[Editor: They are ramping up their efforts to take over America. Michigan is where there are no-go zones and entire communities of burkas! Schools teaching Sharia Law. Couples having average of 12 kids, Americans have average of 1.2 kids per couple. Do the math!]

The Democratic Party may have found its next Barack Obama.

His name is Dr. Abdul el-Sayed, he’s a 32-year-old medical doctor and he recently launched his campaign for governor of Michigan, the election for which is in November 2018. If he wins he would be America’s first Muslim governor.

He speaks articulately, without an accent, inserts humor into his speeches at seemingly just the right moments, and he has the full backing of America’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood-linked network of Islamic organizations.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, El-Sayed said Michigan voters are having “buyer’s remorse,” and that President Trump’s decisions “are at odds with deeply held American values, and distractions from real issues.”

Sayed served as the executive director of the Detroit Health Department and Health Officer for the City of Detroit, appointed by Mayor Mike Duggan. At 30 years old, he was at the time of his appointment in 2015 the youngest health director in a major U.S. city.

According to El-Sayed, his decision to run for governor was influenced by concerns over state leadership following the lead-tainted water crisis in Flint, as well as policies being implemented in Washington, D.C., under President Trump.

Dick Manasseri, spokesman for Secure Michigan, a group that educates Michiganders about the threat of Shariah law, predicts that Sayed will at least win the Democratic nomination for governor.

“It is the exact same thing as Barack Obama in Chicago in the early 2000s,” said Manasseri. “He’s young, attractive, he does not give out a lot of information, he speaks in platitudes about celebrating inclusiveness and diversity.”

Sayed is known as a warrior for environmental justice. He talks about “standing up to corporate polluters,” and how, in his family, he was taught that having “love and compassion” for the vulnerable are “more important than where you’re from.”

“How could any good progressive Democrat vote against that in good conscience?” asks Manasseri.

Sayed is highly educated, a Rhodes scholar who attended Oxford University in 2009 and became a practicing epidemiologist.

“He’s very well packaged,” Manasseri said. “He’s far more accomplished than Barack Obama. Obama was not this accomplished, they connected him to certain foundations and his candidacy took off.”

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[Can someone explain "environmental justice?" Has the environment complained about rain or snow or too much sunshine? Another scam. There is no such thing as "social" justice or any "xxx" justice. It's just justice as in 'fair treatment.']

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More damage by the muslim ,maggot obama.  We have a head librarian in Arivaca AZ, PO Box 668, 85601 who is trying to get Syrians sent here.  Currently, she is co founder of People Helping People in the Desert, a group dedicated to aiding the criminals flooding across our border to illegally enter the US.

Stupid people don't know only what they are told & think so he will be the first & I'm afraid not the last mussy to  terrify

what's left of our America!!  Glad I'm at the end of an era. Don't like to think of all the younger folks & children who will never know how wonderful this country was !

Sadly true Barbara

Deep State is helping set this in motion I'm betting. Trump needs to revamp the entire security system of gov. Obama setting up shadow government which is the real reason he stayed in DC. We must not underestimate what these people will do.  While we are noodling around with healthcare (not even the job of government), they are busy taking over government and healthcare with it.



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