendance of those in person and by proxy.  You will see that in several districts that Graham and/or McCain meddled in during the Aug 30 elections of PCs and in their Organizational meeting carried a lot of proxies.  Those are indicated in the chart below.  Remember the Chairman's race had a margin of only 32 votes.  We believe the fix was in based on the facts we currently have.

The same thing happened in the Maricopa County Republican Committee elections on January 14 - the proxies determined the outcome of the elections.  Candidates were elected by people who did not show up to vote.  118 people showed up with 188 proxies.  How much clearer can it get?

PLEASE DOWNLOAD the proxy form at the link at the end of this paragraph and sign it to be added to those needed to address this issue with the state legislature.  There is a good probably that a bill will be run this coming session and it's important to show our legislators that the people want an honestly run AZGOP.  [LINK]

AZGOP Statutory Meeting January 28, 2017 Stats
County/ Legislative District Number of SCs Attending in person or by Proxy Number of SCs Attending In Person % of Total SCs Attending in Person Number of SCs Attending By Proxy % of Attendees by Proxy Avg no of proxies carried by person
Apache 0 1 0.00% 1 100.00% N/A
Cochise 14 9 64.29% 5 35.71% 0.56
Coconino 12 10 83.33% 2 16.67% 0.20
Gila 21 19 90.48% 2 9.52% 0.11
Graham 25 5 20.00% 20 80.00% 4.00
Greenlee 0 0 0.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
LaPaz 2 2 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Maricopa/LD1 30 19 63.33% 11 36.67% 0.58
Maricopa/LD4 5 5 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Maricopa/LD12 86 48 55.81% 38 44.19% 0.79
Maricopa/LD13** 35 9 25.71% 26 74.29% 2.89
Maricopa/LD15** 55 34 61.82% 21 38.18% 0.62
Maricopa/LD16 28 19 67.86% 9 32.14% 0.47
Maricopa/LD17** 78 39 50.00% 39 50.00% 1.00
Maricopa/LD18 61 46 75.41% 15 24.59% 0.33
Maricopa/LD19** 11 3 27.27% 8 72.73% 2.67
Maricopa/LD20 32 29 90.63% 3 9.38% 0.10
Maricopa/LD21 26 20 76.92% 6 23.08% 0.30
Maricopa/LD22 48 45 93.75% 3 6.25% 0.07
Maricopa/LD23** 117 81 69.23% 36 30.77% 0.44
Maricopa/LD24** 30 15 50.00% 15 50.00% 1.00
Maricopa/LD25 75 51 68.00% 24 32.00% 0.47
Maricopa/LD26 18 15 83.33% 3 16.67% 0.20
Maricopa/LD27 8 8 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Maricopa/LD28** 107 44 41.12% 63 58.88% 1.43
Maricopa/LD29 9 9 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Maricopa/LD30 24 23 95.83% 1 4.17% 0.04
Maricopa/At Lrg^ 3 2 66.67% 1 33.33% 0.50
Mojave 29 16 55.17% 13 44.83% 0.81
Navajo 7 6 85.71% 1 14.29% 0.17
Pima/LD2 13 11 84.62% 2 15.38% 0.18
Pima/LD3 4 4 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Pima/LD4 1 1 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Pima/LD9 17 17 100.00% 0 0.00% 0.00
Pima/LD10 25 22 88.00% 3 12.00% 0.14
Pima/LD11 11 8 72.73% 3 27.27% 0.38
Pima/LD14 2 1 50.00% 1 50.00% 1.00
Pinal 43 35 81.40% 8 18.60% 0.23
Santa Cruz 4 3 75.00% 1 25.00% 0.33
Yavapai 60 42 70.00% 18 30.00% 0.43
Yuma** 17 9 52.94% 8 47.06% 0.89
Totals 1194 784 65.66% 410 34.34% 0.52

**Graham is reported by PCs in that district to have interfered with their election

^There is no such thing as At Large State Committeemen

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First, I believe this proxy bill still allows 1 or 2 proxies per person which is still a lot when you consider it. But what sticks in my mind is that the democrats, who have almost as many voters as the republicans and so would have a considerable number of state committeemen had only 13 proxies at their state meeting this year.  Are we to believe none of them live in outlying counties?  Becoming a state committeeman is a choice PCs make to run so don't run if getting to one meeting a year is too much for you.  Even if it is one proxy per person, that still means half the vote could be by people voting by proxy, enough to change the outcome and those pieces of paper never hear a campaign speech and I can tell you, there have been times when people do wait to hear those speeches.  I sat next to a new SC the last time I went to a meeting. He listened to every speech and then he would vote for that race. And on through the entire ballot. Proxies rob candidates of votes. Period.

