Judge upholds laws used to justify Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's work-site raids

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that the laws used to back Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s workplace raids will remain on the books, capping off a two-year lawsuit that claimed Arizona’s identity-theft statutes targeted immigrant workers.

In his decision, U.S. District Court Judge David Campbell found that while the laws did largely affect undocumented immigrants, they also served as a legitimate law-enforcement tool in combating identity theft.

“The laws were passed in part for their effect on immigration by unauthorized aliens,” he wrote, “but the legislature was also addressing a pressing criminal problem that adversely affected Arizona residents.”

Arpaio’s brand of illegal-immigration enforcement sparked various legal challenges throughout the last several years, and Tuesday’s ruling serves as one of the lawman’s rare victories.

“I have taken a lot of criticism for going into the businesses, arresting workers that are here illegally,” Arpaio said Tuesday evening. “I said from the beginning my main objective was to enforce the ID laws, so I’m very happy that the judge ruled in our favor.”

Unlikely that workplace raids will return

It is unlikely the ruling will resurrect the workplace raids, however. Arpaio recently lost his bid for re-election, and his successor, Paul Penzone, has denounced many of his predecessor’s more controversial policies.

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Perrizone needs to grow a pair.

It's Penzone - but he doesn't have to grow a pair because he's got soros money behind him. I recall that AFA said way back early this year that Arpaio was not going to be able to win the general. They were right. But frankly, it wasn't that hard to predict - although few did.  His bad press would sooner or later get into everyone's head. He should have known that and thought more about leaving the county to the good guys instead of the bad guys and less about his own ego.  I did vote for him in the general but wished I didn't have to.

[Anyone think it odd that this judge waited until after the election to make this ruling?]

Odd, Just like the big announcement came out right before the election harming Joe's re-election bid.

That didn't help but I don't think he would have won anyway. Just too many bad vibes around him this time. He tarnished his legacy by running again but this will polish it up some.

There was "no there" ... THERE ... and the political Cabal of Thieves knew that. This was a picture of dishonesty by the statist leftist's once again for power over the ignorant.



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