[Editor:  You will remember that it was Sen. Sylvia Allen who called fellow Republicans Nazis in a meeting of the NCRC because they were representing the Arizona Republican Assembly.  She said then she had been a member in the past.  Our bet is that she would not be accepted as a member now!  Not for her Nazi comment, although that would be sufficient cause to refuse her membership since that organization is committed to Republican Platform patriots.  But this letter supports other actions by Sen. Allen's recent off-the-rails behavior.]

State Senator Sylvia Allen, LD6, Snowflake, last week formed a group calling themselves “the Newly Formed Republicans of Navajo County”. Now this is very misleading, since they have no authority with Navajo County Republican Committee or any part of elections here in Navajo County.

To become an active political committee, you must file with the state and county as well as file financial reports with the state.

Now if Senator Allen is collecting donations at these new meetings, it is illegal.

The Navajo County Election Director, along with Chairman Slaton of the authorized Republican Committee of Navajo County, is alarmed by this development by Senator Allen. 

We have already had one person being misled by Senator Allen in her new group, believing her group was the offical Republican Committee, according to Chairman Slaton. [This smacks of fraud on the part of the Senator to us]

It is well known that Senator Allen does not support the current Executive Board of the Navajo County Republican Committee due to their involvement in draining the AZGOP swamp and the [removal of] AZGOP Chairman Lines from office because of his failure to follow the AZGOP Bylaws, as well as violating State Statutes.

Senator Allen is in support of not following State Statutes governed by the AZGOP. She openly did not support Chairman Slaton's motion at the Flagstaff statutory meeting for Chairman Lines to turn over the records which is required by our Bylaws, as well State Statutes. (AZ. Attorney General’s office is looking into this matter).

During the time all this was all going on, Senator Allen was crying “unitity” but, not supporting the NCRC Chairman. She insisted we support Chairman Lines and to ignore his failures to uphold the law!

This has been a continuing pattern by Senator Allen over the past few years where she has become involved with the McCainites who are running the party. Also, she has not denounced Senator Jeff Flake, for his lack of support for the President and open borders, etc. Therefore, she supports him defacto.

Senator Allen also went back on her word to Representative Brenda Barton (LD6), when she did not switch with Brenda to run for the House seat and Brenda for the Senate seat. Many years ago, Senator Allen, Brenda Barton, and Chester Crandall (now deceased) all agreed to switch when their term limits were up. Senator Allen needs to keep this verbal commitment to Representative Barton, which will in turn keep a strong conservative voice here in Navajo County, Coconino County, Gila County, Yavapai County.

She recently decided not to do so. She even denied she ever agreed to this. We were privy to these conversations as stong supporters of Allen, Barton & Crandell holding townhalls and events all over Navajo County for the 2010, 2012 & 2014 election cycles. I honestly don’t believe Senator Allen would be reneging on her promise if Senator Crandell was still alive.

Senator Allen’s newly formed group is not the offcial Republican Committee of Navajo County. Four years ago the same group of people took over the Navajo County Republican Committee. The results were corruption and destroying the Republican base up here with the former Chairman and Executive Committee who are being investigated by the Navajo County attorney’s office for misuse of funds ($23,000 missing funds).

The Executive Committee of the Navajo County Republican Committee and other committee’s in LD6 strongly suggest Senator Allen live up to her commitment as promised, to switch and run for the House seat and let Brenda Barton run for Senate.

If Senator Allen decides not to honor her commitment, we at the Executive Committee of the Navajo County Republican Committee can not support her.

Her actions are dividing the Republicans and could lead to a Democrat win for Senate & House of LD6.

Steven Slaton


Navajo County Republican County

[Editor: A few days ago we said that Republicans excel at eating their own.  Sen. Allen has just proven that once again!  She apparently forgets she works for we the people and is not elected to defy them.]

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Chairman Steve Slaton, is a true patriot, who is moral, upright, honest, and dignified.  A true politician must match their words, and Mrs. Allen must not use her authority to cravenly further her own interests.  We do not need unprincipled people in office, this leads to corruption.  Sylvia Allen uses her power to bully, threaten, and belittle people.  Ask yourself "Do we need this type of person representing the State of Arizona?  What really is going on here, is that we have a fake Republican in office, who refuses to be accountable for her own actions, and stands by shady and scandalous people in office.  Being an American, we should uphold the Constitution, and what it stands for.  Mrs. Allen will do anything in her power to make herself look good, no matter what the cost is.

Oh, Ms. Sadler, you are so very right about our current politicians.  I have read all of Mr. Slaton's messages on this site and he does sound to me like a man who just believes in the rule of laws and our beautiful country and state. We do so deserve to be served well by those we elect.  Ms. Allen's behavior is very low and it is so disappointing.  Perhaps someone will run against her so that people there have a choice.

Thank you for your response, Mr. Slaton is a wonderful person, and an excellent Chairman!  who is a True American and Patriot!! 

Chairman Slaton is a strong leader who shows up whenever there is a job to be done. I see him at every fund raising event here in Gila County supporting the Grassroots principles our Party is supposed to be based on. He walks the talk in every respect.  He is a veteran. He pulls no punches. He was elected Chairman of his county by the PCs of his county. And he stands against the Machine of the Ruling Class Establishment Elites.                                                                              

Need anymore be said?  

Well said Tom!!  Thank you!!

We can settle the argument about who is needed to lead the Republican Party, by simply asking for a position on NANOETHICS. On this federal government website, the government admits they are creating Super Soldiers, Cyborgs and Monster Assassins. They claim babies are not human yet, therefore have no rights. Who is playing God with innocent lives? It takes courage to be a leader, so I have informed Senator Allen and Chairman Slatton about the Shadow Government in Navajo County that are directly involved in the Internet Mind Control Games, yet they refuse to take a public position on the issues involved, even as we witness more acts of Terrorism carried out by the Monsters they are creating. President Trump calls them "Losers, given no choice but death". Why is the government involved in the discussion about God-given Free Will? Read this and weep for our nation! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2837217/

I'm guessing Allen is involved or at least knows about the shadow govt in Navajo county.  She was a county supervisor in between her two stints in the legislature.  She because the shadow gov when she formed an alternative republican party in that county.  Big human trafficking up there I saw in AFA article. Why doesn't she spend her time dealing with that instead. much more productive.  Thanks for the link Brad



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