#NeverTrumper Jeff Flake Was Foreign Lobbyist Working For Uranium Firm With Ties to Iran

[Editor: And, he seems very cozy with Hillary.  He may have whispered advice in her ear as she systematically set about enriching herself and betraying our country in one swell foop.  Maybe Flake should be a subject of an investigation on that possibility,]

Since announcing he will not seek re-election in 2018, Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is on a warpath against President Trump. While Flake is lamenting President Trump’s rhetoric and nationalist, populist policies, it’s important to remember the Arizona lawmaker has a checkered past as a foreign lobbyist who worked for a uranium mining firm with ties to Iran. 

[Flake] came back to Washington [from Namibia] in 1990 and launched a consulting firm, Interface Public Affairs; he signed up the Rossing uranium mine, one of the new nation’s economic drivers, as a client.


Flake signed on as the mine’s representative a month after Namibia achieved independence. His job was to ensure that sanctions enacted by state and local governments in the U.S. didn’t prevent the sale of Rossing “uranium to some of the utilities around the country,” he said.


More recently, the Rossing mine has come under scrutiny for its financial ties to Iran. While the firm Rio Tinto owns 69 percent of the mine, the Iranian Foreign Investment Co., which the Treasury Department describes as a “wholly owned” subsidiary of the Tehran regime, holds a 15 percent stake. Iran has held its share of the company since the 1970s, said Rio Tinto spokesman Illtud Harri.

Flake said he was unaware that Iran owned part of the mine. Indeed, his 1990 federal filing states that Rossing was not “owned,” “financed,” “controlled,” or “subsidized in part” or whole by a foreign government, although Iran and Namibia both held stakes in the mine. [Under the law, ignorance is not a defense.]

Flake is in the news after being caught on hot mic saying Republicans are “toast,” if President Trump and Judge Roy Moore take over the party.

[The party became "toast" because of people like Flake, McCain, Kyl, McConnell, Ryan, Boehner, etc. So it's a little disingenuous of Flake to make such an accusation.  Perhaps he should get his head out of...uh... the sand and let the rest of us turn the party back into cake.  Or at least into one with some semblance that there is a basic honor and integrity toward the Constitution.]

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"Aw, gee, fellas.  I really, really, REALLY know about the ownership by the Iranian government for 47 years!  REALLY!!  So give me a break!!" 

When "the" Flake ran for the House and promised NEVER to make politics a career - I knew then that he was a good liar.  And then when he cozied up with Juan McAmnesty - aka - Songbird McCain - aka - the Arizona Maverick, etc., etc., etc....I knew then that he was a professional liar.  And, subsequently, with all of the intervening years from then until now - I have no doubt whatsoever that "the" Flake is as filthy, slimy and scummy as the rest of the RINO's are.  The Establishment Republicans have murdered the GOP and they are hell bent on assisting the Demon-Rats on completing the Globalist Mission.  By my last count, there are some 487 Members of the Congress who need to be dragged out of the building, summarily shot, cremated and thrown in a common grave with NO marker.  This is how you destroy evil.  You don't honor it.  You don't give it any praise.  You don't compromise with it.  You don't negotiate with it.  You just get rid of it by whatever means are left to you and required.  Now this is real definition re Term Limits.  It's time we put on our Adult pants and decided that we not only want our Republic back - we wanted it back, beginning in 2016 and we want the job finished by November 2018.  Frankly, I am sick of the entire political landscape run by the RINO's and Demon-Rats and funded by dirty pedophiles, drug hustlers, gold-diggers, political anarchists, and anti-American scum.  Now is NOT the time to be kind or forgiving.  People like "the" Flake, Juan, Graham, Pelosi, Schumer, Hatch, McConnell, Durbin, Rubio and the rest of their kind and the Deep State holdovers from Clinton, Bush 41 and 43 and Obama - are all responsible for the mess we are in and for the endless murders of our son's and daughter's who have been used as mercenaries for any and every war the politico's felt they could make some money on.  For America's Patriots, the cost in life and limb and treasure has been beyond reason and void of the truth.  It is time to demand that our voices be heard and that "they" realize that it is WE THE PEOPLE that govern and it is "they" who do the serving.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!  the madness must end now!!

