This email is going around.  Those who didn't get it directly got it from someone who did.  AFA got it from several of our faithful members and many thanks to them.

We wonder who actually wrote this message.  We heard Cindy give her speech at the MCRC meeting in January.  Or was it the State meeting?  Oh, well, it was not memorable enough - there were a lot of speeches that sounded remarkably alike - for anyone to remember but we do think it sounded nothing like this message.

"Hi, [fill in the blank],
"During the past couple of weeks, since being informed that I am part of the Recall Project, I’ve reached out to Party workers and taken to heart some of the entries regarding the recall that have been published in MCRC Briefs.  I’ve also had time to reflect upon hard copies of the petitions and accompanying documents.
"I have wondered from the beginning:  How can people do this to someone they don’t know? [That's like saying how can anyone know a fire is hot if they haven't put their hand in it?  Some things are just obvious!]  
"I have partial responsibility for that situation, the fact that we don’t know each other.  That’s my motivation for writing to you.  Do you know why I was named to the Second Vice Chair position?  (It has to do with the lack of unity in Party processes, and errors that have been made in the past ten to fifteen years, because of inexperienced leadership.  If you were are (sic) the 2012 State Convention you witnessed the same mess that I did.  Of course that was well before our current or prior chair took office. )  [WE were at the 2012 State Convention.  What we know about that is that Chairman Morrissey made the mistake of trusting the more, shall we say... establishment people in the party to do what they said they would do... but didn't.  In one LD, the super-establishment chairman didn't get elected as a delegate to that convention and subsequently didn't show up to handle matters for his LD!  But we can certainly say that the state AZGOP meetings for the past four years under Graham were pretty much a deliberate mess!]  Do you know what I did during this last election cycle to assist in electing our Republican candidates and shoring up the leadership in the Tucson area?  (It had very little to do with the Senate race or the Senator.  Full disclosure:  my parents were active in McCain’s campaigns back in the 80’s and 90’s so I do drive my 87 year old Mom to his events.  My Dad has passed.)  
"When I spoke with Mr. Jim O’Connor about ten days ago, he stated that he didn’t know that I was on the recall petition.  I will take him at his word [BIG of her!  There is a good reason why O'Connor was not aware of her being on the recall list.... he has nothing to do with that project]  because I like to believe that people are fundamentally honest.  But that conversation reminded me that I should reach out to all involved.  [Can we PLEASE retire the phrase "reach out?"]
"For some reason you are very committed to removing me from my state position.  None of the public reasons given for this action apply to me.  I know that a conversation between us is long overdue.  Please let me know when that would be convenient for you.
"Cindy Coleman"

Dear Cindy,

The reason you are included in the recall was fully and clearly explained in the MCRC Briefs by Marianne Ferrari, the project's "boss", if you will.  You can read it on MCRC Briefs  "Elections have consequences" is rung loud and clear after every election at every level.  Apparently, that goes for appointments, too.


Team AFA

 NOTE:  We don't know Cindy.  She may be a very nice woman. But the truth is that when there is a corrupt regime in place, all those purposely brought into the regime get swept out with the leader.

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Don't know the woman but that letter sounds a little, uh, desperate.  She might have a reason to worry and she might be caught in the crossfire.  so it goes with politics.  There are always casualties when corruption is involved.

Drain the swamp

I liked this post because of the AFA responses.  I was at the 2012 State Convention as a rookie PC and appalled at the process.  I also was at the 2016 State Convention and really disturbed with the election process especially the electronic voting for National Convention Delegates at Large.  When the decision to do are-do, I got up and walked out.

I was a Certified Information Systems Auditor in my working career.  Instinctively, I smelled voter fraud.  Proved to be correct as a friend running for delegate at large voted for myself and I voted for him - two vote never showed up in the results.  The stench dates back to 2008 with contested AZGOP elections that I know of and the January 2017 elections rules stated the election results could be inspected.  The inspection was denied and then allowed with a 2 hour window.

Impossible to find the truth for proxy abuse in two hours.  Cindy - Lines was elected only by a 34 vote margin and some State Committeemen/women carry excessive numbers of proxies.

Your removal will assure the employment and corruption of McCain influence will not continue.  Even if you claim you will fire Matthew Kenney - doesn't matter.  Trust has been broken.

Hey, Bruce. That was my rookie year at such a convention, too. I went home early from that one but I saw the mess made by the Ron Paul Supporter ruckus.  That was intentional.  There were some mistakes but I know AFA is right about some of it being the establishment plants who deliberately sabotaged the convention to make Morrissey look bad.  Though that was my first convention, I had been watching Randy Pullen, the prior full term chairman. That guy got pulled before his last term was up charged with money laundering the gop funds.  He is the one who recruited Graham, also charged with money laundering. Birds of a feather, I guess.  Then there is this:

And this led to the money laundering charges and I think I remember he was convicted and had to give up his Chairman's job.

looks like corruption is the mainstay of AZGOP

Jaspergoat - good resource links.  Did Pullen get removed by a similar process as our attempt to Recall Lines?  If you are a state committeeman - hope to shake your hand at the Special Meeting.



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