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A couple of years ago I designed this graphic below to illustrate my view of the political spectrum. It is not a line that runs from left to right. The standard depiction enables our opposition to label us as extremists. I see myself as a Constructional Centrist. The mainstream GOP is somewhat to the left of that. Nazism is the extreme bottom as is Communism, and I show them close together because there is really not that much difference between the two.


As a Tea Party supporter, I sometimes find myself at ideological odds with the establishment GOP, but especially as of late, believe they have a point when they note that we must win elections if we are to have any influence at all on the course of the nation. Our problem as Republicans is that we fail to understand the way the left beats us. They adopt truly extreme positions and challenge us to compromise, which we do. The compromise moves us leftward and downward, but as is the case with a ratchet, we never are able to return toward the center. Then they engage us again with another extreme position, and the cycle begins again. The result is the catastrophe we have today.


We need fresh thinking. we who are ideologues must take heed of the admonitions of our more mainstream brethren,  but they must give more than lip service to our insistence that we return to the principles that made us a great nation. I believe timing is more critical than our split stance. Before an election facing Democrats, support the candidate most likely to win, and after we take the seat, pressure that newly minted official to be true to conservative values. Easier said than done, but this is a goal I believe makes sense.


If we would widely use this graphic, we might be able to take some of the wind out of the leftist sails when they try to label us as extreme.



const center


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Comment by marc on February 10, 2014 at 11:28am

The Generic Political Spectrum indoctrinated in us by the media has Communism on one end and Nazism (Fascism) on the other end. Both ultimately are for big government. In one case the Government persuades the companies to enforce Big Government. While in the other case, Government uses force to enforce Big Government. The real Basic Political Spectrum is as below.

The real Basic Political Spectrum is From 100% rule of a dictatorship(Total Gov) to 0% like that of Anarchy(NO Gov). What is in between you ask? Everything. Dems and Establishment GOP are both to the left of the center point. US Constitution is center.

As you can see, we are getting dangerously close to being a Dictatorship. This country has been using force to redistribute wealth for generations.

This tale of Liberal(Left) vs. Conservative(Right) is what THEY used to divide and conquer us. As you can see in this picture (the so called Generic Political Spectrum), THEY have distorted reality. What this drawing shows as extremes is in fact the same point on the "Basic Political Spectrum" shown above! YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED!

  • Author David Brin warned that "self-righteous indignation" has become an addiction that is gripping America and is worse that "heroin, cocaine, and alcohol combined." Brin explained that the thrill derived from being sanctimonious was beneficial in previous years when warfare was more commonplace, but has become crippling to the psyche of the modern population and has given rise to an "outrage industry" which fuels political polarization. "If you're constantly returning to the sense of pleasure that you get from being so right," he cautioned, "there is a real chance that you're a junkie.

The Dictatorship will spin like a Top until it topples over. And it will topple over. While the Anarchy will moves slow and eventually be over run since there are to few people at the top of it to defend it. Some sort of happy medium must be found.

when the Dictatorship topples an Anarchy is left in it's wake. A new cycle of Political Power is started.

The Last day of this event is Never-01-01


My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
Thomas Jefferson



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