[Editor: Looks like Trump was right again on this issue.]

Last week, the intelligence community presented President Obama and President-elect Trump with a two-page synopsis that was appended to the intelligence report titled “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections.” The appended synopsis alleges that Russian agents have compromising information on Trump that could be used to blackmail him. The claims of the report would be damning indeed. There is just one problem: anonymous 4Chan users claim to have created the story out of thin air.

4Chan is a messageboard and imageboard throwback to the subculture of the internet of the early 2000’s. Most users post anonymously and there is no registration to use the site. 4Chan is largely unmoderated and has a variety of boards ranging from the benign to the extreme. There are no real rules for users; the site is an example of a wild-West form of “self-government” to the extent that there is any “government” at all.

The hacktivist group known as Anonymous sprang up from 4Chan and was named for the fact that any user who does not choose to post under a username is shown as Anonymous. Pranks and hacks are par for the course at 4Chan.

While famous for childish pranks and lolcat memes, 4Chan has also aimed its collective hacktivist cannon at some serious issues, as well. The consequences of finding oneself in the 4Chan crosshairs can be severe. In 2009, a 14-year-old boy in Oklahoma posted a video to YouTube showing a cat being abused. The 4Chan hacktivist community tracked him down by backtracking his YouTube account to his Facebook account, compared pictures to the blurred-out video and figured they had found their man. As irishtimes.com reported:

Photos on Facebook checked out with the blurred background in the video; a little more sleuthwork uncovered Kenny Glenn’s home address, parents’ workplaces, and the contact numbers for the local sheriff, Glenn’s school, and house.

Within two days, the teenager had been charged by the local authorities, and the cat removed to a vet until the case had completed.

The lesson for that young man was simple: The community that thinks highly enough of cats to base a large percentage of their memes on them will burn your world to the ground if you post videos of yourself abusing one of them.

One cardinal — if unspoken — rule of 4Chan is that hypocrisy is to be punished. Severely. Racist radio shock jock Hal Turner found out the hard way. While fomenting his own brand of hatred and white-separatism, Turner was actually a paid FBI informant. His gig with the FBI came to light (and presumably, to an end) in 2008 when he was doxxed by anonymous 4Chan users who also hacked his e-mail and posted his communications to the FBI on the comments section of his website. Those e-mails showed Turner bragging about helping agents “flush out another crazy.”

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There once were three drunk Indians, walking down the alley, behind Skid Row. Looking down they saw something piled on the dirt in front of them. First guy says "Look like dog shit". Second guy says "Feel like dog chit". Third guy says " Aren't you glad you didn't step in it?

I first heard this joke in first grade, in Holbrook, by God, Arizona, as I call it. Free money from federal programs fraud has completely ruined it. The criminals are flush with cash, from Food Stamp EBT's. The reason Navajo and Apache Counties are considered the two poorest in the nation, IS THAT NOBODY HAS ANY INCOME ON THE RECORD! That is the ENTIRE GAG, for Organized Crime. NOBODY WORKS! Some people I know have 50 alias names!

The so-called "Intelligence Report" was a FRAUD! The faces we saw coming out of that closed door meeting were appalled, aghast and INFURIATED, at what they had just heard. Corker "We have BIG PROBLEMS!" What they found out is that all of them in Congress, have been told lies the entire time, by the government that is supposed to report to them.

The shit has hit the fan. Trump and all of his people know the truth. That is what all the crooks have been afraid of. Follow the money. You will always find the motives. The Muslims have been running the government, since The New World Order was first announced. They sold us out, for the YUGE BUCKS! The United States of Islam, have many, many QUADRILLIONS, of oil dollars. They are who finances our debt and deficits. They financed the OCCUPATION of our country, BY THE CRIMINALS THEY SEND HERE. They came very close to taking our country from us, using MILLIONS of fraudulent votes. The News Media are all just cheap whores and always have been.

Let me be very clear, Trump has "The Book". Rudy is now "The Cyber Guy" and they have the truth on their side. WHAT IS FOUND ON ANYONE IN THE PUBLIC RECORD, IS ONLY DAMNING INFORMATION, IF YOU TOOK THE MONEY. Run a thorough background check on yourself, to see if your name was used to create an alias for fraud. I found 40 for Sonia Maria Sotomayor! Rudy Giuliani has several followers. My name has been used, to destroy my credit. The Clinton/Obama Cartel made an on-line multi-level get-rich-quick game out of this country, and then use it to finance terrorism and staged events, just to take over the news cycle, whenever they don't like the headlines. Mostly FAKE NEWS!

This group will be first to know if I get hired. This crap is going to STOP!

The Spiritual Evil that has been cast into America has had time to ferment its deceit to the "ignorant masses". The Communists never went away ... and God went away in the hearts of our country. Communists and Marxists have their control mechanisms which have bought and sold us all.  After all are we not indebted to Communist China by debt ... all in the name of our materialism and printed cash?

Yesterday I heard the current CIA director of Fox News Sunday deceive us again about the Russians and their "hacking the elections" ... they would not come close to carrying that out ... for we have a de-centralized process called state Federalism. DHS head Jeh Johnson told us "There's no one federal election system. There are some 9,000 jurisdictions involved in the election process", so just how could Russia effect our elections? By relative information given out. That is not a "hacking" it is purely a propaganda machine, just like these Demoncrats are. But our real fears should arise when that same DHS is planning to TAKE OVER those state electoral processes. In August 2016 Johnson said "There's a vital national interest in our election process, so I do think we need to consider whether it should be considered by my department and others critical infrastructure".

John, the government and the media don't tell the truth. It is NOT CHINA we owe 20 TRILLION to. It is the OPEC COUNTRIES of ISLAM. That is why they are so clearly imbedded in our current government. Seriously, do you EVER see any of the top advisors, or Cabinet Members that are Chinese? The ENTIRE GOVERNMENT IS A FRAUD!

The pot calling the kettle black.

Our government is hacking us in the name of justice.  They want access to your home computer, any computer, even your DVR and they are pushing for that legislation. Again under the guise of solving a crime.  Too bad we lost Scalia, he could see the conflicting writing on the walls.

They do it to us, to them, to anyone.  It would be ludicrous to think otherwise.

The Patriot Act itself was a scam. The 9/11 Bombing was a staged event, to start a war, looking for WMD's that did NOT exist. Who got FILTHY RICH, as a direct result? Of course, it was those FRAUDS!



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