Maybe all rural politics runs into issues of control.  I don't know because I live in Maricopa County and it seems there are a lot of control issues in some districts in this county.  I also live part time in Navajo County and have for years, so I know a thing or two about the Republican Committee there.

I met Karen MacKean at a campaign event in 2010 in Lakeside, AZ.  It happened that she was the elected Chairman of NCRC and ran a tea party at the height of that movement.  I went to the meetings of NCRC and the tea party.  Soon I discovered that MacKean was not just very dedicated to those two organizations and winning elections, I learned that she is a creative thinker and a fearless leader.  I immediately got involved with the work she was doing to elect conservative candidates at the CD and the county level.  She took on her city council, too.  Her instincts for what is the right thing to do are impeccable.  It's a fact that these qualities bring some discontent among some in politics.

While NCRC chairman, Karen was constantly organizing activities to meet their goals. She included Allen in all invitations, showcased her at both the tea party and NCRC meetings, helped her with events.  From my observation as an onlooker, Allen basked in being 'important" and she had MacKean to thank for that.  It was at these events and meetings that I first met Allen.  She was in the Senate.  My most vivid memory is that she was trying to help someone in her community.  I forget the details but it was something I had the tools to help with and I offered my help. Several times.  Allen ignored my offer.  Nonetheless, I did watch her from a distance to see what she was about, including how she represented her district at the Legislature and how she voted. Don't get me started on that. 

Somewhere along the way I heard about the ABC agreement: Allen, Barton, Crandall.  This was an agreement to switch seats with Barton when her looming term limit came and Barton would run for Senate and Allen would run for House.  ALL THREE AGREED TO THIS PLAN.  Since the party in that district, spanning Navajo, Gila and Coconino Counties, was happy with this trio, it seemed to be a good idea to keep all in office.  It's not easy to find good candidates like Barton or even mediocre ones like Allen in these small communities.

At some point, Sylvia left the Senate and got elected to the Navajo Board of Supervisors and Chester Crandall moved up to the Senate. When he passed on after an accident, Sylvia decided to run for Chester's seat in the Senate.  She barely squeaked to a win.  One can make the case that the ABC plan was nullified at that point but in fact, Allen thought it was a great idea for first her, then Crandall, to move from Senate to House to keep Barton in the mix, but she doesn't think that idea is so great this year when Barton is termed out.  Barton is the one with impeachable principles.  For Sylvia to say she never made such an agreement is just plain false.

Back to NCRC.  MacKean's 1st Vice Chair was Dara Vanesian, a close friend and a closet libertarian.  She rounded up new recruits to grow the committee.  Unbeknownst to MacKean, they were all libertarians, not republicans.  When it came time to hold district elections, Vanesian ran against MacKean and won by four using the libertarian votes.  Some friend!  Vanesian went on to do nothing with the district. By the time of the next election, many of the republican stalwarts had left and Vanesian was the only candidate for Chairman.  The district continued to dwindle until there were no meetings, no activities, no anything - except money in the treasury.  She stands accused now of misusing the treasury for her own pursuits and that is yet to be settled.  Where was Allen's outrage then over the diminution of the Republican party in Navajo County?

In 2016, Steve Slaton came along and, with MacKean, decided to reconstitute the district that had been dormant for essentially four years.  Slaton is a Vietnam veteran and is Commander of the VFW Post in Snowflake.  Being military, he is used to discipline and doing things the right way. I started attending the meetings again.  Slaton ran the district like a business, straight and honestly and by the book.  Disciplined.  The meetings I attended were well run and orderly.  Allen was not in attendance. 

Then the Lines recall effort came along and Allen and Slaton disagreed about that.  Apparently, it became a breaking point for Sylvia that Lines might be recalled and Navajo County might be the deciding votes!  That's when things got very tense in NCRC and it seems Allen started to attend meetings more regularly.  She attended the meeting in Show Low where she called the speaker, me, a Nazi. I was asked to explain the process for vetting membership applicants for Arizona Republican Assembly.  The goal of that organization is to recruit and accept those who are Republicans and who believe in the Constitution and the party platform, not as pieces of paper, but as the right guidelines laid out by the Founding Fathers.  Allen jumped in and said that was just the way Hitler started - he vetted. I continued on and she continued to jump in and disrupt. Finally, I asked her if she was calling me and the organization Nazis.  She sputtered in denial but then I said we vetted to be sure we were not accepting democrats.  She responded, "Maybe you should!"  Maybe she thought that would qualify her for membership!

