A Message from Jim O'Connor, candidate for AZGOP Chairman:

Are you sick of watching our party suffer declining participation? We now have only half the PCs we should. Many are ghost-PCs, names on proxies, wielded at our meetings by party power brokers. Instead of energizing, our meetings are demoralizing. We committeemen know we have little real power left. Some of our representatives even push National Popular Vote, Common Core, and other leftist agendas because it's more beneficial to them than representing the views of their own party's members. As State Committeemen we aren't powerless yet! On January 28th we can vote! Don't sign a proxy! Come to our Statutory Meeting in person. Move the power from the backroom to your living room. Use your voice to elect Jim O'Connor as party chairman.

A Message from Frank Thorwald, candidate for AZGOP Chairman:

I want to work with Republicans throughout AZ, seek their valuable insights and work closely with them so together we can elect Republicans to office; expand our base and have an environment where we can raise the money needed to make this happen! and he has(sic) Fund raising is a major part of this office considerable experience in this area and with his unique skills and expertise in management; fundraising; uniting people; public outreach; organization; coordination and public relations.

Our Take: 

O'Connor is exactly right about the proxies as we have been following districts like LD15, the district of the current Chairman, where unknown precinct committeemen showed up with dozens of proxies and got themselves elected to all leadership positions. These are people who have never shown their faces at LD15 meetings, now suddenly running the show.  With AZGOP Chairman Graham's help. 

Frank Thorwald has a resume` as long as your arm. Very impressive if you like the establishment way of doing things.  Graham has given pcs a taste of that for four very long years when he locked conservative pcs out of the AZGOP office!  Do we really need more of the same?

But back to proxies.  Grassroots pcs have been trying to put limits on proxy harvesting for several years. Those who win seats using proxies have always out voted that effort.  Do we see our legislators vote in absentia by sending in a proxy with someone else to vote?  Does the Congress or the Senate use proxies?  What about corporations?  No on all counts. Proxies are just another form of control used by the establishment.

If you ever want to get a true man/woman of the people to run the party, now is the chance.  Show up! Vote your own ballot!  Investigate all three candidates including Lines who is a wholly owned subsidiary of John McCain.  Thorwald is better but not by a lot.  

Trump took back the Republican party at the national level. This is the year for state committeemen to take back the party at the state level.  And then hold them to their word!

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A quote I think is the one we need to concentrate on is one my Marine Corp. friends use. "Adapt and Overcome!!". We had better start to work on out thinking and out working these people or we will lose our country to their efforts and disastrous, for average Americans and the Constitution, plans to homogenize the world into a borderless stew of factions they control through corruption and financial dealings we finance with our taxes and regulations which put us on the paying end of their plans with little or no sayso in our own future. Look at what has been done by these people in Europe over the last few years. Power taken by the EU to dictate the taxes paid and immigration by foreign people into their countries dictated from Brussels regardless of the risks to the local populations. They are working on a similar plan for here and the Republicans like McCain have been involved in the shadows for years. Perhaps you have heard of the NAU "North American Union" or the SPP "Security and Prosperity Partnership"?? It has been working behind a screen of silence for years. They didn't tell the people of Europe about the EU until it was a done deal, what makes you think they would consult us to do it here????

You John Powelson have struck a nerve. expect our own legislature to try to pass a bill on prosperity zones this year.  I don't know much about them except, again, the democrat states love them.  Bad enough for me.

Like George Soros is the puppet master for Obama, McCain is the puppet master for Graham.  With the same shoddy results. I've never seen the republican party in such a shambles.

Is it time to go back to basics; to recognize government was created for the purpose of securing for us our Rights to Life, Liberty and an opportunity to pursue Happiness, that any government Act designed to destroy ones ability to enjoy a Right is an unlawful Act, that those responsible for the Act and its perpetuation are criminals, and that we are being ruled by a criminal syndicate in accordance with the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto?

Any objective comparison of what lawful government should be with what we have can only conclude that the united States are being ruled by a criminal syndicate. If we are to avoid a civil war and peacefully restore lawful government we must replace nearly all incumbents with people having the knowledge, courage and integrity to honor their oath.

At http://www.thecnc.org/Documents/Questionnaire.htm is a paper that should be of help in determining the mindset of candidates.



My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
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