Yesterday I submitted a resolution to LD23 entitled


Destructive Behavior by Certain LD 23 PCs


As an American Citizen, I have a Constitutionally protected right to free speech.  This freedom exists even when speaking as an LD23 Precinct and State Committeeman.


My character compels me to stand up and to call out this negative behavior of a very few LD23 PCs.  The majority of LD 23 PCs are honorable constitutional conservatives.


The LD23 Board had nothing to do with this resolution, they were totally unaware that I was even going to submit a resolution until a few hours before I submitted it.  Additionally they had no knowledge of the resolution’s content until it was submitted. They have taken no position in favor or against this resolution.  Their only responsibility is to distribute it per the by-laws.


Below is the text of the resolution I submitted to LD23 with one change (in italics.)  This change was to remove the name of an individual who in no way was involved in the negative behavior but was the “target” of their behavior.  I sincerely apologize for using this person’s name rather than their title.

What I say here is the TRUTH, so should the negative attacks start I believe they will only further serve to support what I am pointing out!


Here is the resolution:


Destructive Behavior by Certain LD 23 PCs

February 26, 2017


WHEREAS, Our 2016 Republican Platform clearly states “With this platform, we the Republican Party reaffirm the principles that unite us in a common purpose,” and we agree that “we uphold the values that all Americans work together to solve most of the problems facing their communities.”


Legislative District 23 constitutes such a community of precinct committeemen with specified goals and high moral conduct.


This Platform is not just words on paper. It is a statement of principles for us to abide by.  When these principles continue to be violated by certain PCs, it is our duty to ensure the good works of our fellow Committeemen and the reputation of LD23 is defended and protected. 

As both a Precinct and State Committeeman in LD23, I am using my voice to speak up for myself and others who are not able or, for whatever reason, are uncomfortable doing the same.

Some believe “calling out” these folks will only make their behavior continue.  Well, their behavior has never been called out and it’s gotten worse over the years.  We must continue to fight for what is right and when we find a “swamp” forming, we need to act to “drain that swamp.”   It is my heart felt opinion that LD23 indeed has a swamp.

While there are others whose behavior can be called into question as well, I am singling out those who have a long history of such negative behavior.

  • Approximately six years ago, some of these very same folks worked their dirty tricks to resist new leadership and its efforts to purge the McCain influence from LD23 as follows: 

    • Sheila Muehling worked to tear down the sitting chairman in both LD7 (now LD15) and then, after redistricting, in LD23.

    • Sheila ran for chair not on her qualifications but by tearing down her opponent

    • Joe Romack gave the LD email list to Sheila in defiance of the Bylaws.

    • Linda Rizzo and Joe did everything possible for months to keep the then LD Chairman from filling his board by always voting against his choice because they wanted Sheila to fill the board.

    • Romack resigned in disgrace after locking the Chairman out of the email software and then accusing via email blast that the Board vandalized his house

    • Sheila found herself in a contested precinct in 2014. She tried to intimidate PC candidates to drop out so she would not have to campaign.  That is against the rules.

    • Sheila cost the district $1000 to neutralize an illegal mailing to all voters in Bronco precinct.  She then ran again for chairman and was even more destructive to her opponent, telling “fake” info to all PCs she called using the contact info provided to her earlier by Romack.



  • Most recently:


    • Gayla Coletto can be credited with lighting the fuse for what became a very ugly, vicious and destructive effort against LD23 and its member candidate for AZGOP Chairman

    • It is well known she was very angry because she was not elected as a State Committeeman at the December 1 LD23 Organizational Meeting.

    • She and others took actions to make and spread untruthful/damaging statements regarding how our Organizational meeting was conducted. 

    • She made unfounded charges both in words and print against Jim O’Connor regarding proxies, slate, and his role in conducting the meeting.

    • She was on the Proxy Validation table not Credentials as she states.  She published reports that she witnessed Jim handing out slates and that he made the slate.  She was told that was false and she was not even in the room before the meeting and neither was Jim.

    • She elevated her unfounded charges as complaints to AZGOP.

    • Several other like-minded folks joined her efforts and actions giving Robert Graham ideas he eagerly welcomed and then used to commence his threatening and bullying attacks on LD23

    • They targeted all their malicious propaganda attacks on Jim O’Connor and his campaign for AZGOP Chairman.

    • For several weeks, they continued to spread their hateful, vicious, untruthful, and damaging propaganda even after being presented with the facts.

    • Their actions directly led to Robert Graham’s efforts to disenfranchise our 119 State Committeemen and bully LD23 for several weeks.

    • They used AZGOP resources to mail out their negative material on which they put their names. 

    • They intentionally misled state committeemen by purposely using an LD23 return address on an envelope to make it appear it was an official mailing from LD23.  This was false and unauthorized.

    • They intentionally attacked our LD23 Officers with personal, slanderous, and detrimental postings on social media and popular blog sites that favored Jim’s opponent. 

