LD23’s new policy to review and approve any resolution which in their view is “defamatory” and/or “unsubstantiated” is a clear attempt to stifle free speech.  If this policy is allowed to stand it would be impossible to have a resolution for “censure” or any resolution with which they or future boards disagree.  How many attempts have there been in the past to censure Robert Graham or McCain or to set some other wrong to right?  What about a resolution against a future errant board?  Under LD23’s new policy those could certainly be considered “defamatory” and “unsubstantiated” and therefore not allowed. We are witnessing the current and past AZGOP board using this same policy.  How is that working?

The LD23 Board has just told its members “we know better” so don’t even consider taking a principled position using a resolution clearly provided for in the By-Laws. 

So, how might we envision this new policy really working?  In light of the 10-day window, will such resolutions need to be submitted even earlier?  Does it take a simple majority to approve or deny acceptance of a submitted resolution?  Or, should it require a unanimous decision?   What will the review process entail?  Will there be a “hearing/trial?”  Will there be an opportunity to present and argue the case?  Shouldn’t the body have a say whether to implement such a far-reaching policy?

On the surface this policy sounds like the board overreacted and resorted to “hindsight being 20/20”  and tried to come up with a way to prevent any resolution from being distributed in the future.   Do they think they will be deluged with more submissions of this type?  Does historical data indicate this is a significant problem in search of such a severe solution?

LD23’s new policy is clearly a response to cover their own behinds for not having taken appropriate remedial actions to such known destructive behavior much earlier.

I really am terribly concerned that LD23 is willing to operate in a very authoritarian manner and believe this policy should be re-considered. 

[Editor: Here is a link to the article quoting the LD23 Policy in question: http://arizonafreedomalliance.ning.com/group/all-things-conservativ...

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WTH is going on in LD23? They were the premiere conservative district. Have they been taken over by the establishment Meuhling quislings?  Their "policy" is just plain stupid. I'm reminded of the time the democrats invoked the nuclear option thinking they would always be in power. Now they are regretting it. Regret tastes very bad.

My buddies in LD23 are feeling screwed on this "policy"  There is something behind this they aren't telling. Looks like the Bully Quislings got to them.  We all read all the garbage those people put out everywhere. Why would the board go through all that stuff defending the SCs and then throw one, the one with the guts, under the bus?  Intimidation? blackmail? Pay offs? Anything possible in politics. Gonna miss LD23. They always made me want to be in that district.

Just what is happening to our "free speech" in America? We are becoming what the European Parliament of bureaucrats have done to the sovereign individual rights abroad ... where they have censored free speech !! The President of the European Parliament may "decide to delete from the audiovisual record of the proceedings those parts of a speech by a Member that contain defamatory, racist or xenophobic language". This is nothing but a tyrannical decree under the cloak of a "democracy". LD23 bureaucrats are doing just the same thing ... quick grab the hijabs to hide the faces of evil. Since so many of our own politicians look to the EU for being front runners of a "democracy", we see only a MOB RULE becoming the new normal for our Constitutionally LIMITED Republic. Common sense is becoming new "deplorables".

Why all the talk of "democracy"?  We've all heard the correct definition, 3 wolves and a sheep deciding on dinner.  What ever happened to the Founder's republic?  Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech?  Something has gone terribly wrong, probably beginning about the time the ink dried on the last signature to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Government largess of power and control encroached upon the Liberty within America.

I live in Yuma, but it sounds to me like they're creating the official AZGOP "Safe Space."

what I can say is what I just posted on the page LD23 - Quislings themselves?  Sheila Muehling called me, think she is calling everyone she can think of that she ever met. she called the wrong person when she called me. I remember what she did in LD7 which is not mostly LD15. she's in a panic. Too bad. This crap catches up with you sooner or later. I can imagine what's going to happen between her and other members on the MCRC Board before they are done with their 12 yrs.  Bombs away!!!

There was only one attempt to censure McCain and it worked. 

Not exactly.  The first resolution was written by former MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro and submitted on time to Graham.  Graham had his staff re-write it to the point it was nothing like the original.  Taking an activists approach, AJ and a team of volunteers swarmed the attendees as they arrived in the dark at the State Meeting and got the signatures needed to force the original to the floor.  That is the one that passed.  Since that time, McCain and AZGOP have spent a good amount of time and a lot of Democrat money to purge conservatives from the party.

And speaking of Resolutions, last night, LD26, run by an establishment Chairman, passed a Resolution to Censure Jonathan Lines.  One AFA member asked, I wonder if they checked it for defamatory or unsubstantiated language. Anyone know?



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