Seen today in MCRC Briefs:

LD23 Has Been In Quite A Flap the past couple of weeks over a proposed “Quisling Resolution”.  

·         On Feb 26, LD23 PC Ardith Hildebrant’s “Destructive Behavior by Certain LD 23 PCs” Resolution was distributed in LD23. 

·         On March 8, the LD23 Executive Committee announced its unanimous decision for “the withdrawal of the proposed resolution from any discussion or action at the March 9 meeting and any further consideration.”  See 3-9-17 Briefs and 3-10-17 Briefs  

·         Last night, a “LD23 Policy Update” was distributed that reads: “District 23 Republican Committee Executive Committee Policy, Review and Approval of PC Resolutions -Effective March 8, 2017.  In order to avoid the inclusion of defamatory or unsubstantiated content, all resolutions submitted to the Executive Committee shall be subject to review and approval before any further consideration of the resolution by the District membership.“  

[Editor: Said one PC to AFA: I guess LD23 is going to be judge and jury of what they consider “defamatory” or “unsubstantiated.”  It certainly appears to be what is going on in LD23. Apparently, free speech as laid out by the Constitution is dead in LD23. Now, they get to decide what someone can and cannot say out loud or in print.  A review of what was put in Ardith Hildebrant's Resolution was this statement: Supporting documentation evidencing the behavior mentioned in this resolution has largely been made available via Robert Graham’s emails, MCRC Briefs, Facebook, Twitter, Sonoran Alliance, Arizona Freedom Alliance, email, and USPS mail to PCs/SCs.  Additional information was also provided in LD23 meetings and communications.  Therefore, I am not attaching or providing links to such a vast accumulation of such material.  AFA has to wonder: how much more information does LD23 need to determine what is “defamatory” or “unsubstantiated?”  We checked with an attorney when this all started.  "Proving defamation or libel is the hardest case to ever win in a court of law." But supposedly, LD23's Board has that difficult ability down pat.]

Also in Briefs this morning: 

LD23 PC Cheryl Pelletier To the anonymous reader who wrote “Too Late – Cat’s Out Of The Bag 3-10-17 Briefs in response to the LD23 Executive Board withdrawing the “Quisling Resolution,” we have a response of our own: “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but your words will never hurt us.” If choosing to support one REPUBLICAN candidate for Arizona GOP Chairman over another REPUBLICAN candidate inspires you to call us “quislings” (or traitors), then we can only say that we’re sorry you feel that way.  But please know this… You cannot hurt us with the misinformation you continue to “circulate throughout Phoenix.” We know who we are, we know what we believe, and we know how much of our time and treasure has been spent over the years electing Republicans. Our final words are these: We’re going to continue to join forces with all our Republican sisters and brothers throughout the state—yes, even those that we don’t always agree with 100 percent of the time—and ensure that the great state of Arizona stays red. We hope you will put your petty differences aside and join us. We have a Republic to protect after all. Signed: Gayla Coletto, Joan Lang, Sheila Muehling, Cheryl Pelletier, Linda Rizzo   [Editor: These are the LD23 people, though there are others too, everyone read about in the weeks running up to the State Statutory Meeting.]

[Editor: Well my goodness. “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but your words will never hurt us.”  Very cleverly done!  The cat is, indeed, out of the bag!  Disinformation is raging through the Republican party.  Anyone who read what was posted on Facebook; by MCRC Chair Chris Herring and widely distributed by those named above; on Sonoran Alliance; by PCs who are not even state committeemen or even PCs in the case of Cheryl Pelletier and Joan Lang at the time, would have to wonder: at what point does "support" for one REPUBLICAN candidate become politics of destruction? We certainly have to wonder about that.  While wondering after reading the Sticks and stones response, it occurred to us if they are sincere in their desire "to continue to join forces with all our Republican sisters and brothers throughout the state," they might start with apologizing to the candidate they did not support for what they publicly claimed, much of which seemed petty itself and even more that was just flat not true.  If eliminating pettiness is truly their goal, that's a good place to prove it.  And how about contributing heartily and willingly to retire the debt their "support" of a different candidate caused LD23?  Waiting. Waiting.]

This election was for a VOLUNTEER JOB and in our opinion, hardly warranted the barrage of disinformation and absurd provable lies used to convince unsuspecting state committeemen how to vote. We see many people who support different candidates but never devolve into that "personal destruction" space.  It seems simple enough to us: 'I don't really like Candidate A or think "A" is the best candidate. But candidate "B" has all these traits and qualifications: blah blah blah. That is who we support.'  It's true that candidates can win while comparing them truthfully, one against the other.  The state of politics in general would be better served if we used "just the facts, Ma'am."  If Candidate "A" is so bad, facts alone should be sufficient.  But, given recent information about AZGOP, Candidate A came out the winner!

We also have never seen the swiftness with which a Recall (of the elected Chairman) was launched.  See

Honest and honorable state committeemen and PCs will welcome this Recall effort!

Finally, our observation is that the worst way to protect a Republic is to engage in gutter politics. We saw that with the election of Trump where gutter politics was the name of the establishment game and still is.  How does that advance ideas or policy designed to save a Republic?  Quislings, whether leadership, PCs or operatives are never a good thing inside a political party.  What would President George Washington think about this tinkering with the truth?

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Isn't that special. LD23 has turned on the one person who had the guts to pop open the goods on the bad guys. I was in LD7 with Muehling. I can tell you absolutely anyone connected with that woman is just like her. Birds of a feather if you will forgive my tedious description. My advice: STAY FAR AWAY FROM ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE. THEY ARE LIKE POISON.  LD23 had made a major misjudgement.  Everyone who gets involved with her, BOOM. You will get it between the eyes sooner or later.

The reflection upon history rings a Truth to be one ... "A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right." - Thomas Paine

"Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company." - George Washington

The political game of demeaning Truths is to insult a just and loving God who has given us this nation "under God".

Guess who called me?  Sheila Muehling! She doesn't know me by this name because it's my first name I never use. OMG she has her knickers bunched up. Literally in near tears, wanted me to come out publicly to defend her.  from what I asked. From these false charges she said (or something like that). But they are all true said I.  That is when she lost it. She is bat-s--t crazy, wanted me to lie for her. Guess she forgot what she did to me and others in LD7.  I haven't forgotten.



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