It seems to be everywhere.  Solid activist republicans in states around the country are jumping ship.  There are plenty of insiders trying to save the party by begging conservatives to stay, things will be different soon.

Our team had a long chat with Matt Schlapp during the recent National Federation of Republican Assemblies Convention about the state of the Republican party.  Not included in the discussion was any talk of leaving the party or starting a new party.  However, we were not comforted by the discussion.

Our team was discussing the sorry state of our AZGOP with Schlapp, the cheating and total disregard for anyone who has a difference with AZGOP.  We discussed the lapse in proper leadership of Robert Graham and Jonathan Lines.  We discussed the out-right fraudulent behavior of the Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party Chairman during the Presidential Primary Caucus in NV in 2016.  Stories from Idaho, Alaska and Utan claim similar fraud went down in those states.  The goal of those parties: to make sure Trump lost.  You may have read our articles from NV describing what happened to keep Trump from winning every electoral vote in NV.  It was the NV Chairman who set up the Caucuses and their locations.  It was the Chairman who pulled the trick of telling those who lived in Trump strong holds that there were no ballots "but wait an hour or so and we will get some."  A Trump supported later found there were plenty of ballots in a district chairman's car!  It was the chairman, Michael McDonald, who designed and executed the caucus for the Republican Party in NV. Read all about it here: [LINK]

This is the surprising thing about that discussion: Schlapp said he is aware of the problems with the GOP in Arizona.  It's his experience that this is common in most states.  We took that to mean Republican state chairmen across America are like McCain: self-serving, wrong-headed and outright corrupt if necessary to keep the "little people" in line.

So it was no surprise to read this article in MCRC Briefs this morning:


12 resign from Mohave County Republican Central Committee

“They are allowing libertarians in. We’ve been trying to get the bylaws rewritten, which are so out of date, but there is a core group in the central committee who are PCs that don’t want to get this done. I don’t understand why.” Former State Senator Sue Donahue"  Read entire article here [LINK]


Consider our recent reports on the drama going on in Navajo County.  Until recently, the libertarians had taken over the Republican party since 2013. They blind-sided Chairman Karen MacKean who lostby 4 votes in that election.  Since then, there seems to be over $20,000 missing from the district coffers.  That case has been turned over to authorities for investigation. Most recently, a brawl broke out when Senator Sylvia Allen insulted the guest speaker by calling her a Nazi and Allen's husband called her a "stupid bitch."  Rumor has it that Sen. Allen is working with AZGOP Chairman to have her new group put in place as the formal Navajo County Republican District Committee.  If true and and actually happens, that would be unprecedented.  There are other methods to take over a district committee without going to those lengths. Given the rash of violations of the Bylaws by former Chairman Robert Graham and current AZGOP Chairman Lines, anything is possible.


In Yuma County, District Chairman Jonathan Lines refused to allow PCs to run for state committeemen, no nominations from the floor were allowed. Lines hand-selected the 17 people HE wanted to be state committee and moved to elect them all by acclamation. Many are his family members. Lines was running for state Chairman and was happy to cheat to any degree to help his campaign.  We would guess that every one of them voted for Lines for Chairman.  There were also 35-40 brand new PCs that showed up to vote for State Committeemen... and have not been seen since!


In LD15, Robert Graham's district, on election night, hordes of unknown and previously unseen newly minted PCs to vote in an Executive Committee of people long time LD15 PCs had never laid eyes on before that night!  Graham didn't bother to hang around to hear the results of the election... he fixed it and know what the results would be!


In the 2016 Arizona Senate election, a popular sitting Congressman from Arizona asked all candidates if they would drop out of the Senate race against McCain if he got in. It's well known that the only way to make a change in an elected seat held for years by the same person is to run only one, winnable candidate against the incumbent. This candidate has the name ID, the campaign experience and the money to win. Many people who knew about this felt that was the best thing to do in order to get rid of McCain.  Only Kelli Ward refused and lost to McCain as was expected.  The same thing is happening now in 2017.  Many have asked her to step aside for a more guaranteed winnable candidate.  She has no obligation to do that.  Except to get rid of McCain, which she couldn't do in 2016, and now Flake and then Sinema.  For us, it comes down to what matters and is best for our state and our country. Since that election, we discovered McCain has brain cancer and it may already be affecting his language and thinking skills based on recent votes and speeches.  He has said he will stay on the job.


Social media has been alive with calls to drop the Republican party as a lost cause.  Political parties seem to have a life of about 50-60 years, plus or minus, before they start to fail.  Donald Trump is not a Republican in the truest sense of the word from times past.  Rather, he's a pragmatist and some say nationalist with a sneer on their lips. Whatever label he prefers to use, he is the first President since the 80's to actually put America First.

The point is, how much longer will America survive elected lawmakers like McCain, Ryan, McConnell and all those who are more concerned with the money they are taking under the table than their own country?  We remember that the Founding Fathers foresaw this situation and did not want political parties to get a toehold.  However, the first political party was actually formed in 1792 by advisors to George Washington over a split between supporters of Alexander Hamilton and James Madison.  The name of the party?  Democratic-Republican!  That party splintered in about 1828, the Republican party became the Whig party, which eventually gave way to the Republican Party and given the moniker of GOP and was the anti-slavery party. Still is!  Our current government was eventually set up to be a two party system which is why Independents choose a party with which to caucus.  All told, America has undergone six political systems in her history.

What all of this means is that if history repeats, which if often does, it's about time for another shake-up in party politics.

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Kris and I were in Nevada working the phones for Donald Trump the week leading up to the caucus and were appalled by what the Nevada Republican State Chairman pulled on then Candidate, Donald Trump.  It was outrageous and so in your face I had trouble getting my arms around it.  Despite this, we call Donald Trump "Mr President" and that is because he was able to not only overcome Hillary Clinton but even more importantly, he overcame the Deep State Swamp Dwellers that permeate OUR Party throughout the country and especially here in Arizona.  It is our duty to do what is necessary to correct this great transgression.  I assure you that I am heavily involved in helping to get this done and will not rest until that is so.



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