[Editor: This is the epitome of insanity and the democrat politicians in California qualify as lunatics. Read this article and then think about what this actually means.  Every smart illegal in the country will run as fast as they can to California where they know they can commit any crime short of murder and walk free. Will non-illegals be able to do that, too? Since most of these people are on the government dole when they are not committing mayhem, imagine what happens to the California welfare system.  Then imagine what happens when the state overflows with these people and there is no more room or no more free benefits... where do you think they will go?   They won't have the money to go far, maybe just across the state line to Arizona!  With Arizona in the liberal crosshairs, with lawmakers like McCain who takes money from Soros, who wants to give amnesty to walk-over border illegals, what do you think is going to happen in Arizona?  Let that sink in!]

SACRAMENTO – The California Senate on Monday approved a closely-watched bill to shield undocumented immigrants from deportation by limiting cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration agents.
The controversial proposal — a direct response to President Donald Trump’s promised crackdown on illegal immigration — inspired a lengthy and impassioned debate in the Senate before it passed on a party-line vote, 27-12. It now moves to the state Assembly.
“It is a rejection of President Trump’s false and cynical portrayal of undocumented immigrants as a lawless community,” said Senate leader Kevin de León, who is carrying Senate Bill 54 , in a celebratory news conference after the vote.
Proponents like de León argue that separating local police work from federal immigration enforcement will enhance public safety by encouraging victims and witnesses to come forward — and will ease an overwhelming anxiety that has taken hold in immigrant communities since Trump’s election. Opponents counter that it will undermine the rule of law by shielding criminals from deportation. They also say it will put federal funding at risk across the state, as the Trump administration has said it will try to withhold some federal grant money from so-called “sanctuary cities.”
“I can’t believe any of us really want these individuals to stay in our country after committing these heinous crimes,” said Sen. Patricia Bates, the recently elected Senate Republican leader from Laguna Niguel.
The Bay Area has a number of sanctuary counties, including San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Alameda, as well as cities such as Oakland and San Jose. Santa Clara County filed a lawsuit in February challenging the constitutionality of withholding federal funds in response to an earlier threat from the Trump administration, which U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions repeated late last month. The lawsuit has since been joined by dozens of cities and counties.
SB 54 would apply a set of sanctuary policies statewide. It would block law enforcement from using state resources to inquire about a person’s immigration status, for example — or from telling federal agents about a person’s release date unless it is public information, with the exception of certain crimes.
Sen. Joel Anderson, a Republican from San Diego County who has been a vocal critic of the proposal, brought 30,000 signatures from people opposed to the bill.
“Don’t get caught up with the ‘I-hate-Trump fever,'” he implored his colleagues.
De León recently amended the bill to exempt serious felonies and other “serious” crimes, such as murder and rape. He also dropped his goal of passing it as an “urgency bill” to take effect immediately after being signed into law — which would have required a two-thirds vote of each house. It now only needs a simple majority vote to pass, though it did win two-thirds approval in the Senate on Monday.
If the Assembly passes the bill and Gov. Jerry Brown signs it into law, it wouldn’t take effect until Jan.1.
Asked how he felt Trump would react, de León said, “Will he strike back at us? I don’t know.”

Source: California Dolphin

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I used to think about going to California again for a vacation. That is obviously a very bad and unsafe idea. I need another choice where people are required to obey laws.

We live in is such a varied nation, why waist your dollars to southern California or Mexico at all. California is touting the idea of a divided state anyway ... so let them put it into action.

In an effort to keep America's future prosperity on track ... all businesses should leave the state of California as a show of support for the United States Constitution that our founders gave to the citizenry. California has made up its political mind to support just what Mexico has wanted for decades .. to reclaim California as its own. All this at what cost to the United States of America? An insurrection of SEDTION against our Constitution. 

This is the slow progressivism of the "transforming of America" that Obama and leftists want toward their versions of "a more perfect union".  It is the whack-a-mole shotgun assault upon all aspects of American life which their ideology makes possible by a systematic and well-orchestrated march toward a Marxist statist tyranny that they, and HE, desire. The words of  "communism," "socialism," or "fascism" all carry associations and meanings that will have consequences for us all. In the words of Obama's Rev. Wright ... "god damn America", or so their "religion of hate" teaches them.

You are very right on this Alan. I wanted the Minute Man organizations to become the citizen militia you speak of but it turned out the leaders were after the cash not protecting the country I am sorry to say. I know many were very good people,but the two biggest were run by guys with dollar signs in their minds.

Let's give it back to Mexico. They are more than half way there and we don't need the liability of supporting another failed socialist state. I warned one of Reagan's "hatchet men" in the 80s that we would have to either stop the flow of illegal aliens from the south or take it over as a territory and clean house. If we don't build the wall and stop the madness from infecting our country further it will be fatal to our way of life.

The second thing that could be done is to investigate the State of California as a criminal enterprise and subject it to RICO seize their assets in total and look closely at jailing all the wrong doers for a very long time. I will bet the evidence of rampant criminal process is in the details if we dig. The Democrats have been in charge in California for years and are as corrupt a bunch as ever ran for office ever and there are many examples to pull from.



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