Don Shooter expelled from Arizona House in wake of sexual harassment investigation

The Arizona House of Representatives voted 56-3 today to expel Rep. Don Shooter.

Speaker J.D. Mesnard, R-Chandler, originally was going to punish Shooter, R-Yuma, with censure for what investigators found to be his serial sexual harassment of colleagues and lobbyists.

Taking the floor, Shooter did not apologize, but said he “took it like a man.” He left before the vote was over.

After his ouster, Shooter told the Arizona Capitol Times, “I’ve been thrown out of better places than this.”

He once aspired to be speaker of the chamber and chaired the Appropriations Committee just last year. Shooter had served in the Legislature since 2011, first as a senator. He joined the House last year.

A letter Shooter penned to his colleagues Thursday morning was the tipping point for Mesnard.

In his letter, Shooter described allegations by an unnamed women who had been harassed by her “elected boss” at the Capitol. He said investigators did not include her account in the report and therefore the report was incomplete.

“What has been done to her, by omitting her story and not giving it the respect it deserves you disgrace the mission of the sexual harassment investigation committee and our chamber,” Shooter wrote. “No matter what happens to me, this young woman deserves better. The process matters. The truth matters; the process must be fair and complete.”

In a written statement, Mesnard said Shooter’s “improper conduct” had escalated, forcing him to move to expel the Yuma lawmaker.

He added that investigators, “who Rep. Shooter praised on Tuesday,” had examined every allegation made, including the one Shooter referenced in his letter.

“I’ve spoken with the individual referenced by Rep. Shooter, and the individual has stated that the letter does not reflect the individual’s reaction to the report. Rep. Shooter’s letter is nothing more than an effort to use the individual as a pawn – despite repeated requests from the individual’s attorney that Rep. Shooter not do anything to jeopardize the individual’s anonymity. He’s not standing up for the victim but rather is further victimizing the individual,” Mesnard said.

Continue reading on AZ Capitol Times (this article can be read without a subscription)

[Editor's note: We have watched Shooter at political events for some time.  We were not shocked by this revelation but were surprised by his ouster.  We expected a censure, he would lay low for a while and then he would either learn his lesson and go about the business taxpayers sent him there to do or he would not learn anything and the consequences would catch up to him.  His statement, "I've been thrown out of better places than this." is emblematic of his behavior.  This is well known among legislators!  No apology from him.  The House did the right thing.]

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 When I first saw the article, I thought, what happened to "innocent before proven guilty". With that said, it appears there is more to the story. How sad. 

I liked the part of his statement where he said he didn't take bribes but voted on the bills based on merit.  So who is taking bribes, what kind, how much, etc.? 

We we also found out in the azcentral article the legislators carry inside the Capitol but you and I can't. 

Why are there always different rules for us, the poor slobs who are taxpayers?

 Politicians exempted themselves from Obama Care so why should this  be different.

We are on the plantation

BTW, I  cannot hold my breath waiting for Speaker of  the House Paul Ryan to release the names of the accused and accusers of sexual harassment.  I am only a  taxpayer who paid  off these women so that these alleged offenders would not go to jail or get media attention .

CQ's controlled lawmakers???

Yes, CQ is controlling to much and why? He is nothing!

Shoulda kept his gun in its holster.

Don gives a new meaning to being a 'straight shooter'.



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