By Timothy Schwartz

Kenney's attack against Gabby Mercer on Friday was well thought out and strategic. It was also deceptive. We must expose that deception! For the umpteenth time, instead of addressing the real issues, Kenney lists his military service. While we appreciate those who have served, Kenney has told us this so many times, it's now clear he's using those overused lines to hide from addressing the real questions. Enough! 

Real practising Christians don't use their faith to attack the faith of other Christians. Gabby isn't fighting demons, and the charge that she's just an angry woman is false! We're ALL angry, and to use that false attack on one of us, makes us even angrier because you're attempting to distract attention away from the real problem. We won't let you do that any longer! Jesus said "you will know them by the fruit they bear". Gabbys actions show she stands for integrity and righteousness, both Godly and Biblical characteristics. Gabby bears good fruit! Below are reasons Kenney can't claim integrity and righteousness, and needs to do a little internal fruit inspection.

1. Kenney has long been part of the group that wants to purge conservatives from the party. I was one of the people who first exposed the secret and hidden Arizona grassroots PAC. Hiding this group from public view was in violation of campaign disclosure laws, which of course is illegal. Once we exposed AZ Grassroots, sudden changes were made to their donors and recipients list. Before they edited their site, Matthew Kenney was listed on the payroll!

To verify the purpose of 'Grassroots', see: Politico Story. They were making me the target, see my comment at the end. Also see: Frontpage Mag (writer mistakenly lists LD11 Chair, as it was the LD30 Chair).

2. Matthew Kenney used funds from 'Grassroots' to recruit and train dozens of P.C's who did not even speak the English language. I hired a Vietnamese translator to find out more. Kenney was the Notary to sign all their applications, and used Kevin Dang as the translator when Kenney did training. The largest number of Vietnamese P.C's were in LD30. Only 2 spoke the English language, and those two were the only ones who ever attended our meetings. My hired translator discovered that most of these P.C.s were given false information when they were recruited.

3. When LD30 recruited dozens of legitimate P.C.s, Many false stories were told about me by Gary Hirsch, Gary Cox, Kim Owens, Lisa James and Kory Langhofer, to name only a few. Multiple bogus threats of phony lawsuits were issued, but we ignored them all.

4. Matthew Kenney accepts employment at the law firm run by Kory Langhofer (John McCain's lawyer). Langhofer was intent in gaining control of LD30, but we resisted. This nasty group of attorneys began to make my life miserable with nasty, vicious false attacks, but we dug in our heels and refused to cave in. Matt Kenney chose to work for Langhofer, did he not understand that his image would be tainted by the unethical practices of the Langhofer group?

5. As rumors continued to circulate about Matthew Kenney being chosen to run AZGOP, I wanted to go to the source. I approached Kenney at the County meeting in January. Succinctly and directly, I asked Kenney if he would ever go to work for the AZGOP. He very clearly told me that would never happen because he was very happy working for Kory Langhofer. While I appreciate that Matthew didn't answer in political double-speak, I felt he was deliberately lying. I knew the time would come when I'd have to expose this blatant lie he told me in January. (Others have already noted the lies from Jonathan Lines stating Kenney would not be considered). Shortly after my conversation with Kenney, the announcement was made that Matthew Kenney would be the new executive director at AZGOP.

Many are now asking for help to put a stop to the political circus. We must call out those evading being transparent, and demand they answer relevant questions. I've fought these swamp actors before, and I'm ready to do it again.  

Let's begin the dialog.

Timothy Schwartz,

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Timothy, thank you for exposing the darkness that surrounds the AZ GOP.  Thank you for sharing about your own struggles with these characters.  I hope and pray we have enough support from State Committeemen to stop this nonsense.

I believe "WE" will stop this nonsense.  Timothy and the AFA editors have exposed fraud.

Anyone know of the penalties for fraudulently creation and usage of a proxy?

Being a State Committee rep. I never received a call from state for a phone meeting.  When did this take place?  I sure as hell would have like to share my thoughts about what has been going on in our Republican State Party

Hi Jacqui, the phone conference call was in February on a weekday around 5 pm, I am pretty sure.  It is interesting that I was called and accepted the call, and so did Gary and Andy up here in Payson.  Like so many calls from Gosar, etc, sometimes I have time to listen in and ask a question and sometimes I don't.  It is also interesting, not to change the subject, that I had to forward the email about the last Exec Board meeting in Flagstaff to our Chair, 2nd vice chair and Bylaws rep because they never got the call.  Our first VC in Globe received a snail mail notice but non of them received an email call, the only reason they knew about it was that I was asking if they had all the bylaw info we had discussed at our board meeting (we did not have a date for a AZGOP meeting at that time) ready for whenever the bylaws meeting was called.  I am but the lowly PC coordinator for our county and I get stuff that they don't.  Go figure. 

On another note. Did you all see the AZGOP Daily mail that Lines was in DC meeting with Trump and the RNC yesterday?  I just read it.  Boy, do you think that even though he is neglecting the PCs, SCs, and the Chairmen, that he might be accomplishing something for AZ?  Who ever his writer is, he sure makes him sound great, and someone must like him if they really raised $500K.

Lines has one very well developed talent: he is a great bull$__t artist.  Any honest Chairman would have gotten the same $500K because it's in the rules of the RNC.  Do not be blind to the real charlatan behind the mask.

Shirley, How can Lines accomplish something for AZ if he is in DC? That does not work.

Who has $500K? Where did it come from and why did Bruce Ash send a letter to us? Are you a state committeeman?


Please tell us how we can locate the video when you took out Chris Matthews on Hardball. I have searched YOU Tube and Seeing Red AZ. Was it expunged? Thank you!



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