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Not all is as it seems at the organization behind a nationwide grassroots movement that seeks to make the National Rifle Association “politically radioactive.”

Within 24 hours of last Wednesday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 dead, gun control activists had concocted No NRA Money, an organization behind a national grassroots pledge campaign that seeks to “break the NRA’s stranglehold that has thwarted meaningful progress on common sense gun policy.”

But No NRA Money’s claim to be a grassroots movement is questionable. Hidden within the HTML code running No NRA Money’s website is a link to digital asset hosted on a website ran by Equality Florida, an LGBT advocacy organization.

The digital asset in question hosted on Equality Florida’s website is none other than the logo for No NRA Money.

The pledge drive has already attracted the support of thousands of voters and over 60 candidates for public office across the United States, including Democratic candidate for governor of Iowa Cathy Glasson.

Despite the movement’s short-term success, it’s unclear who holds the purse strings at No NRA Money. Nadine Smith, the executive director of Equality Florida, appeared on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” on Saturday to promote the anti-NRA pledge drive.

[In case you missed it, the link was seen on MCRC Briefs this morning]

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The odds are good that it is a really quick internet scammer who makes quick cash by putting up a simple web site and soliciting donations from people who agree with what-ever subject matter the logo or issue evokes. It may even be operated out of Russia or the eastern block or Africa. These are usually done on the heels of an event such as happened in Florida. The website and other content may have been created earlier and sits dormant  and "goes live"  once a suitable event takes place for the purposes of harvesting the donations. One of the reasons for use of a "Proxie" in the website operation is to shield the operator from their own past in this field of endeavor. Some like this have been run from prison by career criminals.

Except they looked at the source code and they can trace that back to who started the site. Then they will dig them out for all to see. let's stay on this.  It's possible that the content was already on someone's computer. But they keep ppl on and can creates a site in a couple of hours.

Law Enforcement can dig through the stuff and often locate where it is being operated from and some white hat hackers also can locate the source but it isn't easy for the average user or donor to figure out who is getting the money. I looked into one back in 2007, which was very mainstream, and they were switching the destination of the donations every so often during the day, we found 7 separate bank accounts, so it was hard to track where the money ended up. They had multiple mirror websites they could plug in, at the same URL, so if one needed work or change they didn't shut down just switch.

Nice job digging into this phony group.  It would also be interesting to see who the largest donors are to Equality Florida (much more than from the average LGBTV members, I suspect).

We should also make sure our NRA memberships are current, we participate in their fund raising drawings, and we stay away from businesses who have blackballed them.

Doesn't come as any huge surprisse.  Behind that will probably be one of our mucholefto multibillionaires.



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