Is there any right-thinking person who thinks Mitch McConnell has not lost his way if not his mind?  He criticizes our President for "excessive expectations" while he runs the Senate like a kindergarten full of tepid 5 year-olds.  We elected these people to do the work of the people.  We pay them 6-firgue salaries to take 69 days off in the first 7 months of the year and then they take a full month off.  Wow!  Who wouldn't want that job?  McConnell, as the president of the Senate, makes well over $200,000 and McConnell is worth $17mil.  How did he get that wealthy even over 30 years in the Senate where Senators make, today, $174,000? (Rhetorical question, we know it's this kind of money they scam from taxpayers that makes them so determined to take Trump down!)

Sen John Cornyn recently tweeted this:

Really Sen. Cornyn?  Is this the best you've got?  No wonder our country is in such sad shape.  Out with all of you!  You created the swamp and you all need to be sent right down the proverbial drain.  You have violated your oath of office.  Tell us one thing you have accomplished since January 20 that makes you think you have been asked to do excessive work!!

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Drain the swamp

I've heard it said that, "Mitch could not organize a one car parade". So many of the Republicans are in league with DEM's, and the present Democratic Party is aligned with America's enemies. It seems as though the lawmakers side with lawbreakers against law abiding  citizens!!

Unfortunately for our country this is not true. Mitch and his ilk have slowed progress to a slow crawl compared to what our President is able to do if they would cooperate with him at the rate of 50% of what they did for Obama. 

What is needed is a full investigation of the senate members who have banked those many millions of dollars on the salary they have been paid. When the corruption is found full payment (restitution) in years and dollars for their crimes would go a long way toward ending these practices. None of them fear prosecution anymore as long as they please their  swamp masters in the NWO.

Your Elected Incumbents have been making False Promises for Decades and it's gotten them Re Elected, so why expect less of them as they Lie so much they can't even recall the Lies they've told.  Remember they've campaigned on Repealing Obamacare of 7 yrs. now and so the statement of  "Excessive Expectations" is truly being made to all of us and the Incumbents in DC know they want to control all of us and Health Care is a proven way of doing it just look at the VA and Medicare if you think don't want control, it's time to Vote them all out no matter how much you may personally like them as the Vote to Repeal in the House was a SCAM as they already knew the Senate wouldn't deliver but they all feared the 18 cycle as every seat in the House is up again, so I'm hoping those Incumbents get no support, but then I've been hoping for that for some time now. God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Now the R's in Congress are talking about delaying the 2020 elections - presumably to find a presidential candidate that won't have any expectations of the Senate.

They can't delay the Election and believe they'll challenge Trump only if they're able to continue to delay his programs, and that can be stopped by voting out all the Incumbent GOP Office Holders Senate & House.
God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Are these men a part of the swamp that needs draining?

These Incumbents are the septic tank that needs draining.

The creatures from the "black lagoon" are so apparent to those who can think critically today. The indoctrination of us by the media & GOP establishment types is appalling. The words of the "bigotry of low expectations" perfectly describes the smug attitude of the elite within the GOP who expect the downtrodden to automatically fail and their perpetual need for government to save them from themselves. That is McConnell in a nutshell and where only government can solve the problems they created. So says the 3 Musketeers of McConnell, Cornyn, and Thune. 

Trump should sent a STRONG message to McConnell ... by firing his wife ... who is the Secretary of Transportation.

She was given the position certainly due to a political deal to begin with, I hope President Trump truly goes out and supports challengers to those in the GOP who are obstructing our programs for safety and economic security and be certain who he supports has a proven long term record whether in or out of office of doing so and not just support more Ladder Climbers as has not proven effective, we need Representatives of the People not of the Party. God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Term limits will solve allot of problems.

Larry:  Do we not already have term limits called elections?  Perhaps what we need is better informed voters who are united around a GOAL of "restoring to the States and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution" as 30 governors pledged to do in 1994 and for patriotic Americans to collectively do a better job of vetting candidates. A suggest "vetting" questionnaire is at



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