By Steven Slaton, Chairman, Navajo County Republican Committee

Here are the Facts on one of our own, Senator Allen of LD-6; Conservative or “RINO”?


Senator Allen co-sponsors (sic) NPV- national popular vote-to get rid of the Electoral College. Then after pressure, she voted for as CO-Sponsor of this bill before she voted against it. This bill was pushed by AZGOP campaign manager Constantin Quarard who, by the way, this was funded by George Soros’s! Very disturbing, Senator Allen!


Senator Allen voted for the amended HB 2184 to strip the Supt. of Public Instruction's authority and hand it over to the appointed czars on the Board of Education, even after hearing citizens speak against it.  After that failed to pass in the legislature, she then voted for SB 1469 doing the same thing and the Governor signed it.


Senator Allen also voted to putting Prop 123 on the ballot which took funds from the State Trust which Treasurer Jeff DeWit had opposed. 


During a gathering of leaders from 22 states to recommend rules for the first Article V convention, Senator Allen wanted to ‘vet’ delegates so there wouldn’t be any disruptive delegates at the first Article V Convention. Senator Allen was completely against AZRA doing just that to weed out “RINO’S”, at our August 3rd NCRC meeting. This is where Senator Allen called us “NAZI’S” for doing this. And Senator Allen's husband called a good friend of ours, who was the AZRA guess speaker, a Stupid B***h!! It appears Senator Allen is now a person who indulges in hypocrisy.


Now, Senator Allen denies she had anything to do with this new club, name Navajo County Republicans, which confuses people. She arranged their meeting in her charter school, George Washington Academy.  If you believe her, I have a bridge to sell you. Maybe this is why Senator Allen doesn’t want to run for the legislator so Brenda Barton can run for the Senate, the A, B, C’s, strategy . Keep funds coming to her school? Just asking! RINO’S do this self interest for themselves.


I sent the President of this “club” a Cease and Desist order since they did not notify people in their header of their agenda publication that they are a club and not the official Republican Party. I’ll keep you posted of a possible law suit.


Senator Allen still has not demanded that our state AZGOP Chairman Lines, who has not to this day turned over records required by state statues, to respect our elected party officers. ‘RINO’S” do not want to follow the RULE OF LAW when their interests are at stake. Or being exposed for possible cover up, for wrong doing.


If a state Senator or any representatives doesn’t want to follow or support the RULE OF LAW, STATE STATUTES, OR EVEN STATE BYLAWS of political parties, then the people must demand they should resign! 


Steven Slaton

Chairman of the official Navajo County Republican Committee

NOTE:  Mr. Querard has told AFA that he is not employed by George Soros.  However, our research shows that the employing entity is funded by Soros.

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Drain the swamp

Sen. Allen hopefully will be challenged and defeated, but make no mistake it will take a good deal of work to accomplish this goal as she's a tool of the Establishment and has done far more damage than the couple of bills listed. 
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 


Well, thank you, Steve.  Along with State Senator Sylvia Allen, another person responsible for the almost removal of the electoral college in Az with the bill submitted by Allen is LD6 State Representative Robert Thorpe who voted for the NPV.  It appears so many of our state power brokers have gone over to the dark side.  Jonathan Lines State Chariman for the Republican party has appointed 3 people to be StateCommittman, people who didn't even run for the position and ignored the 3 authorized Statecommitteeman who were submitted by LD 6 Chairman Mark Sensmier per the by-laws.  Well, after Lines appointed those three unauthorized people one of which was a State Senator from LD1 Steve Pierce and wife the country Chairman has buckled and is leaving the unauthorized people in those positions.  So much corruption that the lawlessness of these people can no longer be hidden as in the past.  I vote to remove all of them from office asap.  None of them represent the Republican Platform and truly despicable.  Jacque Leslie Statecommitteman LD6.

Just an FYI for those who don't keep close watch on what the Legislature does: the House actually voted to pass this NPV bill to eliminate the Electoral College by joining a Compact with other states.  Given the state House is controlled by Republicans, it's somewhat amazing that they would vote to hand out country over to the globalists!  The ONLY reason it did not pass in Arizona is due to the guts of Senate President Andy Biggs who filed it in the trash can!  However, you can thank the Legislature and Querard for writing the language that is being used to run a Citizen's Initiative by Soros and will be on our ballot in 2018. Millions will be spent to get it passed.

It won't pass. There are enough Constitutional Conservatives here to Stop that from happening!

I do not trust our ignorant voters. I heard CQs presentation. Never tells the downside of this,made it look like just the thing to keep republicans in WH but it will do just the opposite.  That guy will do anything for a buck & represents more than half the republicans in our legislature and controls what they do bc they are too lazy to actually read a bill. 78% of republicans co-sponsored that bill that is how dumb they are like sheep.

CQ or Constantine Querard is a Campaign Mgr. and Lobbyist, so don't vote for anyone that has anything to do with him as they follow him like sheep, this includes Allen, Livingston and so many more.
God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

LD-22 Rep. Livingston was among them and now running for the Senate in LD 22, the main pusher was once again Lobbyist / Campaign Mgr. CQ, who pushed the Popular Vote along with Livingston in LD 22 and that night was my turn to speak about my campaign, instead I spoke against the popular vote and gave the reasons why our founders set up the electoral system and CQ even thought started to raise his hand never brought it all the way up, the issue failed on our LD.  I hope all remember to check and see who any candidate uses and if they use CQ don't support them. God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 



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