[Editor:  Even if you are not a precinct committeeman in AZ or your state, what we are about to experience from the McCain Cabal is what we have been seeing from Obama for the last eight years.  We exposed Graham for what he is nearly five years ago but foolish state committeemen elected him twice. Now what we have is our own little Hitler right in our back yard. Why does this matter to everyone whether a PC or not?  Because these are the people who elect PARTY leadership and party leadership gets loads of RNC money. As we saw this last election, Graham spent Trump money to campaign for McCain.  How many republican PCs voted for the democrat in that race?  Did you?  This tyrant who belongs entirely to McCain as we have been saying for nearly five years (we started months before Graham was elected the first time four years ago) is instructed to prevent O'Connor from being elected in any way he can.  Remember, he interfered in Republican Party districts across Maricopa County and even in Yuma according to one AFA member who reported back to us. That makes 10 districts out of 30 that McCain through Graham attempted to control and he succeeded in all by LD23 with 119 votes.

We have had the info below for a week or more. We have been reluctant to post this because we can't verify who wrote it even though we have plenty of information that shows this post is correct.  So we are posting it for you, given the events surrounding this election, so you can be the Paul Revere's who spread the word.  If PCs allow this to happen to one district, it will not be long before it happens to your district. And we will be getting a straight shot for Flake in 2018.]

McCain's Right Hand Man to Become AZ GOP Executive Director

> January 4, 2016
> Trump Coalition Member
> As you know the upcoming Arizona GOP State meeting is happening this month. The NeverTrump Movement is in full force from the establishment McCain and Flake camps. The reason being that Jeff Flake is up for re-election in 2018 and needs to have full control over the AZ GOP in order to secure a victory from anyone who would dare to challenge him in the upcoming primary season.

> >> McCain and Flake have both struck a deal with Jonathan Lines to get a NeverTrumper and John McCain's minion employee "Matt Kenney" as the new Executive Director of the Arizona Republican Party. 
> >> 
> >> They vowed to make sure that only McCain supporters run for offices in Arizona and destroy the rest of them in the primary with the help of the state party. Trump wasn't wrong when he said the system is rigged. Matt Kenney [we proved in 2015 that he was a paid staffer at AZGOP working for Graham] knows everything about destroying the Grassroots movement , he is a primary implementer in the movement now known as The Purge of the conservative precinct committeeman . People who had dealt with him confirm that he is very rude and he is also most famously known for calling both Mr. and Mrs. Kelli Ward on primary night to insult them and talk trash about the McCain victory. 
> >> 
> >> Everyone thought Jonathan lines is a supporter of trump but now people are having second thoughts as he is committed to hiring a NeverTrumper to lead the party. If the big donors had any wherewithal they would take Jonathan to task by inquiring as to why he is so keen on not moving away from employing a NeverTrumper. Jonathan has to answer to all the Republicans in the state about how he can make sure that the party is neutral in the primary when he has people who worked on filling PC slots with fake voters to take away that slot from grassroot conservatives who had tirelessly worked for Trump. As you might have read in the ADI article
> >> 
> >> https://arizonadailyindependent.com/2016/12/05/status-quo-establish... 
> >> 
> >> Kenney was seen proactively whipping votes for Cruz at the State convention and is known in circles as a never trumper. You might have read in MCRC Briefs  http://archives.mcrcbriefs.org/2016/12/12-23-16-briefs.html?m=1 about the purge of the conservatives led by an organization by the name of Arizona Grassroots Action PAC. It is a MCCAIN organization that is headed up by none other than Matt Kenney himself.  [This is the third election in a row that McCain used Democrat money to purge the party of conservative precinct committeemen. Some of our team members have been targeted.]
> >> 
> >> Additionally word on the street is that there was a party by McCain PAC ( led by Matt Kenney) to celebrate the fact that they "cleansed" 9 Legislative districts in Maricopa. They set their next goal - The Arizona Republican Party..
> >> 
> >> Spread the word to all State Delegates and PC. Matt Kenney, Jeff Flake and John McCain must be stopped.
> >> 
> >> Regards in Liberty,
> >> 
> >> Arizona Trump Coalition

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burk

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You and those independents like you who claim to be "conservative" are abdicating your chance to change things for the better. The fact is that the two main parties, Dem and Repub, are currently the only vehicles in politics in the USA large enough to effectuate change in this country and both have mostly been run by "the Establishment Elite" for many years. Those of us who are real conservatives and not RINOs could use your help in this fight but you and your friends are missing the action hiding out in your "safe space" as independents complaining and effectively doing nothing to get our country back on track to a constitutional government.

The last eight years of Obama should be enough to activate "conservative" independents like yourself, you can see the destruction he and his "Establishment Elite" supporters have caused, and the fact that Hillary had to cheat to defeat Bernie and those who want a "Socialist" or Communist form of government. 

