Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Office: "9 points of forgery" in Obama's birth certificate

 - Officials with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office have released new findings in their investigation into President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

For years, Obama has been dogged by allegations that he is not qualified to take office, due to a provision in the United States Constitution that only allows "natural born citizens" to be eligible for election as President of the United States.

In 2011, President Obama released his birth documents, in response to the lingering allegations. On Thursday, officials with the Sheriff's Office said, in a statement, that "the overwhelming forensic evidence shows the posted document is nothing more than a "created" document - pieced together using another source document."

According to officials, the forensic evidence was verified by two different digital document experts who live on two different continents, and neither of the two knew each other.

According to officials, there are allegedly nine "points of forgery" on Obama's birth certificate, and words letters and dates, according to officials, were digitally copied and pasted.

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[Editor: Questions - what has surfaced 7 years later, who has been pursuing this issue, what happened to the Cold Case Posse and why now is this turning up?]

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In answer to the editor's questions:

Sheriff Arpaio went as far as he could with this investigation and discovered what was revealed at the news conference on the document, as presented.  

A law enforcement agency cannot act as a prosecutor,  They can only build a case.  It takes a prosecutor to bring the evidence before a court.  No one has seemed to want to do that.

Now ask yourself, WHY? 

Tom, you said you could answer the editor's questions but you didn't. The article said "released new findings...? Has the sheriff been pursuing this all along?  If not, why were some of the "findings" withheld?  Cold case posse closed?  I took that online doc apart on photoshop, layer by layer. What was so mysterious about that finding?  Wouldn't that alone have proven something strange about that doc not including the obvious discrepancies like name of hospital, etc

Goat, you are missing the point.  From the beginning of the MCSO investigation into this matter, they ran into one road block after another until it became apparent that the powers that be, did not want this to go anywhere.  The findings were gathered gradually by seasoned investigators. As it continued it became more apparent that the birth certificate did not pass the smell test. Take a long look at it and if it doesn't raise some flags in your head, then so be it.  But as a retired law enforcement officer, my sense of it is that if it were allowed to be pursued in a court of law it could cause a constitutional crisis.  

Apparently I'm not alone in "missing the point." I said plain as day I took the pdf apart on photoshop layer by layer and it was clear even without the mis-information on the doc that it was forged. Thousands of people did the same. There was no mystery about this. Even Trump knew all along.  Maybe it would help if you read my entire post? It raised flags in the heads of 13 year olds!!  Ya know, no one does the right thing for America because it might "cause a constitutional crisis" so just let the bad guys get away with selling out our country. That's what the upshot has been. Today the Chinese took one of our underwater drones while our guys watched.  Just hooked on to it and drug it away. That, Tom, is a real constitutional crisis.  Just saying.  I missed NO POINT!  BTW, I was at the presentation several years ago at that church on the west side. Are you saying that Arpaio actively pursued every prosecutor and not one would touch this?  If so, what has changed now that he finally came out and said clear as a bell, the document on the website is a forgery? Why didn't he say that publicly at the time? THAT is the point.

Stealing a drone, the way China did, is not a Constitutional crisis.  It's an act of war.  Undoing everything a president has done is a Constitutional crisis.  

I'm not going to continue this beyond this response.  No point.

Hi Tom; I totally agree and the Last News conference just held by Obama basically was a commercial to discredit the election and Trump as a President with the help as usual of the Socialist Media of America, didn't hear anything about the Drone and we should have shot their boat out of the water or at the very least have the Drones triggered to explode if tampered with by anyone other than us. God Bless You & Have  Merry Christmas. Clair & Jean 

Jaspersgoat, I think you are asking the right questions and they should be answered. It's not a constitutional crisis not to answer these questions. It was Arpaio who decided at this time to come out and say the doc is a forgery. What "new findings" makes him think that when, your right, most of us knew that 6 years ago.  It's not Morrissey's job to provide those answers but I'm wondering why he seems so defensive.  If he knows the answer, maybe he should just answer your last question. It's fair game. Arpaio has a reason why he popped this out now.  I, too, am weary of everyone hiding behind the "it's a constitutional crisis" excuse. If this is a constitutional crisis, why bring it up now? For sure, Arpaio had a reason for doing so & I'd like to know the score because it was a dead issue in the minds of most of us at this late date.  Why resurrect it now?

Tom Morrisey:

This has been brought up in court before & usually the judge has backed down on hearing the case. I guess people don't want to stick their neck's out seeing that they might be found wrong. I know someone who spent a great deal of time trying to bring this to court. In fact, it was supposed to have been heard on several occasions & at the last minute the judges refused to hear it.

FYI, there were at least 2 prosecutors who were willing to go to court on this & it just seemed like it would get up to the hearing & it was just dropped. In the first case BHO was supposed to appear in court out on the east coast & he never showed up.  I guess presidents have the right to decide what they want & do not want to do.

It's not as though people have not tried to take care of this matter. I guess what it came down to was that one can do so much & when they reach the end of their ropes,& they give up.

As far as that goes, I cannot see any point in pursuing this now seeing that BHO will be gone effective 1/20/17. If it would help to do away with some of the things he did in office, then I would say by all means, pursue this matter. Otherwise consider this a lesson in what we should & should not expect in a president of the United States of America. And above all else, we need to make sure that the candidate for this office is a natural born citizen! Enuff said.

Sheriff Joe's team has completed their investigation and will now turn over the Evidence to Congress and hope they'll do their due diligence and also pass a law requiring Proof of Birth ( Natural Birth Right Citizenship ) before allowing others to run for POTUS, as our Founders has intended and has gotten lost by those in office at present.  I truly enjoyed Joe not taking question after the presentation which had its' desired effect on the usually unfriendly press in the room and spoke with him about it after and he told me that not talking to them was difficult for him as he always enjoys the Verbal Warfare with them, however did allow on reporter some time before leaving the parking Lot.  We hope AZ will now make certain this never happens again in our state and does whatever it takes to Protect the Voters in the future.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 

I always have and always will believe that obama was not born in America.  For one, prior to her death, his grandmother made a Freudian slip and stated the "Barry was born in Kenya".  While your at it, add the fact that he never released any information concerning his college education along with the financial grants and his SSAN appears to belong to a dead man

Kind of like closing the barn door after the animals have left isn't it?

Yeah, Jack.  Kinda like taking your shot before you have to clean out your office. I still don't know what new findings he has. didn't reveal anything on news @ 9:00  I don't think there are any new findings.  Hard to see a hero fall.



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