When I finished, Allen jumped up without bothering to get the floor properly and proceeded to give a speech on civility and unity.  It was a good speech with a good message.  It became clear to me that she had brought a lot of her family members and a heated discussion ensued thereafter, all against the sitting board and in particular, against the Chairman, Slaton.  That idea of civility lasted about 45 minutes. It was apparent that she had an organized plan to disrupt and discredit Slaton! The meeting concluded with a lot of tightly drawn lines created by Allen.

In the parking lot, I was standing at MacKean's car discussing the meeting and the next steps in getting signatures for the recall of Lines when Allen charged up to me and started yelling in my face.  'Let's be civil' flew out the window: do as I say, not as I do is Allen's motto!  I don't recall the exact words she was using but she was quite crude and insulting.  As I began to walk away, her husband called me an ugly name.  The war for the NCRC was on!  Odd, I thought, Allen was a disinterested member of the NCRC until the recall of Lines began.

It was after that Allen formed a new Republican Party apparatus. She denied doing it but that has been proven false.  She was so committed to keeping Lines in office, I had to wonder just what her pay off was.

The bottom line is this: if Slaton and MacKean had not re-formed NCRC, there would be no organized party in Navajo County. Allen sure did not pick up the pieces and get it going again but now she suddenly wants to have it for her own.  She's willing to steal it which, in my opinion, is just what she did with the help of Jonathan Lines.  I don't believe anything like this has happened in recent years in the AZGOP. Illegal? That would be for a court to decide but it will not get that far. Unethical? Yes. Unscrupulous, disreputable, dirty-dealing?  Absolutely.  This is the Senator making decisions on our behalf in the state legislature. Think about that for a moment.

Do I think district chairs will step forward to correct this situation?  Few, if any.

Some ask why people are leaving the Republican party.  This is the reason! 

Other means must be used to keep Arizona red because these tactics are a recipe for electing democrats who focus on the goal, the enemy - the republicans.  The Republicans focus on advancing their personal agendas. Not all, for certain. However, we know the story of the one bad apple in the barrel. Arizona has enough bad apples to ruin not just a few barrels but the entire party.

To me, the question is, will the Legislators also turn a blind eye to this?  Will they continue to support Lines and Allen just in hopes of getting a cut of the election funding?  Will Allen keep her coveted committee chairmanship? 

It's looking like the Legislature will have its hands full with a myriad of problems this session!  This I know: nothing good will come of this brouhaha that Sylvia Allen created.

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Drain the swamp

Has the Republican Party gone Crazy? Yes, but it didn’t just happen yesterday, we’ve been in a cold war against each other for quite some time. The founders paid with blood, sweat, and tears to bring us out from under the enslavement of King George lll of Great Britain. Once again we find ourselves at war but this time it’s against homegrown Americans.  This war is no different because we are still faced with the reality that it is costing us our Freedom of Speech, Ethics, and Integrity! Having said that, I am actively seeking a Republican candidate with God-given morals to run for the Senate seat in LD6. I’ll be damned if this Veteran who fought in Vietnam and whose Great Grandfather 4 times removed who fought in the Revolutionary War with uncles and aunts who served in all the wars in between,  will permit the likes of Sylvia Allen and some of her minions go unchecked. Some of those minions, who by the way were too busy making money to serve one day in the military are now using that money to put an end to the system of government we’ve fought so hard to preserve. Perhaps it’s time for all  Veterans to once again take up their banners of freedom and help stamp out these embers of near treasonous acts purported by these Alinsky followers.  I too, as my wife before me, stand with Steve Slaton and Karen MacKean. Veterans, are you with me?

Thank you Lynne, for supporting my friends Steve and Karen! They are good people, and care about our Country and State.  I have been battling this with them, and Sylvia is fake, and very dishonest and shady.  I'm tired of her bullying people, and using her power to bring down others, no matter what the cost.  We need a person in that seat who has integrity, and follows the rules.  Thank you for all you do!  It was a pleasure hearing you speak at our meeting!  You are every intelligent, and a true conservative!  We cannot give up, or give in!  

Angela Sadler

NCRC Secretary

To do nothing in the face of dishonesty is to extend an endorsement to that activity.  There are many voices in the rural counties not being heard.  Allen facilitate taking out an opponent of Lines and should not be re-elected.  I am researching her history and plan on a public media campaign against her.  That will only be useful, if the people of Navajo county have primary candidate running against her.

