... accessing intelligence on Trump associates

The National Security Council has uncovered computer logs that detail the instances former national security adviser Susan Rice requested and viewed records that included President Trump and his campaign staffers' names in intelligence reports from July through January, according to a report published Monday.

Earlier Monday, the Obama-era national security adviser was reported to have asked for the identities of Trump campaign officials to be "unmasked." Those conversations contained "valuable political information on the Trump transition."

Rice's requests into Trump-related conversations increased following his winning the presidential election last November, according to Circa.

Intelligence agencies track foreign calls with U.S. sources, but "mask" the names of American citizens who were incidentally included.

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Also see Circa for info on this.

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If the FBI and DOJ do not start doing something with the evidence of the egregious activities of former executive department officials, they and the Trump Administration will lose all remaining respect from those of us who follow such things, and eventually from mainstream Americans, leading to a loss of confidence that lasts many years, harming the country to the point from which we may not recover. 

Stop trying to be nice to get along with the opposition party, and do what is moral and right.  Justice must prevail, no matter whom it touches.  Show some cajones, Mr. President.

B I N G O, you won the applause from conservatives!! Either your with America, or your with the leftist Marxists who don't believe in a "blind justice". 

Here's my opinion about what is happening here: we are so used to having a president who telegraphs his next move to give the perps time to hide the evidence that we forget that's the wrong way to take care of business.  The arrest of James Comey is a perfect example.  Trump drew him into his confidence, making Comey feel he'd dodged a bullet.  The he got him cold when he least expected it.  I think that is Trump's style and his strategy. We will read about the arrests in the news, not in advance through social media. It will begin to make the guilty very nervous and that's when they reveal themselves.

What arrest of James Comey?

"And if Satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand; his end has come." - Mark 3:26.

Oh yeah, baby!

Comin afta you, Obama.  Please don't flee to Dubai before we get to talk.

If you have any doubts about Donald Trump, just take a moment to evaluate where he is and how he got there.  He is NOT a politician and therefore does not think or act like one. He is one of us, not one of them (the Establishment Aristocracy).  Just when they think that have him played and neutralized. he nails them.  Who are "Them"? The folks who are in opposition to him (and our way of life).  He doesn't have to "grow cajones" he has already proved that he has them and as he gets more time on the job he will continue to demonstrate that stubborn fact.  His support is not waning, rather, it is growing like the cajones those Establishment folks don't have the ability to recognize. And that may not be a bad thing.

Just sayin' 



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