It is clear that there are far too many people getting away with high treason in multiple ways. The only way we can return the country to civility and sanity is to start right at the top and bring these people to full and ample justice. I can't think of a better way to re-establish the principles on which this country was founded.

Every globalist worldwide ought to be arrested and tried for high treason, and all his or her assets seized, never to be returned. No slap on the wrist is going to suffice. Furthermore, the many outrageously subversive organizations these people have created and funded--oftentimes with public money, thanks to their ability to commandeer it, because of their "connections"--must be forced to shut down forever, because our system of government was never meant to condone subversive organizations to operate out in the open for the purpose of destroying our system of government. That is not in the Constitution, last I checked. 

Interestingly, I recently read in that absolutely fabulous book, Fabian Freeway, by Rose Martin, at the time when the Fabian Socialists were first introducing their sick ideas into our country, there was a trial taking place involving another group equally subversive. The Fabians escaped notice, because of the furor over the other group. Apparently, they sweat bullets, though, because they knew that the Congress could have passed a law that outlawed socialism in this country. If our Congress only had acted, this pestilence could not have gotten a foothold in our nation. 

I recommend Fabian Freeway above every single other book I have ever read, on these subjects.  Below is a link to the free pdf. Believe it or not, it is literally a pageturner, so much does it reveal of the things we never were told about how this travesty got started in our country. One revelation that stopped me cold, and which is emblematic of the kind of new information to expect from this book: FDR's New Deal was planned and written by the Fabian Socialists in Britain and brought over here. Ditto: JFK's New Frontier.  Ditto: Johnson's Great Society. Yes, the FDR, JFK, and LBJ administrations were populated mainly by Fabian Socialists! 

Here's the link: 


EDITOR'S NOTE:  This pdf can be downloaded and saved to your computer or tablet.  We also recommend The Venona Secrets as an adjunct to this book.  It covers the communist infiltration throughout the federal government in high places and as operatives in America from the turn of the century but mostly from the time right after WWI until today.  Venona was ended in 1980 but the effects are still embedded in our federal government. You will have a better understanding of the deep state and why President Trump cannot overturn this in a year or maybe even eight years with the knowledge in just these two books.  Everyone of note in the Obama administration self-identified as a Socialist, Marxist or Communist.  Let that sink in.

Unfortunately, the DOJ and FBI who are supposed to bring these people to justice are now subversive organizations.    Trickle down to local Law and Prosecutors also.     Be careful what you wish for.

I downloaded Rose Martin's work, looked the whole thing over, and read parts of it (esp. from the section on Fabian Socialism in the U.S.).  It explains a lot and is intriguing, indeed.  Also, for a really short article from 2008 (nowhere near as comprehensive as Martin's, though), see https://www.nolanchart.com/article4425-a-fabian-socialist-dream-com....

"Aw, gee, fellas.  I really, really, REALLY didn't know about the ownership by the Iranian government for 47 years!  REALLY!!  So give me a break, huh?  Huh, I deserve a break, huh???"

It also dawns on me that Flake is actually correctly named.  He is a "flake" of the first order! LOL  "Flake the FLAKE!"

Any way we can get a formal investigation into Flake's nefarious un-American activities?  And since it happened before he ran for the Senate, John McCain had to be completely aware of what Flake did.

I believe that when Flake got caught on hot mike saying "We are toast," that he meant "We, the globalists, the RINOs are toast," in other words, that "if this Trump s--t continues, our entire globalist plan will be toast."  I agree! He is right! If we can keep the pressure on, as we have only just begun to do, they WILL be toast. 

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