As to Lines there is a lot of dishonesty, breaking of his word and with holding information.  Lines will not answer questions or take phone calls.  Mathew Kenney is the most dishonest political hack I have ever heard about.  IS it an honest activity to hire or recruit a translator to round up PCs to obtain their proxy for other PCs?  The history in LD23 is well documented.  A 34 or was it 32 vote victory for Lines is not a mandate especially with the history of questionable AZGOP elections.  Especially, if there is not a process to validate the election results.

You say - Maybe all rural politics runs into issues of control.  I live in Cochise county and the answer is NO.  We are in LD14 consisting of 3+ counties, over 20% of the counties in AZ, whereas in Maricopa county there are so many LDs I can to keep nor do I try to track who they are.  Maricopa county or maybe it should be noted the LDs in Maricopa county seem to have the desire to control issues and what ever you want to call the type of politics practiced by some.

The Washington D.C. swamp is really and sewer flowing out to here in the west and sinking up the cess pool in Phoenix.

Thank you Lynne Breyer for your input as to facts and opinion as what I believe my CCRC - Cochise County Republican Committee - and DL14 chair people will step up to take what ever action suitable.  I had 50% of the state committeemen/women ready to recall Lines.  Too bad it failed in Maricopa.

That's great Bruce!  I stand with you!

Allen needs to be kicked out, if someone in Navajo is willing to run against her.

I agree with you 100%... We need a good person in that seat!

It seems Steve Slaton would be the obvious choice. But he would have trouble in Flagstaff. There so few Constitutional republicans there. They didn't seem to like Allen much though.

Unfortunately Steve no longer lives LD6......   otherwise Sylvia would be kissing her seat goodby!     But other good people do and I know of one or two that would be great candidates.   Don't give in or give up hope for a solid conservative that will keep their promises and hold to the truth.    Promises and integrity matter in politics and in life, no matter what anyone tries to construe as half truths, they aren't the real deal.   

 That's the reason we all are completely disgusted with McCain and Flake.... and the other's in congress who never seem to get that telling the truth and standing for what is right, ALL THE TIME,, is what is required of all elected representatives, not just some, some of the time.!

All Allen had to do was stand up and tell the truth..... but she choose the dark path and went behind our backs and colluded with Lines to get what SHE wanted!   Not good, and she's gonna pay for it.     

Drain the swamp

Well written article!

When Sylvia Allen ran for Senate after Crandall's passing, it was against a Republican turned Independent who eventually turned Democrat.  It was a desperation move by the GOP to keep the seat from O'Halleran  when they got Allen to run.

She has proven to be a little too "flakey" for my taste and this fraudulent attempt to rescue Lines is way over the top.

Jay Clagg - it is not a swamp.  It is a cess pool being filled by the sewer draining down from Washington D.C.

Dick Sperry - keep us informed as to who you find for a candidate.  I am with you!  I was a Sgt E-5 during the Vietnam Era and was fortunate never to have been sent into that mess.  But I survived political wars in 5 major national and world wide corporations.  As a Jaycee managed to receive national & state of Minnesota first place honors for government activity.

There is an Arizona Republican Revolution.  The recall of Lines maybe over but that was only a skirmish.  It is just begun.  The disgraceful treatment of Secretary Gabby makes Al Franken look like a saint. Be assured - Navajo county is not alone in the fight to return integrity and honesty of the AZGOP leadership - all to regain the trust of the PCs and GOP voters.

The attachments are but an example of what needs to be done. What can be done. What will take time to be done.  I know first hand that the national powers are concerned about the struggles of the AZGOP internal warring.  But they are not listening.  Graham destroyed trust and integrity of the AZGOP.  Lines can not find it does not know how and in many ways is nothing more tan a puppet dancing to the tune of the elites simultaneously in denial that he is a McCainite.

I would be surprised if Steve, Karen and Angela would be allowed entrance to the 1/27/2018 mandatory meeting. 

Read the attached carefully.  I need facts and evidence and am building a folder of info on Allen.  Is there a copy of the illegal call letter?   Can copies of the mail receipts Steve talked about be sent to me?  Is there any references to Allen's bogus legislation such a bill numbers?  Someone said she voted for the National Popular Vote (NPV) compact but that was only passed in the House & did not come up for a vote in the Senate controlled by Senate President (then) Senator Biggs.

NOTE: The NPV effort has bypassed the state legislature and gone to a general election referendum.




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