Please get off your "safespace" high horse and help us actively guide the Republican Party back to the conservative, Constitutional, God inspired form of government we lost through the voluntary neutering you and  a large percentage conservative independents have been so proudly proclaiming because of the dirt and "ugly" politics. Yes it is "ugly", evil almost always makes it so. We have a chance now to defeat that evil and show the "ugly" for what it is, take a stand against it and join with us to defeat it whatever party it is found in. It is important to realize what the last quote from Edmund Burk means.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burk

Damn straight, John.  I sure understand why people are disgusted with the republican party. Nothing in life that is worth having, like our free country, should be abdicated by the weak. I get disgusted when I hear former republicans crow about leaving the party as if they have done something noble.  Paul Revere never would have happened, we would not have a country with that attitude.  George Washington's forces, hungry, tired, without shoes in the snow fought their way across a near frozen river against a mighty army and put their very lives on the line to form this country. But, no, "we can't abide those nasty republicans, I'm too tender and high  minded for that!"  Eat the enemy or get eaten by them.

You independents shouldn't get your shorts in a twist. You have chosen not to engage in partisan politics. I respect that and so do most people. But if you won't get in the game of a two party system, don't sit back and criticize those who do.  Independents have opinions they are willing to express and should, but all the high-minded criticize is out of order if you are not willing to put some muscle behind it. It takes nothing to criticize and takes a lot to be in the rough and tumble game trying to effect some kind of change just as the tea party movement did. Then, everyone mistakenly decided all was done and well and so went back to their TVs and golf games.  So here we are.  And your comment "and other independent minded conservatives, are intelligent enough to know..." is an insult.  I was an INDEPENDENT for most of my early voting life.  Independents made no difference at all and still don't.

BTW, I don't see Jaspers comments as anything more than an inspiring commentary about what some are willing to sacrifice for our country. Even the Foundering Fathers would agree with anyone willing to go the distance to save the Republic.

The Party and the Country are no better off because you and those like you have refused to join the battle to change it beyond sitting back and complaining about the corruption. If even 50% of the independents would just get involved beyond the point of complaint we could have a chance to set this right and guide the ship of state back on the right course. It is a hard battle and will not be easily won, I have been fighting against this political corruption since I was in high school and I am 65 years old.

I had relatives in both sides of my family fight in the Revolution, at least one direct ancestor died while in a Union uniform in the civil war and my father was a pilot in WWII. My family has an investment in the American Dream. I don't think they would be very happy to see me sit this battle out by simply complaining and declaring my independence instead of working to end the corruption which is destroying what millions of people have died to create and protect. 

Neither party Dems or Repub will change without the infusion of good people who will not tolerate the corruption which has seeped in seeking control. Independents by definition have no party and so even a minority of corrupt in either party will be in charge. Once we have a majority of good honest people demanding the corrupt be removed it will happen, it is a close battle here in Arizona so it is a constant battle. In California and New York it is not even close the bad guys got those states and you can see where they are going and I bet there is a 33% independent vote which could have prevented the corruption if only they would have chosen a side and fought against the corruption which is firmly in control now.

Thank you, Mr. Powelson. You are a great example of true American spirit. Remember when we used to say the Red, White and Blue. These colors don't run.  Well, seems there are some Red colors that are running.  We have only two options: fight for the Republic or give in to the communists that make up the other party.  Like it or not, we live in a two party system. Two. Make a choice, dear sirs.  It is time to join the side you are on.

Oh, my, this is getting very out of hand.  I can see what is to come from our Senators and Mr. Graham. I don't know how they will pull it off but I can see that by any means necessary, they will see that Mr. Lines will be elected the next chairman in order to continue illicit activities at the party office.  My heart is heavy to see that not only will this happen, state committeemen will just sit on their hands and let it happen.  Rise up, committeemen across Arizona. Go to that meeting. Stand for something against tyranny of Sen. McCain. We can already see he will obstruct President Trump if he is allowed to continue.  Be brave, fine PCs. It is your duty to save the Queen.

Don't give up if you are elected to the State Committee just go and cast your vote. I believe Mr. OConnor has a good chance to defeat Lines and the cabal. Mr. Thorwald doesn't have enough support as far as I can tell. We were told that the only wild card is the small group in Coconino. Remember they said Trump didn't have a chance right up to the last minute, this is not a banner year for the "Establishment Elite".

It's plain as day to me - Never Trump is codespeak for Never America. 

McCain, Flake and their minions must be stopped. 

I agree did you notice McCain and Graham are pushing the Russian Hack Investigation! Shady characters!

I became State Committeman for one reason to help turn the Republic Party to what it was originally formed on, true Conservtive values. Our US Senators are part of the Swamp along with their Arizona Party leader Minions! Time to clean up the Party!

I couldn't agree with you more, Pilgrim, you are right on track!!!!

Be sick of the party if you want.  Take a break if you want, but return for the fight if you know it is the right thing to do.

I'm glad to be somebody that actually believes in the Republican Party Platform.  I've no problem fighting for it, and speaking up for it.  It is those that have turned a blind eye to it, that I've had to learn to not ignore, but call out for hiding under cover of false guise. 

If we remain silent, we become lambs lead to slaughter by the wolves.  

I for one am getting tired of these games, and misinformation I see getting pushed out.  As someone that has made most of my LD23 meetings in the past year and a half, I see NOTHING of concern in regards to how our elections took place and were handled. LD leadership was VERY clear in their communications moving up to and thru the elections.  I've heard stories of nonsense, and some that are unfortunate, but not due to lack of a proper process.  Just due to lack of following specific instructions that were put out by LD 23 leadership.

Alex Meluskey



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