Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Office: "9 points of forgery" in Obama's birth certificate

 - Officials with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office have released new findings in their investigation into President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

For years, Obama has been dogged by allegations that he is not qualified to take office, due to a provision in the United States Constitution that only allows "natural born citizens" to be eligible for election as President of the United States.

In 2011, President Obama released his birth documents, in response to the lingering allegations. On Thursday, officials with the Sheriff's Office said, in a statement, that "the overwhelming forensic evidence shows the posted document is nothing more than a "created" document - pieced together using another source document."

According to officials, the forensic evidence was verified by two different digital document experts who live on two different continents, and neither of the two knew each other.

According to officials, there are allegedly nine "points of forgery" on Obama's birth certificate, and words letters and dates, according to officials, were digitally copied and pasted.

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[Editor: Questions - what has surfaced 7 years later, who has been pursuing this issue, what happened to the Cold Case Posse and why now is this turning up?]

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As soon as our new US AG takes office. Count on it. This is a HUGE stick, for the new administration.

I signed the petition asking the Sheriff to do this it was evident to me that it was forged at a glance all birth certificates in the early 1960's used the terms of race that had been used for hundreds of years and the the use of African to describe his fathers race would not have been used at that time. This is John Mc Cains doing he could have stopped it he chose not why. 

This issue is once again in the news!  Thank God.  I don't want my tax dollars supporting obama for the rest of his lying life nor building a library.  No one is willing to step forward because for now, but that may change after 1/20/17.  God help us to spread the light on the evil that tries to overtake America.

Dori, From your printed words to God's ears. Miscreants must face the punishment we would face or more miscreants will emerge. Time for law enforcement to do what is needed to do that. Yeah, I forgot. People turn up committing suicide by stabbing themselves in the back 7 times when they do what's right.

Oh, my. I must say, I just feel disappointment all around.  The Sheriff probably did what he had to do at the time but none of us will ever really know, will we?  I do wish he had not allowed his ego to replace his brain when he decided to run again.  We do forget that the informed are such a small minority. It took very little critical thinking to know that the Sheriff would not survive the General Election.  I will say the same for Ms. Helen Purcell. Bad press in the amounts that came to both these over-long standing politicians would do in just about anyone.  No one is armor plated in politics.  We, now, must pay the price for these egos over good sense.  I do hope something comes of this late admission of forgery but I have great reservations that it will come to anything.  Perhaps the Sheriff still has President-Elect Trump's ear.

Have faith, Jan. We are not as dumb as the liberals want to believe we are. Trump just has to finally occupy the Oval Office, for actions to be taken. He has been very smart about not showing the players his cards. He knows what is going on and he will not disappoint us.

I have been asked by an AFA member to post this copy of my letter to every law enforcement agency in AZ.

The time has come for them to go back to work, enforcing our laws:

Ladies and Gentlemen Patriots,

I have two police reports open, regarding forged birth certificate frauds. I was just told by MCSO records, that MCSO report #2016-016900, is still in the hands of Det. John Graham, the same person that Joe himself, assigned the case to. This simple investigation is now well over nine months old. Are we to assume MCSO has no access to the AZMVD data base? Do I need to provide the link of the press conference? The evidence I presented in the report and follow up is overwhelming. I even provided proof of VOTER FRAUD, collected from Maricopa County Recorders records. Have we not now proven, that fake identities are a huge problem with ILLEGAL ALIENS?

At the VERY LEAST! Why do I not even get the courtesy of a return phone call from Detective Graham? Does he know what I know?

The other report is about some scum bag that is using my OWN NAME, as an  alias (forged document) identity. This report number is Holbrook PD Incident#16-03679 and is now over five months old. Holbrook PD does NOT have easy access to AZMVD records, EITHER? I have also provided proof of VOTER FRAUD to Officer Joseph McCarthy, regarding the same Organized Crime Cartel. Why do I not get a return phone call? Is crime that bad, in Holbrook, Arizona?


My reports involve RICO LAW violations, financing of Drug Cartels and acts of Terrorism AND I CAN AND WILL PROVE IT. IS MY LIFE IN DANGER? My Patriotic friends (included in blind copy) tell me I should be wearing a bullet-proof vest!

What is my point? Hillary lost the election. Time to go back to work! THESE ARE JUST THE FACTS!


I agree the case built by the cold case posse was dropped by a failure of a federal prosecutor to pursue it.  What would be the penalty for the forgery?  If Obama was convicted of forgery, a constitutional crisis would have not occurred.  Dear old Joe would have been President for the remaining years.  Now before you all jump down on me - answer this question.

What is your definition of "natural born citizen" as referenced in the constitution but never defined?

There are many opinions and court decisions.  Even the Congressional Research Service produced a very long report on presidential qualifications and missed the entire intent of the founding fathers.

McCain received the courtesy of a Senate resolution that determined he was qualified to run for U.S. President; even though he was not born in the U.S.A.; because both his father and mother were U.S. citizens.

The forged birth certificate is only a crime of forgery.  Obama's Mother was a U.S. citizen and therefore Obama is a U.S. citizen.  However, Obama is not and never will be a "natural born citizen."

Why bring up this all up after 7 years?  The record must be corrected and the presidential candidate requirements must be defined.  The alternative is an anchor baby of illegal immigrants will some day be running for president.

Why did John Adams 240 years ago buy two copies of a very important book related to the constitutional presidential requirements?  I'll answer.  Because the book according to natural law defined natural born citizenship.

Amen to that. 

I sort of hate to jump in here but facts require it. To be clear, I detest John McCain, think he is an embarrassment to Arizona and to America as a senator. Can't we do better than that? As a republican, I voted for the democrat! BUT, facts are facts and McCain was born on the American military base that was U.S. territory in Panama. He is a natural born citizen by any definition.  Had he been born in the local hospital in Panama, that would have made all the difference. But he was born at the naval base hospital. Odd that the Congress required McCain to prove his birth-right in 2008, but never asked Obama to prove his.  That being said, Obama is NOT, by any measure, a natural born citizen of the US. Citizenship goes with the father. Therefore, he was not natural born no matter where he was born.  That may or may not come out now as a way to invalidate his EOs.

Agree and believe McCain is a Natural Born Citizen and hope as I've stated both States and Federal Gov. passes legislation dealing with this, but won't hold my breath. 



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