[Editor: You may recall that Sen. Sylvia Allen has been actively trying to unseat the current Navajo County Republican Committee Board.  She doesn't  like that they believe Jonathan Lines deserves to be recalled.  Now what is there to criticize about wanting to recall a Chairman who has systematically ignored proper behavior, the AZGOP Bylaws, refused to seat a duly elected Secretary or give her access to records accorded her in the Bylaws, hand-picking the State Committeemen in his voting district of Yuma County instead of holding a legal election?  Oh, that last one tells the story: Lines is prone to committing actions illegal to the AZGOP and Sen. Allen is just following orders.  We will certainly not forget what she calls Republicans who disagree with her - Nazis.  To their face and publicly!  Looks to us like Obama's Deep State is firmly established in Arizona by Lines, Allen and McCain/Flake.  There are just too many skunks in the swamp in AZ.]

Here is the latest skirmish:

[Sen. Allen has lined up a guy to illegally call a special meeting of the NCRC to take out Chairman Steven Slaton, 1st VC Karen MacKean and all other officers and replace them with her choices, presumably family members.  That smacks of corruption on so many levels that we don't have enough column to lay it all out!!  She doesn't even see the problem with that or think it is a problem for an elected Senator to actively orchestrate the removal of duly elected officers who won't do her bidding.  It looks to us like she is channelling McCain!]

Wrote Chairman Slaton:

"We knew Lines would put out his B.S letter. he doesn't care about bylaws or the rule of law.
Chairman Lines, by giving this illegal meeting platitude, truly shows his contempt to the rule of law as [does] Sylvia Allen. All chairs and LD leaders NEED TO STEP UP AND DEMAND Lines to follow the law and bylaws. [emphasis added]  
"Everybody in LD-6 needs to find another candidate to run in Allen's place. Here she once again showed that she's not for rule of law or bylaws. In a matter of fact she's been [] Chair of the State Education Committee, she's been cutting schools' building maintenance programs, forcing cities of Winslow and Show Low to raise property taxes through bonds to cover her cutting. And at the same time Allen got a new gym built on her charter school in Snowflake. [Well, well, corruption runs deep  in the Allen family.]
"If she used the excuse that there was no money, then how did she get her gym built?
"I'll be sending out op-eds to all of the newspapers on her and Lines. I'll also expose the Senator's use of her position for nepotism. [Yep.  She does!] If these RINO John McCain supporters [are] the AZGOP, then its time for County Chairs and LD leaders pull the plug on them. Come on, If anyone wants to stay associated with people who are not willing to follow the RULE OF LAW or BYLAWS, its time to expose anyone who doesn't want to step up. That means asking other elected officials and candidates to stand up and do what's right, follow the Rule of Law, and if not, then they need to be exposed in the press. Maybe then they will do the right thing. We'll See!!!!"

This letter is the response to Allen's unethical and dishonorable behavior:

On November 8th all elected NCRC PC’s received from a Jim Oakley Vance, one of the elected pc’s, a notice “call for and notice of meeting” the purpose of which is to remove the NCRC Executive Board and rescind the bylaws.  This “call” or “notice of a meeting” is void and non-compliant, here is why:  

 ARTICLE III page 6:

The call and notice must contain the time and place of the Special Meeting and the object or objects thereof. Any call must be delivered to the Secretary at least thirty (30) days before the date of the proposed meeting. In the event of a call issued by Voting Members or by the Executive Committee, the Secretary shall immediately notify each person or group who may be threatened by the object of the meeting and give them ten (10) days to inspect the call and challenge any questionable signatures. If at the expiration of such time, the required number of qualified signer’s remains, the Secretary shall mail the Notice of the Call. (Only the secretary can do this, no one else not Mr. Vance).

Article III Item C page 6 of bylaws for a Special Meeting. 

Special meetings may be held at any time by: A written call issued by the County Chairman, or signed by twenty percent (20%) or more of the Members representing at least three (3) precincts, or signed by forty percent (40%) of the members of the Executive Committee; and Written notice of the call containing the information herein required being mailed to every Member by the Secretary at least ten (10) days before the meeting.

Those who signed the call for a meeting did not reach the threshold of 3 PRECINCTS they only have 2 precincts with signatures. No Executive Committee signed the call letter. This as well voids out a call for a meeting.

Article III Item D Quorum.

A quorum for the transaction of any business of the NCRC shall be at least one-third (1/3) of the elected NCRC OFFICERS or appointed NCRC OFFICERS. They should be, in person or by proxy to be represented by a person. If the number necessary to constitute a quorum shall fail to attend in person or by proxy at the time and place fixed for the Statutory or Mandatory Meeting or fixed by call and notice.


None of the elected or appointed NCRC officers will be at this illegal meeting, which does not recognize this as an official meeting of the NCRC. Mr. Vance’s failure to follow the NCRC bylaws, and special meeting requirements as stated above. There has to be a quorum for any meeting. No quorum no meeting.


