After former AZ GOP chair, Robert Graham, left the Republican Party in financial shambles Jonathan Lines was handed control. In office less than three months, Republican grassroots are calling for a recall of Lines as AZGOP chair.

According to sources, Lines was unsuccessful in drawing barely a quorum to his AZGOP leadership meeting in Yuma this weekend due to the fact that many voting members would not, could not or did not take the grueling trip to the remote Yuma location.

Graham left the Party all but broke. Using the Party’s funds to promote his RNC chairmanship candidacy, rather than promoting candidates such as president Donald Trump, Graham left the State organization with a mere current balance in the Treasury of about $15,000. 

Lines had served as Treasurer during Graham’s tenure. 

Lines’ replacement, Bob Lettieri has not been allowed to look at the books. He did not attend Lines’ Saturday meeting. Despite this, Lines presented a budget that assumed future income in the amount of $1,000,000 and expenses at $750,000. The budget included $250,000, plus $25,000 for ‘costs’ for salaries for 4 paid employees, which averages to $62,500 per employee. 

The day after, Republicans in Arizona received a message from a group identifying itself as the Trump Coalition. The group claims that the “grassroots will have enough votes to recall,” Lines.

Although he used considerable hard-to-come-by resources, Graham failed to be a serious contender for the RNC chairmanship. Graham’s failure to support the Party’s presidential candidate, and his aggressive campaign for himself, left Party leaders unimpressed. His continual jabs at RNC chair Reince Prebius, left Arizona in a precarious fundraising position.

The letter reads in part:

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The link is in the lead in to that story, too.  By ADI News Services is the link.  It's blue.

Oh, my.  This just continues to go on, doesn't it?  The AZGOP lost its soul so long ago.  Mr. McCain is at the heart of this, that is clear. He is so very corrupt and look what he says about our good President Trump.  The President must have something big on Mr. McCain and of course, that would be easy to do since he is into every illegal and dishonorable endeavor in Washington, DC.  He certainly controls the republican party in Arizona.  How relieved I am not to be in that organization anymore.  I believe there may be criminal activity going on there.  Just a hunch because they are so fearful of revealing the financial situation. Like Mr. Obama, we hide what we know is wrong.

Who authorized former Chairman Graham to commit the AZ GOP to the defense the Az Legislature's ballot harvesting bill?  Why wasn't this brought to our attention at the state meeting in January since it was already in the works?  Why wasn't the treasurer informed about this until after his election as the new chairman?  The result is that now any money we send in to the AZ GOP will be used to pay off bills that we didn't agree to or know about and with no end in sight until the bill hits the Supreme Court. Which party was the former chairman working for?

Jerry, we assume all of your questions are rhetorical.  The answer from Graham would obviously be the same as to the new treasurer, Bob Lettieri: None of your business. But what conservative would donate a dime to AZGOP to re-elect McCain and Flake?  Zero to none would be our guess.

Spot on - thank you!



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