    • It needs to be pointed out that none of these players have a record of supporting LD23 in action, talent or treasure or even regularly attending meetings.  They only show up at election time.


      Supporting documentation evidencing the behavior mentioned in this resolution has largely been made available via Robert Graham’s emails, MCRC Briefs, Facebook, Twitter, Sonoran Alliance, Arizona Freedom Alliance, email, and USPS mail to PCs/SCs.  Additional information was also provided in LD23 meetings and communications.  Therefore, I am not attaching or providing links to such a vast accumulation of such material.


      Existing and new PCs deserve to be able to recognize and know the names of those in our midst who are working to our detriment. 


      They are:  Gayla Colleto, Linda Rizzo, Joe Romack, Michael Auerbach, Paula & Bruce Linker, Joan Lang, Cheryl Pelletier, Sheila Muehling (elected as MCRC Treasurer January 14, 2017), and Robert Graham (then, and now former, AZGOP Chairman.)


      THEREFORE, these folks should be labeled as “quislings.”  They operate as McCain puppets working to undermine our LD’s positive efforts.  Until their negative behavior ceases and desists I personally pledge to work in opposition to these individuals seeking any position of authority whether local, state, national, party related or civic.


      This resolution presented by:  Ardith Hildebrant, LD23 PC/SC

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"Quislings"  Yes, great word. I admire your restraint in who you called out. You left out about six people, maybe more.  I sure hope your district whips their collective butts for what they did.  Then drum them out of the party.

Pat J since you mentioned there were others, I nosed around and here are some of the worst: Boe James, Yvonne Cahill & her buddy Lisa James who is part of the McCain cabal, Chris Brant, Edith Stock who is not even a PC.  Still looking for more.  I find it interesting that Muehling got elected by the MCRC PCs to that board but couldn't get elected even state committeeman by those who know her. Remember, it takes a majority to elect.

Holy Moly and I thought My precinct was bad. 

Thank you, Ardith.  I appreciate being given this information. It is a shock

to read how these LD23 members failed to support our favored

candidate for GOP State Chairman, Jim O'Connor.  Their actions should

be exposed.  It is so very important to be able to count on UNITY from

members of any group, if there are to be true successful accomplishments.

If members cannot work in support of common goals, then they should

not be accepted as part of the group.  None of us want to witness infighting

and ugly behavior.  Sincerely,  Elizabeth (Betsy) Shoemaker


Thank you for this information Ardith.  It is obvious you took a lot of care to provide this information to us, it is too bad there was a situation that merited this disclosure. The behavior you describe is vicious and rude, and is what we are seeing and hearing on TV from the Democrats .  I thought  Republicans  were more principled and ethical.  I guess not.

Perhaps they will see themselves as they really are when they look in the mirror everyday .

It's allways nice to shine light on the darkness. Thanks for sharing. Charlie

Terrific smack-down Ardith. These people have it coming and I'm telling you, I've never seen such vicious behavior. I know Graham used them as dupes but so what. They cooperated. I hope your resolution passes BIG

Thank you for posting this. I doubt anyone other than those in your LD would ever know of these things without your posting this. Sounds very much like what is going on across the state and the common factor seems to be our long time Senator John McCain. I am hoping our new AG, Mr. Sessions, will look into Mr. McCain and his practices involving elections and fund raising. 

 I hate to say it but what is and has been going on shows a level of corruption and control which is in need of much deeper investigation by people who can not be stifled by his underlings here in Arizona.

I'm told even those in the LD aren't sure because no one calls them out.  They just keep destroying and everyone keeps it quiet. I see some advantages of that but looking at the trend in the resolution, keeping quiet sure has not worked very well for them.  I was appalled by what I read and know I didn't see half of it.

What is so apparent by what you stated is that collectivism is present. Collectivism destroys the individual harmony of the group, which is what we see in LD23 by these members of self-interest gain. It is a social disintegration on parade. To what ends can only be thought of as a power struggle against the individual by misinformation posed as truth. You have connected the dots of deceit, good job!  Now its time to watch these cockroaches run for cover ... while IN THE Light.

The Spiritual War is so apparent to those who know what Truth is. We have put that "stake in the ground" for all to see.

Oh, my goodness.  I have heard of this woman, Ms. Muehling.  And of course, this website did report on Ms. Gayla. I could never believe we have precinct committeemen who would do such things.  But I have heard, oh yes.  I was a PC when honor would have prevented any PC of such awful behavior.  I suppose those days are over forever now.  We do live in such a coarse society.  It makes me so sad. God bless LD23 and Ms. Hildebrant for exposing this rabid actions.

Well done, Ardith. Thanks for having the cohones to call these people by their name. They are bullies in the district. I could have given you a bunch of screen shots and docs to verify what you say.  I still have them if you need them and all of this dates back to 2011. It's time they either grow up or get out of the PC business. Clear case of a few ruining it for everyone else.



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