It was stated in the call letter, bylaws changes were not received by those who signed this call letter, proper notice of the bylaw changes for review! I have the mailer receipts when they were mailed and they all voted “yea” to approve the bylaws changes. We have this recorded not only in the minutes we have the tape recording as well.  


Steven Slaton

Chairman of the Official Navajo County Republican Committee

CC: Chairman Jonathan Lines AZGOP

CC: Secretary Gabby Mercer

CC: Mark Brnovich Arizona State Attorney General

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 It is apparent that Sylvia is not for the rule of law, although she spouts her knowledge and acceptance of the US Constitution. But, what about following AZGOP bylaws? Do we not set an example by following the laws and rules at home, thereby instilling confidence in the electorate that if we are elected to office we will follow the Bigger law of the land? What is clearly happening here is revenge against Steve Slaton for the truths he's written about her. Truths that she has been unwilling to accept and thereby unwilling to change course. What is more despicable is that she is also aiding and abetting some of her constituents to follow her unconscionable direction and the AZGOP bylaws be damned!  People, this nation can no longer afford leaders like this. We need strong candidates with courage, values, integrity, and morals that will defend this nation against this kind of corruption not add to it.  We also need to be vigilant of those that support and associate wholeheartedly with these individuals that would deceive us. If they support this kind of activity, what and who else will they support. And is it just that they too are seeking popularity and will eventually follow suit?   I support Chairman Steve Slaton and Vice Chairman Karen McKean. 

Rose you're so right about Allen, she voted 4 the Amended HB 2184 to take authority from Supt of Public Instruction even after hearing many testify against it on Constitutional grounds and then when we got it killed in the House she voted 4 SB 1469 doing the same thing as the GOP Bosses told them to do. These office holders need to be removed and she's not the only one, look at the votes 4 the National Popular Vote, Prop 123 and more, if the voter activists won't take a stand against all of them then there's really not much left to do.
God Bless You; Van 

Rose, my friend in D23 showed me an article Sylvia Allen wrote for her hometown paper about the Constitution.  I showed it around to my other political friends in AZ, some in her district.  What she wrote was very troubling to me because I know she talks a lot about the Constitution and this article was about the Constitution as I remember but she said we have INalienable rights.  We don't because INalienable rights can be taken from you by government. We have UNalienable rights, given to us by God. They can never be taken from us!  Except in death.  We can be denied the exercise of them by man but we still have them!  It's shocking how many times I hear politicians say inalienable rights when talking about the Constitution.  She's not alone but she is chairman of the Education Committee.  I too stand with Slaton and MacKean!

The natural rights of life and liberty are UNALIENABLE. Bouvier's Law Dictionary 1856 Edition

"Unalienable: incapable of being alienated, that is, sold and transferred." Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, page 1523:

You can not surrender, sell or transfer unalienable rights, they are a gift from the creator to the individual and can not under any circumstances be surrendered or taken. All individuals have unalienable rights.

Inalienable rights: Rights which are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights. Morrison v. State, Mo. App., 252 S.W.2d 97, 101.

Hi Rose; The key to this entire discussion is Our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS were Granted to us by GOD not man, therefore no one can take them although our governments at all levels are doing so with laws and regulations put in effect by those voted into office and those in the Agencies we pay for.

There's only One Solution to this and it hasn't changed We the People must exercise Our God Granted Rights to Vote them Out of Office, so find Citizens you can Trust & Support to Protect Our God Granted Rights and Vote them IN.  God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

I say call them by their names and stop pussyfooting around: Traitors.  Or, just come right to the point and call them A$$holes

I just checked the Navaho web site.  Seems more press releases are needed see at: http://www.navajocountyazgop.org/press-releases for old updates.  If someone will provide the press address in the county, I will be pleased to send nasty gram letters to the editor regarding La LULU Allen.  The media releases also need to be sent to any local TV and radio stations in the county.

Timing is everything.  We can sit and bloviate all day and all week and all month on these AFA blogs or the MCRC BRIEFS but a concerted effort to reveal the truth about Allen in the months of July and August before the primary coming from all over the state could have the effect of 69 Tomahawks dropped on Syria.

Bombs away La LULU Allen.

Bruce: there is one newspaper in the area that everyone reads - White Mountain Independent.  It comes out Tuesday and Friday.  They LOVE controversy.  You have two options, the best of which is the Opinions section: wmi.central  If you get straight to the point and keep your opinion relatively short, I guarantee it will get posted.  But don't stop there. Get others to send in opinions about the scurrilous behavior of Allen. Spread them out like every other week.  You can also write an article backed up with facts for their Guest Column on the Opinions page.  Again, write a letter to the Editor that is  longer.  That runs across the top of the Editorial page.  Here is that link: Editorials

Anyone else interested who has hard evidence - about some of her worst votes like National Popular Vote and the many others - go for it.  Keep it up until August 2018!  Allen barely won last election.  Go to our tab Arizona Newspapers and you will find links to the Holbrook, Winslow and Flagstaff newspapers where you can also bust LULU.



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