(Information is the key to knowledge, and is dangerous to those who want to enslave you!)    
     Yesterday we learned by Twitter that the Trump computer system server at Trump Tower was “tapped” by an allegation of Obama espionage against the Trump campaign to allege a Russian involvement in the election of 2016. This was done purely for political gain by Obama for a Hillary Clinton believed victory … which Thank God … didn’t happen.
     The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was set up so that the intelligence could be gained from a Foreign targeted person. This FISA court has changed such terminology to a “significant purpose”, which came about by criticisms of the USA Patriot Act of 2001, so the FISA’s standard was changed to that of a “significant purpose”.  This removed the justification for the old “wall” between the CIA and the FBI intelligence apparatus that was set up by Bill Clinton staffer Jamie Goerlick. Jamie Gorelick, a former Clinton administration official until 1997, and was paid more than $26 million in total compensation as a top executive at Fannie Mae …. before taxpayers had to bail out the mortgage giant!
     So yesterday the Democratic party claimed that Obama didn’t “authorize” any wire tapping of Trump, but the intent of such … was always the case … and we all know it.  After all, it was the IRS that “targeted” conservative groups, and imposed illegal restraints against those who were in the Obama administration's “black book” of opposition groups and individuals. Even the Fox News journalist James Rosen was the subject of such personal activity by the Justice Department in 2013. None of this is “new” to the sociopath Obama and his Cabal of Thieves … called Demon-crats.
     Prior to Obama, the FISCA Court approved cases based on a probable cause for non-U.S. persons located outside the United States, now its one of “a significant purpose”.  Edward Snowden changed all that for he was a domestic espionage agent, for Russian intelligence within the State Department. 
     Judges of the FISA court are appointed for a 7 year term, and all cases before these courts are one-sided … the government side … and no opposition arguments allowed. So it is conceivable that Obama minions could do most anything with good old snake-oil salesmanship. Furthermore, the FISA Amendments Act was to “capture the communications to, from, or about U.S. persons.” (p.26).  So it appears that if the “wire tapping” of Donald Trump is proven to be true … Obama has had his political hack objectives met. The tapping of an individual citizen’s computers and bulk phone meta data is a legality that makes all conservatives a Political Target by anything the evil wants it to be. The administrations DO MAKE a difference for our national future. 
     Section 702 of the FISA court allows … the intelligence community, not the Court, to make the substantive determination about what targets to collect against. Those decisions are made consistent with intelligence community leadership and policymaker strategic priorities.  Before Obama under section 702, there must have been a substantive finding about a particular target. That Section 702 does not approve individual requests for collection, it only approves the rules and procedures, and then intelligence community personnel abide by a decision-making process in which there are actual intended targets of acquisition. Now so much has changed with Obama appointees still within the intelligence network.  We still have a Deputy Attorney General as an Obama appointee until Congress approves one from the Trump side of the aisle. 
     Today we know of the misleading by the media and the Demon-crats during an election year, for in 2016 when then Senator Jeff Sessions was a main player for Donald Trump policy objectives, for Trump himself could be seen as a “target” for surveillance by simple Obama & media allegations of a Russian election involvement.  The politics of “personal destruction” was everywhere under Obama, and the rules of discourse be damned.
     What we have seen since September 11 2001 is our nations problem … Government overreach in the name of a national security … can be used for political self-interest gain under a Democratic party leadership and White House control. We need a secure nation at the border, in our electrical grid, and with a strong military, but also a strong ideology of our heritage of goodness.
     Today we have an infiltration of Marxist ideology of a centrally planned STATISM that has resulted in our conflicts within America. On one side we have that of Joseph Stalin where all is fair … a “the ends justifies the means” … versus the right of the individuals right to his own thoughts, speech, and that of a Liberty to our Republic form of government.
This is typical of all Obama actions against those who are an opposition to his Marxist collectivist community. It comes as “no surprise” for us who know the information that is dangerous to those who want to enslave us.  

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Listening to Mark Levin gives us hope that the TRUTH shall set us free from this evil intent and deception found in the media circles. Trump is not the perpetrator of this crime by the Obama government ... we all are victims of it as is our Constitution.



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