In a meeting recently, one of the people there mentioned that the stars on the Republican elephant were upside down.  Odd.  How did that happen?

Take a look at the elephant we use on the home page of this tab - 

here's how the stars are supposed to look:

Notice the stars are pointed up. The star in modern times is based in part on the circle of man and Michaelangelo's creation to show man with outspread and welcoming arms stands just as the stars.

Notice that somewhere along the way, the stars were shifted so they are pointed down, upside down, a pentagram. Who did that and what does it mean?

The origin of the 5-pointed star came from the ancient Greeks and Babylonians.  The sign in later cultures was used as a Christian symbol, denoting the five wounds of Christ.  As life went on, the five-pointed star took on other meanings such as virtue, the five senses of humans, five fingers and so on but always came back to the five wounds of Jesus.

Over time, many cultures adopted the symbol of the five-pointed star and used it for their cultural beliefs. in the 15th Century, Michelangelo created one of the most renowned interpretations of the star also often known as the circle of man.  While it took on many interpretations over time, it rarely lost its origins of being a Christian symbol.

Along the way, other cultures used the pentagram as their symbols as well, but those cultures died out fairly quickly.

Until the mid-19th Century when the Satanists adopted it and turned it upside down.  Writers of the time deemed the symbol with the point at the bottom, chief among them Eliphas Levi, to be evil and a symbol of evil, the triumph of matter over spirit.  The star point at the top symbolizes Christ, good, magic, top triangle pointing to Heaven,  as in the Magic of Christ.  

Here is the way the star - the pentagram - is often now portrayed by cultists such as Satanist and Wicans/Warlocks.  If you have checked out such a cultist group, you know that they observe all kinds of bizarre ceremonies and this is their symbol with the goats head in the center, beard creating the single down point, two points on either side replicate the goat's ears and the two points at the top symbolizing the horns of the goat or the horns of Satan.  

Now, how did it come to pass that our Republican elephant and some American flags and other symbols of America began to display the pentagram star, the star of Satan?

Said one person in a Christian forum: "I voted for Bush. Now I see that right after he was elected in 2000, the Republicans changed their elephant stars to pentagrams."  Indeed, that is the time frame in which the elephant logo had its stars turned upside down.  The question is, why?  What does it mean? Why did it not get righted with Obama?

If you search "republican elephant" you will likely find a page sprinkled with the upside down star elephant logo. But don't blame this entirely on the Republicans.  Hillary was shown at rallies during the 2016 campaign with flags with upside down stars -  pentagrams.

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Interesting, interesting trivia ...I hope!

This appears to me to be truly Satanic evil for the heart of evil is in being a superior human group. Our Constitution states that all are created with unalienable rights, but today all we hear and see is our government giving us inalienable rights that "they" determine as for our own good. That was the entitlement program called Obamacare.  As Frederick Douglass, the famous black abolitionist told us ... in his lecture "Popular Error and Unpopular Truth", ... "Our Constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes of citizens for all citizens are equal before the law. It has long been the desire of our enemies to deepen and widen the line of separation between the white and colored people".  Today it seems we are now a Collectivist group depicted our political affiliations, our skin color, our religion, our economic class, our work ethics, our moral culture and our symbols, all of which is un-American. There are no rights to equality, only the opportunity to achieve, for symbols of evil and group thinking all attack the smallest minority of all ... the Individual ... so hold your head up high, not down into the canyon of hell. When the flag of the USA is flown upside down which way do those stars point? Down.   

The stars on the GOP logo are not upside down, they are just pointed to the RIGHT !

The upside down star points no more to the right than it does to the left, or was your remark in jest?

According to the Newtonian Laws of Physics that's an impossibility. Surely a jest .. LoL.

I never noticed that before so after reading this I did some research of my own. Yep. The stars have been deliberately turned upside down and it looks like the Bushes did it. You know all of them belong to Skull and Bones the secret society for 3-4 generations back.

As are the stars in the U.S. Navy grade insignia.

In my research, I read that the gov (taxpayers) spent millions to change the stars across all government agencies. This was a deliberate act so one would have to ask, why spend that kind of money to change all the stars without a darn good reason?  The only reason I could find is that they could do it so they did.  Quietly.

The veil of secrecy is to destroy the national sovereignty and our nationalism joining us with "The New World Order" where America is on our knees to a centralized authoritian government. 

I wonder if Flag makers - US and otherwise - were given instructions to change the stars?  And another question I've always wondered is, where do all the flag burners, especially in the Muslim countries, get their flags from?  :)



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