The D's tamp down PC positions to those the leadership fills.  They don't have proxies because they do not have an active grass roots contingent.  Note how many total State Committeemen they have in comparison to GOP State Committeemen.  PS: they have almost the same number of PC slots available.

Bulletin: The GOP also tamp down PCs and have been doing that for several years. The fact that they run their party just like we run ours with McCain-loving AZGOP pulling the strings changes nothing.

In most states you're allowed an absentee ballot in the case you're called out of state or ill and can't make it to the polls, so do the same for PC and only then can the vote.  The Shadow PC's who get appointed etc. and never attend or take part in the real work of an LD shouldn't then be allowed thru the Proxy system to taint the Vote this is no different than Ballot Harvesting. God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Hey! There's a thought. Everyone signs in to their districts meetings every  month. No one who does not attend on a regular basis can send a proxy.  A system to challenge would have to be in place but that could be done.

AND the LOSERS were - those who did not fill the PC slots in their Precinct, District and County and then blame proxies that would not have been possible if they had done their due diligence in accordance with their duty as Precinct Committeemen. Ironically, LD23 had the third highest number of proxies and that Pima County had only one-fourth as many proxies for the whole county as LD23.

It is so much easier for losers to lay the blame at others when the real culprit is misfeasance on their own part.

Everyone has the power to prevent this reoccurring in 2019 if they will do what Timothy Schwartz and Ray Sweeney did in LD30.  Note that LD30 had no proxies and had filled ALL of their PC slots. Now is the time to find conservatives to fill ALL the PC slots in the next six months and eliminate the false problem.

AMEN to that but one factor is for some of the district that did recruit pcs our district meetings were so uninspiring  the newbies resigned and left after a few months and that too is our fault as so few good people want to run for office in the districts and we windup with moderates who do nothing and inspire NO ONE.  We have speakers come bore us and ask for our help and when asked the tough questions they revert to typical political double speak e.g. one uninspiring candidate when asked about issures stated I as a conservative would tow the Party line. We all know that the Party line is a mess and their answers are so lame. Recruiting is vital but so is vetting the recruits. Timothy and Ray did a fantastic job my question how many are still pcs? So let us not give up, the establishment elites are on the run and we still need to take back the AZ Party at the district, county and state level. Big problem is we have no one willing to step up and run for these offices maybe the new climate will help but we still need to do the footwork.

Just to pass along some information. The new Board at LD-15 election meeting last November showed up with 69 proxies to control the election. Since that time the new board has averaged only 12 new members to attend their meetings. That should tell us something. At the county meeting last January, they appeared with 28 proxies out or the 66 state committeemen we were authorized. That should also tell us something. If you do a web search for the eleven western states for the Republican Party by-laws of those states, one discovers that New Mexico allows 5 proxies while the other states (other than Arizona) allow only 2 or less proxies. Under the By-Laws of the  Arizona Democrat party only 3 proxies are allowed. Only the Republican Party of Arizona allows unlimited use of proxies. One of the party platform planks is the sanctity of the vote which the state party violates. Further if you look at the proposed Maricopa County By-law changes there is no mention of changing the use of proxies. wonder who controls that committee and why there is no proposed change on the use of proxies. Perhaps we should all vote not on confirming the proposed changes until such time as the County and State give attention to these needful changes on proxies.

Yes we need to do that

The grass roots CANNOT lose if they are consistent recruiting and following the current rules.  McCain spent one-third of a million dollars, left two-thirds of the slots vacant and only won by 32 votes for GOP Chair.  If each person who opposes proxies would have only filled their precinct slots, we would have won.  Game, Set, Match. 

If we take the time and energy that is being spent fighting the rules and turn that into filling slots, we will win the next election.  There were 217 PC slots vacant in LD 15 while we blame 69 proxies that allowed them to win by a much smaller margin than 50.  Where is the problem?  Proxies or not working to fill the slots??  I say the latter!!!! 



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